***Update 6 – 2015-04-28***

I had a feeling that this would happen. But then again, it was inevitable. And it´s also the ONLY right thing to do. Yes, The Honey Badger Brigade is now seeking legal advice to hold the Calgary Expo staff accountable for their acts of abuse and discrimination against the Honey Badgers. So this means that there will be a lawsuit against the Calgary Expo.

All of this became official when Alison Tieman (she´s a part of the Honey Badger Brigade and she´s also a  comic book creator) and Karen Straughan Honey (she´s a Honey Badger team member as well) uploaded the video “ Statement on Calgary Expo and Press Release“.

honey badger brigade alison tieman

Alison Tieman is ready to take on the Calgary Expo in court.

So the Honey Badgers Brigade is trying to raise enough money to press charges against the Calgary Expo as we speak (you can support the Honey Badgers fight for justice via feedthebadger). And the goal would be to raise $30,000 in total within 27 days from now. And to be honest, i think the Honey Badgers will reach that goal with no sweat, as they have already collected over $16,000 so far.

I could be wrong now, but i think the Honey Badgers is writing history right now. Because i don´t think anything like this has ever been done before (considering the past and current circumstances). So it´s going to be really interesting to see if Calgary Expo will get dragged to court. And if so, what will happen “if” Calgary Expo loses in court? (i wonder if it will be an American or Canadian court?)

That´s what i would like to know.  We will know for sure once the Honey Badgers has raised enough money ($30,000) for their cause, so that they can take on the Calgary Expo in court.

“The Honey Badger Brigade is now seeking legal advice to hold the Calgary Expo staff accountable for their acts of abuse and discrimination against us. We have made attempts in the past week to diffuse the situation by attempting to contact Mr. Kelly Dowd, owner of the Calgary Expo. We have received no response.

On April 17th 2015, the Honey Badger Brigade was forcibly evicted and our booth ordered removed, despite our operating well within the rules of the Expo and it’s policies of conduct. We were not given a chance to dispute the alleged complaints. The organization violated its own stated policy in the process and has released conflicting claims regarding its reasons for our removal.

Those claims indicate that we were removed due to our Men’s Rights Activism and unpopular view of modern feminism. Therefore it is our belief that the actions taken by the Calgary Expo staff were of a political nature and contravene the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, in particular freedom of conscience, freedom of thought and freedom of association.

If so, this eviction was based in discrimination, an act that has defamed and abused us. While we would prefer to settle this outside of a courtroom, we are prepared to take every legal action needed to ensure that ourselves and other future exhibitors will be treated equally, and without such a denial of their fundamental human rights.

All funds submitted to this fundraiser will be used for legal costs and costs directly related to our ejection from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo. We will be keeping track of expenses and providing expense reports as we’re able.

At this time we are unsure what our total expenses will be as we pursue legal action. We will update this page as we get more information.

All funds submitted to this fundraiser will be used for legal costs and costs directly related to our ejection from the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo. We will be keeping track of expenses and providing expense reports as we’re able.

At this time we are unsure what our total expenses will be as we pursue legal action. We will update this page as we get more information.

As per concerns posted in the comments here and elsewhere, a preliminary cost estimate for taking legal action is 40k+, depending on what legal avenues we decide to pursue.

In addition when all of our legal costs are finalized, we will ask the donors who’ve donated over and above whatever final amount what they want the additional money to go to, either a refund or to HB projects/cost recovery(if they weren’t covered via the lawsuit.)

If you want you can indicate in the customer notes which you would prefer now.”


***Update 5 – 2015-04-26***

Since i made my “Calgary Expo banned the Honey Badger Brigade´s booth” video yesterday. I´ve been given some new information that i thought that i could share with you guys/girls. For starter, checkout the “Alison Tieman on her expulsion from Calgary Comic Expo” video (Tieman explains what happened at the Calgary Expo). And for those who don´t know who Alison Tieman is. She´s a part of the Honey Badger Brigade team (she´s also a comic book creator).

And Tieman was the one that made the feminist see red when she asked some direct questions at the “Women in Comics: Panel”. I also want to point out that i was wrong about the booth cost for the “Honey Badgers”. The cost was NOT $10,000. However, The Badgers total expenses were close to $10,000 for coming to the Calgary Expo.

I also felt that i needed to add the comments from a Youtube user called “MarcusDubious“. Because he/she made some really good comments on my Calgary Expo video. And this information made me even more curious to know what Calgary Expo will do next? And will the Honey Badgers take them to court?

“The booth didn’t cost ten grand but their total expenses for the trip came to over nine, so that’s how much they lost in total, Alison Tierman, a comic book creator and 4 of her female friends were ejected as 25 feminists on twitter said they felt threatened bu Alison’s answer to a direct question.

