***Update 2 – 2015-11-11 – 22:11 CEST***

Sadly enough, we will not be able to launch our new homepage (TGG v3.0) in November as planned (mainly due to the lack of time). Instead, we aim for an early release sometime next year. Don´t be sad though, we will make it worth the wait 😉 In fact, we have been working on TGG 3.0 for about a month now. So we´re doing what we can to launch our new homepage as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience and understanding. And you are of course free to leave feedback on our current homepage, that could actually earn you a $50 GOG gift card (you will find all the information that you might need further down the page).

***Update 1 – 2015-09-12 – 16:35 CEST***

Due to the fact that there is about three weeks left on our GOG giveaway now, I just wanted to do a brief update about how things have gone with all the feedback that you have given us so far (thank you for taking your time to point out stuff that´s in need of improvement!). So, where to start. Ah, yes, I will do one last update to our current homepage (TGG v2.3). So I will try to fix some of the stuff that has annoyed you (change background color, bigger headlines, etc.). I should point out that I have done some “behind the scenes” changes already. For example, I removed that irritating “smooth scroll” feature (which made our home page lag like crazy). I have also cleaned up the code quite a bit (our homepage loads much faster now). Besides that, I have compiled all the feedback which you have given us (via Twitter, Facebook, our homepage, etc.).

So I have a nice long list over things that´s need to be done. And that brings me (us) to the next important announcement of the day. We will launch a brand-new homepage (TGG v3.0) in October or November this year. And yes, the new homepage will look nothing like our current homepage (design, looks and so on). I´ll have you know this though, since May 2014, I have rolled out almost 600 fixes to thegg.net. So we have always paid close attention to feedback and critique. With that said, feel free to leave more feedback to us and best of luck in our GOG giveaway contest!

/Robin Ek TGG

I think it´s about time for us to take TGG (The Gaming Ground) to the next level. However, we need your help to do so. As you (our readers, watchers and listeners) are our number-one source for feedback and critique (positive as negative). So we´re going to ask you guys for some feedback and help. And in return, we will give ONE person a $50 gift card from GOG.

And this is what you need to do in-order to win that $50 gift card from GOG:

Give us feedback and critique on (just comment on this post):
thegg.net – What is bad/good with the site? (design, functions, etc.) And what do you want us to write more about?
Our Youtube channel – What do you want to see more or less of?
Our Twitch channel – What do you want to see more or less of?

And that´s all you have to do, then you´re good to go! We will then pick ONE winner on the 31th of December (the person who has left the BEST feedback and critique). So best of luck people!

***And the winner is?***

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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28 Comments ON " Feedback contest – Win a 50$ GOG gift card "
  • Patrick

    Website: Pretty good. Nice layout and very easy to navigate.
    YT Channel: More soundtracks for sure!
    Twitch: Definitely speak more during streams. Maybe explain what you are doing and why. Also speak just a hair louder (I too am soft spoken and find this hard to achieve).

  • Michael Hinckley Hathorus

    Okay, here goes:

    Website: It is an adequate site with lots of convenient features to sign up/sign in with. The only thing that sometimes might get in the way of your communication is syntax and homophones; for instance when you asked for a critique, you used “critic” instead. Sure, it is a little pedantic and your readers got what you’re saying regardless, but you want to be professional at this, so don’t forget to proofread and be sure of your words. I would also suggest that you re-arrange the layout of the tabs; “about” and “Contact” might do better on the far right of the tabs while “TGG Videos” and “TGG Shop” should be closer to the left. Why? Because you want to increase revenue and viewership. Most people who speak English will default to the left for the tabs. After you’ve promoted yourself, then promote your partners, banner swaps, etc. and finally, as the catch-all, your “contact” and “about” tabs (which don’t change much) should be at the end as an anchor. All in all, the website is functionally very good with moving highlighted stories, articles which reach beyond “mere gaming” – such as the Charlie Hebdo article – and you have a really good host.

    YouTube Channel: A good channel and you cover a wide range of games from the AAA titles to the more obscure ones (like the Duck Game review you did a few days ago) as well as the non-game articles (the Reddit Revolt, for example) that are relevant to the audience. I would encourage yout to keep up the “Topic of the Week” as that is a great break from the one trick pony game review sites that you’re competing with (and there are a LOT of those). I would like to suggest you go beyond that, though, and maybe get into slightly more professional reporting. A good example is on your profile – and coverage of the hate sent to – American McGee. While it is okay to be casual with friends, if this is a professional channel (which is what I suppose you want); prepare a script, practice it, and give a slightly slicker presentation. There are a lot of channels that don’t do that and 99% of the time, I pass them over as do a lot of other gamers. Upgrade your mic, add a script, and BANG! you’ll have a next-level presentation.

    Twitch: Here’s where your casualness shines and I’d recommend you don’t change too much; games move the way they do and you can’t predict or practice your dialogue. The only thing is you need a better post-production software so you can modulate your voice a little better so it is heard better over the game sounds and atmosphere.

