***Update 1 – 2015-07-15 – 10:10 CEST***

TechRaptor helps TGG out

As you probably heard by now, we have suffered quite a lot from aggressive DDoS attacks as of lately (that´s why our page has been down on and off for days now). Well, here´s some good news at least, because last night we received a lot of help and advice from TechRaptor´s Sys Admin (a big thank you again man! ). So we will implement these changes and updates as soon as possible, we will also add a full SSL certificate to our homepage in the near future as well.

I would also like to thank everyone for your support, patience and comprehension even though the last couple of days has been really messy for us. So please bear with us, we will solve all these issues as soon as possible. With that said, thank you boys and girls, we love you all!


Let´s silence those who dare to speak up

Normally, I don´t comment or write about matters like this, at least not when it comes to our very own site and business. However, for the last couple of days we have been under attack by several DDos attacks (11th and 12th of July), and Voat.co and TechRaptor has had their fair share of the DDos madness as well. I´m not going to start any conspiracy theories now (as I got no evidence to back my claims up), but just hear me out. Every time that we have written about a “certain” group of people (called them out on their bs), or when we have published something that has anything to do with corruption or bad ethics, we have been hit by DDoS attacks.

Some people would probably just see this as unlucky coincidences, me, I’m not the naive kind of person, especially not since this has happened to us quite a few times for the last 3-4 months. Besides, how comes that its always sites such as Techraptor, Voat and us)that gets targeted over and over again? Let that one sink in for a while. Want a clue? Someone is rather pissed off at us for sure.


This is some really serious business for sure …

In the case with voat.co, it´s quite obvious that Reddit doesn´t like to have them around. However, I can´t prove that the DDos attacks are done by Reddit, but let´s be honest, Voat.co is the rival whom Reddit never wanted (or liked).

“We’re currently experiencing a DDoS attack from a botnet and according to CloudFlare we’re experiencing a Layer 7 attack”

“It definitely looks like you’re currently being hit by a Layer 7 attack. Based on this, I can see at least 1962179 requests that were blocked by IUAM in the past 24 hours. It would appear that these requests are coming from a botnet, though I cannot say for certain, all of which are using legitimate user agents.”

“In order to keep Voat at least somewhat responsive, we’ve bumped up CloudFlare security settings which essentially breaks most Voat third-party apps currently on the market. We are sorry about this and we are working on a solution and taking this time to optimize our source code even further.” –
Voat via their homepage

“The maintenance on our servers ended several hours ago, but we are still being hit with a layer 7 DDoS attack as Confirmed by CloudFlare.” – Voat via Twitter

techraptor ddos attack

Techraptor are also having huge problems with DDos attacks.

As for TechRaptor, I don´t know how often they have been attacked by DDoS attacks, but I think this is the second or third time that I’ve seen them being under attack just this year. So I think it´s time that we level up our defences since this kind of “silence people up” tactics are being used more frequently now. So i´m sorry for any inconveniences that this might have caused you (our readers). We’re doing what we can to sort this problem out asap. Thank you for your patience and support!



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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
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2 Comments ON " Voat, Techraptor, TGG and the DDoS attacks "
  • Gamergater #7230

    Whatever happened to honest debate? 🙁

    • That´s a really good question, as it seems to be none existing at this moment…

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