Need for Speed is set to have some major action happen this year. Since the announcement of Need for Speed no limits the rumor mill has been surging with all kinds of speculation.

One rumor points to Need for Speed being Next-gen only just as its counterpart Forza 6 seems to be going. If this Is true, and we do see something similar to Need for Speed no limits, we’re In store for a real treat.

One of the biggest reasons that we can assume Need for Speed will return In a major way is due to the year hiatus.

The break provided Ghost Games enough time to research the racing scene, and even provide more engaging gameplay for players–many of whom are in an uproar over the recent flop of Need for Speed Rivals.

I’ve crafted a carefully selected list of what I feel should be included in the next entry of Need for Speed whenever it comes back to consoles.

I’ve also Included feedback from players I’ve talked to about the game through leaderboards, and in person as well.

need for speed series

EA needs to understand the roots of the NFS series, BEFORE they plan the future of the series.

10. No product placement

I can understand that making deals to get cars, and even certain songs come with palms being greased. As producers and marketing executives, its their job to make deals and find money for the game.

That being said, you don’t necessarily need to have a Porsche, then add a  Porsche and or luxury car dealership In the game. Need for Speed Most wanted 2012 made it seem as if they were marketing cars to you by not offering variety or fewer ads–almost like a virtual test drive.

Sometimes less is more and fans have agreed. Having pink slip races, and possibly even betting money before a race begins would benefit a lot more for the series to go back to Its roots.

9. Remove the GPS

Another annoying aspect the series took from this was the use of the gps system from need for speed underground 2. You had messages you received Instead of the little GPS device from the first Need for Speed Underground.

It was truly a pain in the ass to delete the messages one-by-one and even after you did, something would happen further along and one from the beginning offering the game would pop up!

On top offering that you’d already know what you needed to do anyway without reading the messages from a separate menu option.

Instead what would be refreshing Is a texting option with Google maps letting you chart courses through the city or immersive world that would make the game more engaging. Rivals allowed us to see who was in the surrounding area with its map world.

8. Bright lights bigger city

Without even having to really say It this needs to happen. Bayview was an excellent city In Underground 2. And even more Impressive have been the cities since, but there should be more.

If we could kick the gears up and actually drive in different cities around the world or have an exclusive game around really similar to Las Vegas that would be awesome as well.

Driving from one place to another Is really great, but what if we could purchase different garages to act as our base of operations like Need for Speed Most Wanted 2005?

Going from different parts of the city to another, we wouldn’t want to drive all the way back to our start point just to upgrade a part. And offering fast travel Isn’t very realistic.

7. Upbeat soundtrack

Without the right music to add to the gameplay we’ll see the game not perform as well as it could. For this reason the developers should step out of their comfort zone and allow indie music to make an appearance in the title for the first time.

We can also get electro,  dubstep, and even newer rock Inside of it. Allowing the sound system to get upgraded to hear the music differently would be an amazing feature as well.

This could add to the cars star rating as well to Increase racing access and event access.

6. No weather effects

Weather effects were one of the most annoying features in the games. Rain sporadically happening as we played and it would cause a little sliding for our cars. Yes it was a new feature,  but no, it wasn’t necessary.

Weather in the game should only consist of wind for drafting or air intake

Water when we hit small dips or puddles

Dust clogging our engines when we go off-road

Many of Need for Speeds faults lie in the developers overlooking the smallest things. We should see a rebound with this problem before the release of the next game.

5. Engaging storyline and new car parts

The biggest problem we’ve seen to date is the lack of a proper storyline. Every game should have one, and without It we have no idea what we’re aiming for.

Need for speed underground through Need for Speed Most wanted and Carbon had excellent stories, and It kept us engaged until the end. Need for Speed the run had a decent story as well,  although it lacked great gameplay.

Having a central character is essential to knowing who we are, what we’re doing it, and how and why we’re doing it. Without It were just driving a car In a game against other players online.

Equally Important is new car parts. A good buddy of mine Brandon Miner said:

“They need to offer better parts besides the house brands.” I thought about it and he was completely right. Skunk,  AEM, BBS, and Jackson racing are all house brands.

There are some great aftermarket parts and kits that could be included in cars, and we should see them.

We also should see carpets from 80’s- 2000’s as well. Having a DeLorean could be fun,  and even better would be a ae86′.

4. Better online challenge modes

When you play online it shouldn’t feel obligatory. Being able to race a beast you fixed up on your own and pitting it against someone else is your goal.

Need for Speed has never allowed that since PS2. This should become the no. 1 focus of EA in 2015. This will make or break the cases success–especially because of online gameplay now.

We should see trophies for online games play with specific in-game rewards to encourage more interaction with PS4 and Xbox One.

3. No more auto log

I once went to a 21+ event held by Gamestop to promote Call of Duty  Modern Warfare 3. Needless to say it was open bar with free food until 1am, so you can imagine why people went.

When we got there, the developers at Activision kept trying to force us to play the game all night long instead of drink and hang out. You can Imagine how boring the event got at that point.

The point being, auto log is kind of alt similar experience. It forces you to compete against people who beat your score, and remain infinitely competitive throughout your multiplayer experience.

Taking a page from older games Is warranted. Create an online board for different events and show whose number one globally. Drifting,  circuits,  and even drag races.

Making a targetable list can crate showdowns, challenges, and build rapport amongst players and teams. Teams and crews could become a new norm just as we’ve seen with Grand Theft Auto V, and The Crew from Ubisoft.

2. Cross platform

If we are getting a new game It should be cross-platform, not exclusive to next-gen. We should also see a mobile companion to accompany the game.

This can act as a leader board manager to let you know about your score, online challenges, or msgs from other players.

PS4 and Xbox One need to come up with apps again for this purpose. Or use their flagship phones to allow connectivity with these features.

1. Local multiplayer without online necessity

Allowing split screen gameplay is essential as many don’t have internet to play online. Split screen gameplay used to be a great feature to invite friends over and have fun with.

As far as I know only shooters offer this anymore, and even It is lacking in its presentation. Need for Speed has become a house brand, but in recent times it’s beginning to feel like flat soda.

If we can get some of these included into included into the new game it would do tremendously well.

What are your thoughts on what you’d like to see in Need for Speed 2015? Let us know in the comments down below!

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