  • Alex Barbu

    The Website: Everything looks nice and all on desktop, but the layout is really bad on smartphones (or at least on Android). I (and a lot of people these days) check most of the news on the go, and having a phone friendly formatted website could be a benefit.
    YouTube: I’m guessing that whoever makes the videos isn’t from an English speaking country as he has a slight accent, and that by itself isn’t very bothersome, but sometimes the way he narrates them is pretty dull, boring, tedious. Those 2 things combined can make it hard to watch a video. Make sure to work on that a little bit, inject more emotion into the lines, and don’t let it seem like you’re just reading a script.
    Other then that, the content seems pretty good.
    Twitch: I don’t watch a lot of Let’s plays, so I won’t be of much help here, but just make sure whoever makes the streams, talks a lot with the audience. Most people seem to enjoy good commentary. Maybe insert random tips or trivia concerning the game for people that are newer to it.

  • Patrick Toworfe

    The website: Works well and has a simple interface. Good that there are several tabs at the top. As for writing, you definitely cover really interesting/ alternate news. I’ve heard about games that I might not have ever found.

    Channel: Probably more coverage of said unique games. It really shines a spotlight on them and makes for interesting viewing. The weekly recap topic is good too.

    Twitch: It’s hard to stream, I know, but perhaps streaming to connect with viewers and have discussions about current topics or perhaps play new titles.

    As an aside, thanks for being based =D

  • Kim

    game videos articles etc more please

  • jason K

    latest entertainment news are a big plus. Don’t really like off topic things

  • myangelsman09

    It’s funny, you guys are small enough that, not to disagree with others here, it mightn’t be in your best interest to go with what’s big and new. Not covering gamescom for instance is probably a good bet, because you’ll just be competing with link-baity kotaku-esque powerhouses. But i think personality is what can drive it, if you love what you’re doing it gives people a chance to love you. embrace your hipster corner of the net, and maybe make the brand-deal stuff/the advertizing moneymakers, less obvious. That can feel trashy, no offense. Hope i helped in some vague way.

  • Maksod

    u already have what it takes to be agaming website, advertisement is all what u need, glad to be 1 of the firsts to join ur website , and hope u all the good
    hey and if iam from syria and i can see u be sure u will have better followers from better countries with some good internet connection 😛 may my country find peace and finish the godamme war

  • weztimonial

    thegg.net – The user interface is good.
    Our Youtube channel – more games
    Our Twitch channel – Needs to be louder thou. Interact more with us

  • Sock Youtube

    The website – I like the layout but I think you should change the background and move some stuff around to make it look more professional…it looks fine but some people might think it looks like a great blog instead of a website

    Youtube- I would like to see top ten’ ..maybe cover obsure gaming history that not many people know

    Twitch- Play some classic RPGs like Fallout , baldur’s gate or ultima!

  • iFur KaJii

    Been to the site quite a few times,I really enjoy how smooth the interface is. Links are simple so I’m able to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’ve been here a couple times to see reviews on games, then I visit twitch to see gameplay of said games. Overall: really good job on everything.

    IFur KaJii

  • Damir C

    i like your site

  • Dimitris Prountzos

    I like this site a lot, is really nice to have sites like this around. I started to visit it because of the giveaways but i saw few reviews and you do great job guys, the most interesting part is that i can find inde game reviews that is hard to find and every review is very very good!
    I don’t use twitch so i don’t have something to say about that, but when you make a youtube video plz explain a little bit more!
    Thanks for the giveaway and keep the great work!
    Good luck everyone!

  • Robert

    In general the content is good.

    The website functions and reading articles/reviews I generally like what I see. Plain stories are simply informative while reviews give fair coverage. I’d like to stress for the reviews though that a numerical score isn’t very informative nor useful, especially when being out of five rather than 10. The other sections of the site work well and I like the Banner Swap- gives me a sense of nostalgia.

    The Youtube channel offers a good amount of variety, though some subjects such as the topic of the week segments could be expanded. Usually what I like is analysis on meta topics of game design or current events done in a way that is informative and entertaining.

    And in general twitch isn’t something I use, but when I do its to see lets plays and things like competitive like Rocket League. given the live-streamy nature of it however I don’t use it all that often.

  • ComradePotato

    Hi, the site is good, only complaint so far is that viewing it on mobile phone is quite hard, as it seems to think my screen is my desktop, making everything very small! Other than that no complaints 🙂

  • Patrick Pauley

    The site is great and gives a lot of feedback. for your giveaways I would suggest making it so people have to retweet or share on facebook so you can get the word out to more people and showcase your site to a wider audience.

  • oasis789

    In terms of design, I think there’s a lot of unused space on the sides when reading on a wide screen, and expanding the text to fill out that wide screen, kinda messes with your titles, which are already too short since they only display the first five or six words before the ellipses. Content-wise I think categories should be finer to game genre so content is visible by the type of game. Your content is already very broad, so I would now focus on depth, maybe go deep on covering indie titles. This extends to video content: On youtube and twitch, the strength of twitch is viewer involvement, whereas the strength of youtube is in tight editing.