It’s played here at the start of this video.
The company that runs this expo and many others in Canada have banned Alison for life from all their events because she dared to have a differing opinion to feminists. They are claiming that the HBB misrepresented themselves by hiding their identity but it clearly shows here on their exhibitors list that they knew who they were: https://rejzor.files.wordpress.com/2015/04/hbb_calex_listing1.png

I have listened to a random selection of what the various members of the HBB have had to say for a couple of years and they are for equality for all, they oppose modern feminism as it casts women in the role of perpetual victim and they believe women are capable of dealing with life. The vitriolic condemnation they receive is merely due to the fact that they oppose the current feminist narrative and this is also why they were silenced.”MarcusDubious, a Youtube user


***Update 4 – 2015-04-20***

I´m not a religious person (by any means). But Jesus fu**ing Christ! The Calgary Expo team sure works really hard to do some awesome pr for the expo (sarcasm). Because apparently, they want the Calgary Expo fiasko to grow even bigger. I mean, wasn´t it bad enough that they banned the “Honey Badger Brigade” from the Expo?

Or that they actually had a twitter conversation with Calgary Metro (which btw removed their article about the incident at the Calgary Expo) about removing a #GamerGate booth from the Calgary Expo? (in this case, the Honey Badger´s booth).

Nope, that wasn´t enough. Because when the Honey Badger team had to leave the expo, they decided to have a peaceful meeting at the public park (Reader rock garden), Calgary Expo called the cops on them
reader rock garden

rachel edwards calgary expo cops part 1

Rachel Edwards (current host of Honey Badger Radio) was on site when the cops arrived.

That´s just insane! It´s a public park,so i don’t even understand how all of this could have happened. But from what i´ve heard, the cops said (to the Honey Badger´s) that their had been over 25 compliments about harassment at the Calgary Expo. So the Honey Badger´s had no other choise but to leave the park as well.

And it seems like “The Honey Badger Brigade” has been banned (for LIFE!) from ever expo and event there is in Canada as well (freedom of speech anyone?). This has to be the worst case of harassment and anti freedom of speech case i´ve ever heard of in the last 10 years or so.

rachel edwards calgary expo cops part 2

So the cops did indeed come to the Calgary Expo to remove the Honey Badger´s from the Reader rock garden park…

So i sure hope that the Honey Badger´s will sue Calgary Expo for this. It´s a clear case imo. So if they just get a really good lawyer, it should be no sweat to win this one in court. Because not only didn´t the Honey Badger´s recive a full refound for their booth fee, they also got harassed inside and outside of the Calgary Expo.

rachel edwards calgary expo cops part 3

Rachel Edwards statement about the cops taking them away from the park at the Calgary Expo.

I think it´s safe to say that the Calgary Expo is NOT safe or open for everyone. As it´s quite clear that they proven the opposite by the past (and current) events, and their recent actions against the “Honey Badger Brigade” .

Jennifer Medina


***Update 3 – 2015-04-19***

It seems like there´s no end to the ongoing Calgary Expo scandal. As more and more people from all sides (#GamerGate, AntiGG, Sjw´s and feminists) has joined in to fight over who´s right, and who´s wrong. And to my big surprise, Mr Arthur Chu (who´s most wellknown for being the US Jeopardy champion).

made a statement about the Calgary Expo earlier today on Twitter. So why is that a surprise? Because i haven´t seen any tweets from him in a long time. Anyhow, this is what Arthur Chu tweeted out:

arthur chu ggbot

Arthur Chu´s statement about the Calgary Expo incident.

So basically Chu want´s to silence other people´s opinions? (the “wrong” kind of opinions).  So i guess that it simply wasn´t enough that Calgary Expo silenced “The Honey Badger Brigade” on site, people also have to be silenced online as well (North Korea anyone?).

alejandro argandonas calgary expo poster

Alejandro Argandona´s parody poster of the Calgary Expo.

I honestly have no idea how all of this is going to end. But one thing is for sure though. This is just the very beginning of the Calgary Expo fiasko.

***Update 2 – 2015-04-18***

Things has just gone from bad to worse in the case with Honey Badger Brigade´s booth at the Calgary Expo. Because not only did the Honey Badger´s get banned from the expo, and not only has there been a lot of lies and prejudice information about the incident (Metro Calgary and kotaku´s Patrick Klepek article).

But i also just found out that the Honey Badger Brigade also paid a $10,000 fee for their booth (BF 3821) at the Calgary Expo. And from what i´ve heard, they won´t get refounded either. So now there´s talks about a possible legal showdown against the Calgary Expo.

And i can´t say that Calgary Expo made the situation any better by calling the 3 women that got kicked out from the expo, “fake nerd girls” either. And Honey Badger´s audio recording evidence (you will find the video further down the page) from the expo, is said to have made things worse according to Calgary Expo (how does that even make sense?).

All of this sounds like something from an episode of “South Park” or “Family Guy” to be honest.

