Resident Evil has always been a great series. The series is known for its heart wrenching moments, with an abundance of zombie filled levels.

In that iconic mansion, we drove on until the helicopter escape at the end, but the fun didn’t stop there.

resident evil 7

Third time the charm? (RE 5, 6 and now RE7).

We saw several re-inventions of the same titles with extras released over the years, until we reached Resident Evil 4; which brought the series back into prominence in 2005 for the Nintendo Gamecube.

Unfortunately, this uproar would die out due to Capcom deciding to go in a completely different direction with future installments each time, most notably being Resident Evil 4.

But Capcom recently announced that they are back in the saddle with a new installment, Resident Evil 7; and the rumor is it that it will be an Xbox One exclusive!

I hope that this proves to be just a rumor, and that it will be multi-platform, since a lot of us have yet to upgrade our consoles. Let’s take a look at what’s brought us to Resident Evil 7, beginning with Resident Evil 4, so we can see where Resident Evil 7, could go shall we?

Resident Evil 4

Originally released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2005, the game reintroduced us to Leon Scott Kennedy, the star of Resident Evil 2. We find out that he has been quite busy since 1998, and has been sent to find the President of the United States daughter; Ashley Graham (ironically she looks like: Paris Hilton, and Britney Spears if you unlock her costumes) who has been kidnapped, and sent to Spain to be infected with the “ Las Plagas.”

The game featured an onscreen life bar, upgrades for weapons, a currency system; and intense over the shoulder action.

The game was pretty engaging until you actually met Ashley, then the rest became babysitting, and combat; until the dirty bitter end.

Ashley did provide support by randomly turning around if danger lurked, so if you paid attention, you were safer.

The ending left a lot to be desired, including why they tried to make a love spark between Leon, and Ashley. Personally, I thought post credit scenes would have been a lateral move for Capcom, to give us something to look forward to instead of holding on for 3 years.

But this did help to steer the series into the horizon, with a glow that could not be matched.

Resident Evil 5

Following the same template as its predecessor, Resident Evil 5 was released in 2009. It featured smaller spaces to fight in such as, alleys, villages, and swamplands. We faced harder mid-level bosses, with very aggressive enemy support.

A very annoying partner system was introduced, (It would cause consequences if you didn’t thank them during the exchanges of items) it was basically an expansion on the idea of Resident Evil 4, just rendered in a lower aesthetic.

We saw the return of Chris Redfield, who had been missing since Resident Evil Code Veronica X. We discover that he has joined a Government founded Anti-bio terrorism group, and has been looking for Jill Valentine; who went missing sometime before the events of the game.

We learn that she was captured, and infected with the “Uroboros virus.” The ending left more to be desired, but we accepted it; because we had no choice. But Albert Wesker was finally dead right?

The game initially received a decent rating, but this quickly changed when critics began to nit-pick, due to the African plains setting, and the fact your partner Sheva Alomar was an African, committing genocide.

The iconic Chainsaw zombies were a joke, and so were most of the obstacles you faced when it came to common enemies, but this was due to the close quarter combat you were forced to engage in.

The game shifted the focus to pure action, and didn’t deal with infections, or viruses anymore, but rather “parasites.”

resident evil 6

Yes, i know. The RE6 logo joke. Ha ha ha.

Resident Evil 6

Resident Evil 6, was the biggest disgrace since the creation of the series to date. The game was originally designed to “Restore the horror of Resident Evil.” If you played the game, you already know it fell so far from the goal, it wasn’t even funny.

The game left so much to the wind; but it couldn’t be helped. The development team dropped the ball, and it rolled downhill hard.

Featuring 3 main character teams with interlocking storylines, each character team featured its own HUD, and combat style. This pretty much limited you to have specific weapons in your arsenal, and noting outside of these presets.

The Smart Zombie feature was introduced with the sense that we would see them using weaponry with flawed accuracy. This was not true, at all. In fact this was one of the most annoying mechanics in the game, and often caused longer times on some levels.

Not featuring weapon upgrades, caused a lot of agitation amongst series loyalist; especially because we had grown so accustomed to it. We were placed in Tall Oaks, to reintroduce the Raccoon City theme, which was touched on by Leon multiple times.

The C-Virus was created, and made to be thought of as the ultimate weapon now, displacing all others before.

There was an overabundance of Quick Time Entries populating the action packed cut scenes, and we saw too many areas packed with zombies and we were forced to flee to conserve ammunition; instead of shooting our way out.

The game featured many checkpoints, but barely any save points. To be fair, you could understand what they were going for; it just couldn’t happen in this game. The survival part was forced, not influenced naturally.

Resident Evil 7

This is my personal message to Capcom, stop making excuses for the lacking of quality gameplay, and get back to the basics that made everyone love this series.

Sure we would love to play all day with a friend Co-op style, but we don’t have all day to play this way.

The partner system is a horrible idea, forcing us to split our attention between the A.I. surviving, and ourselves when they should be as skilled as they player; if not more capable due to their role.

QTE’s should barely exist, if nothing short of dodging a crumbling structure as we escape an area to head towards a boss fight.

In closing, making this game only Next-Gen for Xbox One is a terrible idea, as that will not allow each of us to experience it. Unless you plan to use the Kinect for First person action sequences, there is no justification for this.

Let’s keep close watch, as Capcom is bound to release more information about Resident Evil 7 in the near future!

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