I (Robin Ek, TGG) am very happy to inform you all that Little Green Men Games has hooked us up with five Steam keys for their space sim/RPG/strategy game “Starpoint Gemini Warlords“. So we’re giving away the keys to you boys and girls =) (each key is worth 22,99 Euros via Steam).

Anyways, this is what you need to do in order to participate in our “Starpoint Gemini Warlords” PC giveaway contest (simply follow the instructions via Gleam. And you have to comment on this post in-order to take part of the giveaway):

Starpoint Gemini Warlords PC giveaway – Three Steam keys for three space sim hungry Gamers

We will then pick FIVE winners on the the 21th of April. So, best of luck people! And if you like our content and our giveaways. Then show us some love on Patreon 😉

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Comment like a winner

***And the winners are?***

Lorena S
Robert M

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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43 Comments ON " Starpoint Gemini Warlords PC giveaway – Five... "
  • Loony_Tic

    I really enjoyed Starpoint Gemini 2…so would love to give this one a go!

  • DarksLight21

    Trying my luck, always love these kind of games

  • Hutás Tamás

    GL! 🙂

  • cael84


  • Mike Neely

    Hope I can win 🙂

  • Starpoint Gemini Warlords looks like a fun little game! I’d love to give it a try! Thanks!

  • Eirikr

    Dangit. I saw Star- in the title and I saw a dilapidated ship, and thought that they’d released another Star Wars game like Rogue Squadron.
    Well, this does look fun. Maybe it’ll capture some of that nostalgia…

    • Emanuel Zelko

      Game is moddable, just as SPG2 also was. With previous title there was a mod with Star Wars ships. Not sure if anyone made the similar thing this time but just checked steam workshop and there are SW mods for character portraits, Millenium Falcon, Star Destroyer and Star Wars music 🙂

      • Eirikr

        That gets me so hyped. 🙂

  • Lord hades

    Love to give gemini warlords looks like a great game

  • Tanvaras

    Space games, you can never have enough space games!!

    LGM the makers of SPG series are an excellent Indie team, not only do they bring constant updates and bug fixes in the current Early Access version of SPG Warlords, but they are also spending a ton of time on the forums answering players comments, taking feedback, and suggestions on-board to make Warlords the best SPG version yet.

    If you don’t win a copy, I can totally recommend grabbing the game regardless, SPG Warlords is a ton of fun and is about to move into BETA very soon in its Early Access phase. Come play a pirate like me, don’t let the goodie two shoes factions win the galaxy, rule it yourself with an iron fist!

    Fly safe Captains!

    Tanvaras – SPG Series Guru and SPG Steam Forums Moderator.

    Got questions about SPG series, find me on Steam and shoot me a friend invite 🙂

    Not posting to win a copy, just posting to recommend the game to any space gaming fan!

  • Emanuel Zelko

    I played all Starpoint games. Original from 2010 was very much like Starfleet Armada, sequel was much like Freelancer… I wonder what third instalment will be like!

  • ManganMan

    Well, I could surely play SGW 🙂

    Good luck everyone 😉

  • GermanDad

    nice giveaway, good luck everybody!

  • Chris Spolton

    Starpoint Gemini 2 was great, would love to try Warlords!

  • hallo


  • Carel van der Merwe

    Yesss! Can’t wait for this game to be fully released, wouldn’t mind dabbling in early access!

  • RoReaver

    I’d spread the glory of intergalactic dominion to others o.o ( I already have a copy ).

  • Robert Mitchell

    Great giveaway, who doesn’t want a space sim!

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    Thank you so much for the opportunity =)
    I want to win this game because it looks really interesting and awesome.
    I’m going to be honest, I haven’t played any of Starpoint titles before and this game may give me interest to acquire and play all the games of the series so I really hope to be a lucky winner of this giveaway and start my space adventure right away.

  • Luka Miklic

    space game…count me in…good luck to everyone!

  • Godzilla2

    Looks interestig…i might give it a chance 🙂

  • Andreia Lopes

    Thank you so much <3
    This is such a wonderful giveaway.
    Love this game. So much action, so many things to do.
    Controlling an army and be the best in this space war must be really addictive and entertaining 😀

  • HF

    …because I love space games.

  • Bilal

    Because it’s awesome!!, who wouldn’t like a space game?

  • Raul

    This looks like a good game, I would like to have it!

  • Lorena Sanz

    gl all ^^

  • Theus

    Hi, I like space games since 1985. Please, give me a copy of Starpoint Gemini Warlords PC! =D


  • Alexandru Nechita


  • Knut Mikael Haukeland

    I love citybuilding, 4x, and mangagement games, especially those that let you make meaningful choicesand roleplay a bit. This games seems to fit the bill. I’ve been looking for a good management game for a long time now, but i’ve exhausted the supply of normal ones. Now I’m on 3 different browser games to fill the hole inside of me. I NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE!

  • Bruno Mourão

    Thanks for the chance 😉
    This is one of the best Space RTS game in the world.
    Proof of that is the amount of titles of the franchise which have proven to be great selling games.
    Loved the effects, the graphics and the gameplay. I want to win and play this awesome game in this Easter season 🙂

  • Awesome!

  • mterme

    Well, I like space opera games (been there since before Wing Commander 1…), and I like strategy games. Not sure whether it will really work in this game to combine this. But I sure want to try it out!

  • Dazzler

    really enjoyed the second one, and had this one on my wishlist for ages, so would love to try it 🙂

  • oasis789

    Who doesn’t want to be a space warlord?

  • trovm

    Good Luck

  • I’ve been looking for a title to fill the spacesim shaped hole in my heart ever since Freelancer, but nothing has really done the. Could this be the one for me?

  • Erik Tinnervall

    Look really cool, i like spacegames. make me dream away…..

  • Juan

    Looks really good! Would love to get into a new space strategy game!

  • Chronorayven

    The game looks interesting wouldn’t mind giving a try

  • Dugormr

    This game looks fun ! Hope I can win 🙂

  • Kazma Kurek

    If there is a space and space ships, I’m always in. It is already in my wishlist.

  • AzHail

    I love space games. I realized it could be modded which makes me even more excited :). Thanks for this great giveaway. Hope I can win!

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