I´m quite sure that this is just the calm before the storm though…


***UPDATE 1 – 2015-04-18***

I have been given some new information on the events that took place at the Calgary Expo yesterday. For starter, there´s now an audio recording (scroll down the page for the video. A fair warning, there´s a trigger warning at 18:30) from the Women in Comics: Panel.

And that incident was obviously the last drop for the SJW´s, antiGG and feminist movement. So they ranted to the Calgary Expo to have the “The Honey Badger Brigade” booth (and team) removed from the expo.

And i have heard from very reliable sources that it was Maya Felix Kramer (aka legobutts, she’s a game developer, events coordinator, and freelance PR consultant) that called the shoots for the removal of the “Honey Badger´s” team at the Calgary Expo event.

That´s pretty darn crazy if you ask me. Talk about censorshipanti freedom of speech and fascist methods of keeping people (with the “wrong”) opinions  quite….


At first i wanted to name this article “Calgary Expo banned a #GamerGate booth” (kotaku´s Patrick Klepek went full in on that one though). But i always try to double-check information and facts before i publish anything. And here´s the truth of the day. There was no #GamerGate booth that got banned at the Calgary Expo. It was “Honey Badger´s” (The Honey Badger Brigade) booth that got banned.

And why is that? Because apparently, Calgary Expo received some compliments about their presence at the Expo. So Calgary Expo choose to (according to themselves) ask “The Honey Badger Brigade” to leave the expo.

calgary expo tweet

“A safe place for everyone” you say? Hmmm…

And as far as i know. The “Honey Badger´s” team broke no rules (whatsoever) on site. So it´s quite clear that this decision was a potical one. As the “Honey Badger´s” sold #GamerGate and Vivian James posters on site. But there´s more to it than “just” that.

Because the “The Honey Badger Brigade” is labeled as a political activist group (of men and women). That hold very strong sympathies for men’s rights. And that´s where the anti-GamerGate, SJW´s and feminist movement comes into the picture. Because there were quite a few rants from those groups on Twitter earlier today.

They literally asked representatives from the Calgary Expo (via Twitter) to remove “The Honey Badger Brigade´s” booth from the expo. And that´s just messed up beyond belief. And still Calgary Expo made the following statement via Twitter about this whole incident:

“No, we politely asked an exhibitor to leave. The Calgary Expo is a positive and safe event for everyone.” Calgary Expo, via Twitter

calgary expo 2015 honey badgers booth

The anti-GG, SJW and feminist movement must have seen red, when they saw the #GamerGate and Vivian James posters…

Then again, i just found out what may have been the main reason behind the decision to remove “The Honey Badger Brigade” from the Calgary Expo. Because it seems like “The Honey Badger´s” asked some questions at the previous evening’s feminist panel. That is not proven facts at this time though.

However, Calgary Expo claims that they (The Honey Badger´s) got banned because of making jokes about the Mary Sue article (it´s a article about wikipedia´s decesion to ban five feminist editors, from editing anything related to Gamergate on Wikipedia).

I´m quite sure that this played a big part in all of this as well (it´s a part of the “Feed The Badger” campaign, which raised over $9,000). As this is the actual pitch for the “Feed The Badger” campaign:

“In April of this year, the Honey Badgers plan to put on a booth at the Calgary Comics and Entertainment Expo! We plan to infiltrate nerd culture cunningly disguised as their own. Each of us has been carefully crafting a persona of nerdiness through decades of dedication to comics, science fiction, fantasy, comedy games and other geekery, waiting for this moment, our moment to slip among the unaware. Once there we will start distributing the totalitarian message that nerd and gamer culture is… perfectly wonderful just as it is and should be left alone to go it’s own way.”

calgary expo twitter rants

Even a high ranked officer from Metro Calgary ranted about “The Honey Badger´s” booth at the Calgary Expo .

And while all of this went down, Metro Calgary wrote an article about all the fuss at the Calgary Expo. There´s nothing wrong with that of course. If it haven´t been for the fact that their article was full of errors. And when people pointed that out in the comment section, Metro Calgary just turned of the comment function completely.

But apparently, that wasn´t enough. So Metro Calgary also removed the whole Calgary Expo article from their site.

metro canadas calgary expo article

Metro Canada removed this article earlier today.

So all this fuss went down because of three women (from “The Honey Badger Brigade”) that had a booth at the Calgary Expo? Not quite, it´s simply because they hold the wrong set of opinions. That´s most likely the nr 1 reason why they got banned from the Calgary Expo.

So if Calgary Expo is for equality, then they should ban the feminist panel at the expo as well. That way, there will be NO political agenda on the event list at all. As for me, i have heard about a lot of crazy stuff that has taken place at Comic Cons and Gaming events.

But i have never seen (or heard) about something quite like this before…Anyhow, feel free to leave a comment (or two) on the subject in the comment section down below!

A voice for men


The Calgary Expo on Twitter

The now deleted Metro article about the Calgary Expo

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