***UPDATE 2015-04-08***

I was just informed that this boycott has NOTHING to do with #GamerGate whatsoever (i was misinformed). I´m sorry for this mistake. As for the pre-orders and season passes.

That´s something that each and every one of you have to decide for yourself, if you should boycott it or not.


“I love the smell of napalm in the morning.”. That quote is taken from a Vietnam war movie called “Apocalypse Now“. And that quote describes how i felt when i heard the rants from the #OpBuyWise movement this morning.

At first i thought that it was just a prank kind of thing. You know, for kicks and whatnot. But no, because just like the Tet offensive during the Vietnam war. There was a huge silence and calm before all hell broke loose.

And if you been following the #GamerGate war against corruption in Gaming journalism (and corruption and censorship in the video game industry for that matter).

Then you know more than well that this war has been going on for quite sometime now. Me, i heard about #GamerGate for the very first time last summer (by the end of August).

And i/we have been trying to cover GamerGate at the best of my/our ability. But i´m going to be honest. It´s hard to keep up sometimes.

As there´s so many key players on each side, and they make a lot of fuss 24/7 (plus false flag operations and trolls).

Anyhow, like i was saying. The smell of napalm hit me when i found my way to the HQ of #GamerGate at 8chan, and when i saw a live stream (by some #OpBuyWise folks) at Google hangout (you can watch the video further down the page).

Because it seems like #OpBuyWise is trying to launch a huge boycott offensive against pre-orders and DLC season passes.

And the ringleader of the boycott offensive would be a guy that goes under the name of “Satan“.

And it seems like “Satan” has been against pre-orders since the dawn of time pretty much. He actually tried to stop people from paying for the in-game armor in Skyrim (i think it was a pre-order bonus or something like that).

I understand where his coming from though. As pre-orders is a huge reason behind WHY the video game industry is in such a bad shape.

But to quote “Satan” on this one “Video games being shit because of pre-orders. Mortal Kombat includes the characters that you don´t want, and the one´s that you want you have to buy via DLC.” Satan

tim curry as darkness aka satan in legend

I had no idea that Tim Curry (“Satan”) hated pre-orders so much. But now we know.

I actually watched (listened) to the whole 5 hour-long #OpBuyWise hangout at Google. And from what i´ve heard, #OpBuyWise won´t be targeting SJW´s devs or their games.

Nope, instead it´s the big AAA company’s that will feel the napalm over their heads in the near future. IF the #OpBuyWise movement will be able to gather enough people under the same flag, and for a common cause.

And once again, “Satan” had a really good point when he pointed out that “The devs won´t get the message unless we boycott them. Because right now tou´re telling them that hardcore gamers don´t mind any of this at all”.  – Satan

I mean, there´s already famous Youtube stars such as “Total Biscuit” and “Boogie2988” that condemns pre-orders. And most devs seems to hate pre-orders and DLC´s as well.

But most devs are forced to make DLC´s (and to accept pre-orders). Simply because their publisher contract says so. I also think that it´s going to be really hard to convince the large mass to NOT pre-order games.

Since it´s both a bad habit and something that´s been programmed into our minds (via hypé and video game media and journalism).

And with all of this said and done.

batman arkham knight pre order

“Batman Arkham Knight” seems to be an awesome game. But will you pre-order it? Or boycott it?

I think it´s safe to say that we´re at a point of no return right now. What kind of industry do we want? And what kind of games do we want?

Just look what happen to the “Killing Joke” cover. Look what happen to “Firedorn’s memorial” in “Pillars of Eternity”. Most devs and creators cave in to the rants and demands of the SJW´s movement.

You know what all of this reminds me about? It reminds me of Soviet Russia and North Korea or any other dictatorship state. Where censorship is a every day kind of thing, and where freedom of speech no longer exists.

And just think about this for a moment. If the video game industry is like this now, then how is it going to be in a couple of years from now? (if corruption, bad Gaming journalism and SJW censorship demands continues).

That´s a scary thought right there. Then what´s next? Movies?, music? cartoons? Who knows, only the SJW movement would know for sure. As for #OpBuyWise boycott against pre-orders.

That´s going to be a rather interesting thing to watch. As it´s either going to turn out as nothing, or it might just become the digital version of the Tet offensive.

And that means that there´s going to be heavy casualties for the AAA company’s around the world.

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