Kingdom Hearts has become a staple in the hearts of many fans, both Disney, and RPG alike. What started as a simple action adventure RPG has blossomed into a plethora of merchandise, apparel, comics, soundtracks, and even real Sea Salt Popsicles.

Yes Sea Salt Popsicles are real, and you can make them yourself. Knowing that the newest entry into the beloved series is coming to a release date is the best thing that hopeful fans have.

There are a lot of loose rumors concerning Kingdom Hearts 3, but I’ve come up with a few that should definitely happen for the upcoming title. Now whether or not you’ll agree, you can certainly rest assured that Kingdom Hearts won’t leave us unsatisfied with its final decisions.

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Kingdom Hearts 3 will be released to both PS4 and Xbox One.

Gameplay, score, and theme all play an equally important part in the games conception—which on all accounts equals commercial and critical acclaim. Here’s our list on what need to be included in Kingdom Hearts 3.

Robin Williams tribute

It’s unfortunate, and very sad that we’ll never get to hear his iconic voice again. Robin Williams was one of the best talents of his generation, as well as important public figure. And with Aladdin probably being an important staple in the series, we can be certain we’ll see Genie in Kingdom Hearts 3. Nintendo still isn’t being clear on whether or not they’ll include him in a Zelda title, but Disney certainly should be.

Aladdin saw huge commercial success in 1992, grossing over $502 million dollars, with a mere budget of $28 million. It received massive critical acclaim, and won numerous awards, mainly for its soundtrack. Without Robin Williams, none of these classical characters would have ever reached prominence.

No return to Atlantica

I can’t be the only one who hates what they did to the Little Mermaid in Kingdom Hearts 2. It wasn’t so bad in the first Kingdom Hearts, since we actually did something useful, such as fighting sharks, and kill Ursula. However in the sequel, when we returned to Atlantica, we saw ourselves dancing, using QTE’s to keep up with the beat, and the rhythm of the song.

I can’t even begin to tell you how annoying the beat of “under the sea” got, as you traversed the surrounding area, or fought the heartless throughout the campaign. We shouldn’t have a real reason to return to Atlantica, and if we do we should see progression in the form of Ariel’s daughter being an essential character now.

Updated version of Disney

Alice in Wonderland has a sequel, and we even have two new princesses: Merida, and Tiana. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that we’ll see the update in Kingdom Hearts 3. Even if we only receive Easter eggs, we should still see progression in the Disney inclusion of the franchise. Seeing Star Wars, or even Brave being a central part of the game could alter Kingdom Hearts history.

Sora is the protagonist

Understanding that Sora and Riku were cohesive counterparts in Kingdom Hearts 3DS, is important as well as frustrating. Honestly the only thing that was more annoying than having to jump between the two, was the fact that the ending pissed a lot of fans off. If you haven’t played that particular installment yet, we’ll leave that part out.

Having Sora as the protagonist is only fitting, since the story revolves around him as we’ve seen in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. The Keyblade didn’t choose Sora originally, it was actually destined for someone else, but fell to him. Sora becoming a Keyblade master, was the best part of the story—until everyone started using them including Kairi. Once this started happening, we were certain that the series was headed for a tailspin with no way back.

Showcase more Disney rides

The only reason to go to Disneyland besides the food is the rides! What makes their inclusion to the game so essential is as we’ve seen their ability to help Sora fight bosses, and get to higher places. We’ve already seen Casey Jones train, and Pegasus in screenshots, and the cinematic trailer. If we see rollercoaster rides, and possibly even Cinderella’s castle, it would be a monument to Disney’s reputation.

These are just a few of the things we should see in Kingdom Hearts 3, but there are so many more. What are your thoughts on what we should see in Kingdom Hearts 3? Let us know in the comments, and share this post.

Kingdom Heats 3 is in development and is coming soon.

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