  • Traveldog

    Twitch channel – Put the past broadcasts up for viewing! More fun collaborations and maybe some unboxings, product testing/demonstrations, and maybe live builds.

    Twitch channel – Put the past broadcasts up for viewing! More fun collaborations and maybe some unboxings, product testing/demonstrations, and maybe live builds.

    Twitch channel – Put the past broadcasts up for viewing! More fun collaborations and maybe some unboxings, product testing/demonstrations, and maybe live builds.

  • Traveldog

    thegg.net – On the homepage I like all of the features. I wish the features/banners would move around less, or at least move synchronously. Write about indie games that are just discovered, I like it when I find out about a new gem. I would also like to see more articles about how games and gamers help people, do good things, and make the world a better place, there is enough negative in the news.

    Youtube channel – I’d like to see less horror and drama and more fun, feel good, lighthearted content.

    Twitch channel – Put the past broadcasts up for viewing! More fun collaborations and maybe some unboxings, product testing/demonstrations, and maybe live builds.

  • iceloops123

    thegg.net – What is bad/good with the site? (design, functions, etc.) And what do you want us to write more about? design functions etc are fine. i wouldn’t know what you could improve on maybe some articals about gaming history just little snip its like talking about retro consoles or weird games that are nichie other then that its fine
    Our Youtube channel – What do you want to see more or less of?i seen the night City Assault and liked it more demos/reviews gameplay videos would be nice i guess
    Our Twitch channel – What do you want to see more or less of?i don’t use twitch so i don’t know

  • Nirvesh Jaggat

    The site is one of the best I’ve seen in years and the way feedback is given to everyone who uses the site makes it all the better and easier to have a beautiful user experience. Also what I would like to add on to this awesome site is maybe just better support for mobile phones but other than that, it’s my new fav site and I check it daily to see what’s new and upcoming. Truly a blessed site with greatness as its base. Congratulations to the team who males this site operate the way it does.

  • Red Aloia

    Iam always want to buy some awesome games from this site,hopefully this is the time I can.

  • Rawr

    Site: Fine with everything you write about minus the oversized ad bar on the right. I’d use an adblock but then that wouldn’t really be helpful to you… Could shorten it to the frame size of the actual ads themselves (elongated vertical) instead of taking extra space on both sides of the ad banner and expand more of the topic/comment frame. Other than that, everything else seems fine in my view anyway.

    Youtube: Don’t really watch it but from viewing the channel you seem to cover some niche titles and about in-development games which his a nice touch.

    Twtich: I don’t view twitch at all so I can’t say much about it and getting the times on when you stream is random at best for me.

  • myangelsman09

    I don’t really have any functional complaints. I actually really like the site, though i’m not too active community wise. Feedback can be positive, you know. So i’ll say i really like how unobtrusive the adverts are, and i like that you don’t overly push your sponsors. Your presentation of information is pretty balanced, it’s nice to get the different things i’m interested in at a steady rate, and know i can come to a smaller site like this to find what i’m looking for. The only critique i can really offer is that you guys should keep on covering the things you care about, the things you’re interested in, there’s no need to jump on the big stories, unless you really feel you offer a new perspective. Not that i need to tell you how to run your site, it’s just my view, that i value that you guys are niche. Niches can diversify without leaning on the same materials you’d get from bigger sites. When there’s slow gaming news, lots of sites do this, but there’s a tendency to try to make news, to sort of keep providing content. I’d just say there is a balance to strike there. Other than that, i have no UI qualms, pretty good, i look forward to 3.0, see how you upgrade.

    As for youtube, i’m not too interested, if i’m honest, but i actually didn’t know you had a twitch, so maybe people should be made more aware of that – i don’t really know why i never noticed the Purple Twitch Glitch symbol at the top.

  • staticfx

    functionally its good.. I just think the graphics need some tweaks. its a bit…dated feeling. Thats just me though. Im sure many like it 🙂

    • Our new homepage won´t look anything like this 😉 It will have a 2015-2016:ish design feeling to it =)

  • umar farooq

    Website-I have no major complains about this site in fact I have no problems with it. If it’s in control of you, try to remove popups. As I open the site I’m attacked by popups and ads. If you can fix this then it would be very nice of yours.
    Youtube-I am a very old subscriber of yours on YouTube. I like your channel cause its active and the videos are interesting. A suggestion I wanna give is to do gaming challanges.
    Twitch-Do more and more live broadcast and do reviews on everything you get new

    • Pop-ups? The only popup that we have is the one about cookies, and we have to have that one due to EU´s laws. As for the ads, we need them in order to pay our staff and bills. However, if people donated more money via Paypal or Patreon. Then we could start to remove some ads (we get $6 per month in donation right now, and that doesn´t even cover our service costs per month).

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