I have been a video game collector since the early 90s. And over the years i have collected a lot of games, consoles, action figures and merchandise. But just like everybody else, i don´t have unlimited space for everything in my ever growing collection. So one day when i went through my collection, i noticed that i had quite a few duplicates. So i thought for myself “Why don´t i just try to sell all my duplicates on Ebay?”.

Well, here´s the thing. Ebay is not all that hard to start using. But it´s a real pain in the behind to try to sell video game collectables on Ebay. And i´m going to tell you why. First off, it´s rather expensive to list and sell items on Ebay (they also charge you a procentage of your total sell), there´s a lot of competition, people play dirty (some people don´t pay when they have won an item).

It´s also a lot about luck and timing (to sell the right items and the right time). Trust me, i know. As i´ve been using Ebay since 2007. I should also point out that you have to be an established Ebay store (or name) in order to sell a lot of items. As Ebay is just as much about selling great items, as it´s about being a well-known ebay seller with a high rank (good customer feedback and so on).

And to be honest, Ebay is much better for buyers than it is for sellers. As the sellers usually end up with the short end of the stick (the buyer get´s a really low price on an item that´s rather expensive).

the squireel mascotte

Say hello to Squireel´s mascotte :3

I´m not saying that the sellers should rip people off (like some game stores does. No names mentioned…). I´m talking about a fair deal for both buyers and sellers. And just the other day i was contacted by one of the founders of Squireel (which would be a website dedicated to and for Gamers and video game collectors), and Squireel might just solve all my problems.

Squireel home

Squireel lists everything from games, comics, action figures to game consoles.

As Squireel offers a selling platform for collectors of movies, video games, comics, mangas and much more! So i sure hope that Squireel will become a good alternative to Ebay in the near future. And guess what? You can sign up for the Squireel beta as of today! Squireel won´t be launched within the next 40 days though.

squireel follow

You can also follow other squireel users (to see what they collect for example).

But “hopefully” it will be well worth the wait. So if you´re a collector of video games, movies, comics and what not. Then you should checkout Squireel asap =)

The pain

Collectors nowadays are divided between Facebook groups, forums, blogs and a lot more unpleasant platforms which are multiplying the number of registrations. They don’t have a complete tool where everything is centralized in an ergonomic and easy-to-use way.

This is why we are creating Squireel.What is Squireel ?
Squireel is the complete tool, the social network and the selling platform for collectors of video games, movies, series, mangas and comics.
As a collector our platform gives you an ease and pleasant way to keep exposing your collections that are often the result of many years of passion, to get feedback from a community of users as passionated as you and to discover new collections and collectibles.

Squireel is also the place for professionals wanting to create their online market and to expose and sell their products to the community. Maybe it’s time for you as a collector to visit their shop and try to find the golden nugget you are searching for so long ?

But don’t worry, if you want to get rid of your dusty and old items, you will be surprised to see new features coming by the end of this year among which the possibility for you to create your own private market.

This is how we are freely proposing you a simple, efficient and pleasant platform we are launching in beta version on July 01.

Get more information and sign up now to get your access and be among the early birds to try what could revolutionize your way to manage collections.

Let’s keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter or visit our blog to get daily fresh news.

The team
We are 4 passionated guys from Belgium who missioned themselves to change the collections’ world by creating what we think could become the must in collection management.

I talked to one of the guys from Squireel team about writing about their product. As i´m interested in an alternative to Ebay when it comes to selling rare video games. I have made no investment (of any kind) in Squireel.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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