I should have known that this day would become a rather “special” day. As the very first song that i´ve heard this morning was Limp Bizkit´s “Break Stuff”. Because, yeah, “It´s one of those days”. Anyhow, i finished listening to David Pakman´s interview with Chris Kluwe (Gamer, former NFL player for Minnesota Vikings and a Anti-GamerGate supporter) and Mercedes Carrera (Porn actress, engineer, Gamer and #GamerGate supporter) a couple of hours ago, and what can i say?

mercedes carrera on youtube

Mercedes Carrera´s Youtube comment on Pakman´s interview with her and Chris Kluwe.

Before i listened to the  “Mercedes Carrera Vs Chris Kluwe” interview, i was pretty neutral minded about Chris Kluwe. But all of that changed when i saw a very racist joke by Chris Kluwe via Twitter about Mercedes Carrera (as seen in the picture below).

chris-kluwe-racist joke mercedes carrera

So much for being a “white knight” and a hero of the people…

And shortly after that i had the chance to chat with miss Mercedes Carrera for quite sometime on Twitter about Chris Kluwe behavior against her. And this was our actual conversation on Twitter (in pictures):

mercedes carrera twitter 1

mercedes carrera twitter 2

mercedes carrera twitter 3

mercedes carrera twitter 4

mercedes carrera twitter 5

mercedes carrera twitter 6

mercedes carrera twitter 7

mercedes carrera twitter 8

mercedes carrera twitter 9

mercedes carrera twitter 10
I should also point out that i once thought that Chris Kluwe was a really cool and honerbale guy (based on his appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Kluwe´s support for homosexuals in sports). But all of that changed after my chat with Mercedes Carrera and when i looked into the #Kluweless hashtag.

As you will find everything from racist slurs to child abuse rants tagged to the #Kluweless hashtag. So i think it´s safe to say that there´s two sides of Chris Kluwe. The one that´s been portrayed in media (the white knight/Social justice warrior), and the REAL side of Chris Kluwe. And don´t even get me started about the case theunderage girl” who was “caught in a compromising position” with “two very well known Vikings.

Long story short. Chris Kluwe dropped the ball big time in his interview with David Pakman. Because not only was he very disrespectful and rude against miss Mercedes Carrera. He also made himself look like a jackass on camera. As he time after time again interrupted Carrera, he even laughed at her throughout the whole interview.

I also find it somewhat ironic that Chris Kluwe has become one the thing that he swore to defend women from (a bully, hater and a misogynist).

So i think it´s safe to say that Chris Kluwe´s credibility and social justice days has been counted for. I don´t even know why he had to laugh at Carrera over and over again. If he saw (heard) and error, or wanted to point something out. Then why diden´t he simply point that out without laughing at her?

To be honest, it felt somewhat uncomfortable to even listen to Pakmans interview with Mercedes Carrera and Chris Kluwe. As it reminded me a bit about how i used to get bullied in high school (I was the fat kid).

So what do you guys think about all of this? And who won the Mercedes Carrera Vs Chris Kluwe debate fight? And oh! I´ve added some of the best (imo) comments on David Pakman´s Youtube video down below.

“You did a splendid job at debating Kluwe. He came off as extremely crass and unprofessional during the discussion. Plus he looked like he hadn’t even taken a shower before turning on his webcam.All in all, you won this one in my opinion.”Spikey Buddy

“Chris is talking about a HARASSMENT narrative.

Yet, the truth is that harassment from anti-GamerGate against GamerGate supporters is FAR
better documented & far worse than the harassment that #GamerGate has dished out.

1. The FBI has investigate GG and has found NOTHING, except for GG folks being setup for
various incidents.

2. There’s a call on my channel showing a aGG stalker & convicted criminal threatening a GG supporter’s family over the phone. GG supporters have been doxed, harassed & threatened in worse ways than aGG has. If that’s not the case, aGG needs to provide the evidence to show otherwise.

3. There was even bomb threat recently that targeted a GG meetup in Washington DC, a threat that the FBI found to be credible. (Which is more than can be said about the bomb threat Anita received last year).

The vast majority of harassment & “harassment” that aGG has received is from anonymous trolls, insults & what is better classified as arguments or disagreements. Many of the prominent aGG people get “attacked” not because they are women, but because they are bad people. This routinely happens on Twitter and is not a gamergate thing.

In fact, just recently Joss Whedon was harassed OFF of Twitter by SJW feminists, arguable in a far more brutal fashion. Yet, we don’t hear the same narrative there than we hear regarding GamerGate & the media has done a fairly good job at SHIELDING SJW feminists from accusations that this was representative of feminists.

If aGG had something better and some harassment that was more substantive, we’d have heard about it by now. Instead we’re hearing about their media circuit tours, where it’s obvious that they’re making a living through capitalizing on these threats. The onus is on them.” – whenindoubtdo

“Well, this much is true. Ms. Carrera does know how to present herself when debating an important issue. Mr. Kluwe looks like he just rolled out of bed. His attitude is quite simply that Ms. Carrera and her opinion are unimportant, and therefore there is nothing to prepare for, including and not limited to aesthetics. Mr. Kluwe entire performance reeks of a condescending attitude, not only towards Ms. Carrera, but towards anyone who supports

Zoe Quinn has been out of it for some time. The resurgence of Zoe Quinn rhetoric is only used to deflect the issue of #gamergate , which is journalism ethics. Furthermore, the resurgence of Zoe Quinn rhetoric has one more goal, which is to line the pockets of the professional victims who profit from it (like Zoe Quinn). It will never be resolved. Just choose your side, and then move on.”Hannah Duke

“Chris is delusional if he thinks the number [of people who care about ethics in journalism] ‘grows’ smaller every day [thanks to people ‘discovering’ that GG is apparently so evil of an org] — it is the very opposite. The joint effort by several publications and the open declaration by several journalist proudly proclaiming to write ‘tech articles’ with a ‘feminist leaning’ is causing more people to join GG in spirit (no-one is buying membership cards).

The notion to write tech articles, be it reviews or general, with a pre-set outspoken agenda goes against the core idea of journalism. It is editorializing, sure, but that is for editorials, not news articles.”Zarkow

“When you laugh at, insult and make fun of your opponent, you’ve pretty much forfeited the debate. The only thing the “rest of the world” is going to see here is a condescending manchild representing #GamerGate’s opposition.”horrorpunx610


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