Today’s is a very special day for those who have waited for Ubisoft to release their online open world third-person shooter “Tom Clancy’s The Division“. Because today is the day that the game launches for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One. So we´re celebrating that by throwing a Division giveaway! Yes, we got three PC keys to give away (thanks Kinguin!). So I wish you boys and girls the best of luck in our contest =) And even if you don´t win. Don´t be sad, because you can buy “The Division” rather cheaply via Kinguin 😉

the division

Ubisoft´s “Tom Clancy’s The Division” is out now for Windows, PS4 and Xbox One.

Anyhow, this is what you need to do in order to participate in our Tom Clancy’s The Division PC giveaway contest:

1. Comment WHY you should win our Tom Clancy’s The Division giveaway.

2. Like us on Facebook (This is NOT a mandatory choice to join the giveaway. IT’S OPTIONAL).

We will then pick THREE winners from the comment section on the 22th of March, so best of luck people! And if you like our content and our giveaways. Then show us some love on Patreon 😉

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You can also donate to our cause via Paypal. Thank you in advance!

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***And the winners are?***
Max Müller

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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127 Comments ON " Tom Clancy’s The Division giveaway – T... "
  • MasatoCollector

    This is a very generous site, always giving games! I think I deserve this game because I only buy old games, I stop at PS2/Xbox/Gcube, my only way to play some new stuff is on PC 🙁 .

  • I should win because you want me to. =)

  • Viktor Ryzkov

    wonderful website with amazing games for giveaways

  • RED7

    Been looking forward to this game but have been strapped for cash. Good luck to all contestants!

  • OMGitsGhost

    I’ve recently bought some old PC parts. My small budget of $144 was able to get

    CPU: Q6600 used
    Mobo: Asus p5kpl-cm used
    Ram: Corsair 4gb new
    HDD: 500gb used
    PSU: 500 watt new
    GPU: r7 260x which I am borrowing from a friend.
    Case: Sadly I don’t have one. Cardboard works good actually.

    I have no money left to buy games, so I wish that I win the giveaway. I really want to play the division, and hope to have my PC built by then. Good Luck to all!

  • Batsug

    I should win because I have the heart of a lion, the eye of the tiger, and i always follow the winds of change. Also, I need this game in my veins.

  • I should win because all my friends already have their copies and I had to buy 2 copies of PvZ: Garden Warfare 2 to play with my son.

  • Yann Le Saint

    I should win one because I have 3 friend who are gonna play, they’re full excited and I don’t have any money to buy the game and join them… And if you don’t give me a key, i’ll promis to summon our lord and savior chtulhu, because if I can’t play, no one will !

  • DonMacorli

    I should win it because I just built a pc and need to have games to test it’s performance ! 😉

  • booxohan

    Most talented playah to ever touch any video game in history evah created.

  • IncommendatusZ

    I should win because I think it looks like a good game, but Ubisoft hasn’t re-earned my trust yet and I refuse to give them any money. Being able to find out first-hand whether or not its as good as it looks would be a nice first step in regaining that trust.

  • Fickar Mandela

    i should win because i want to bake a potato on my pc :3

  • Dom

    I should win cause i need to know how to prepare myself incase the division becomes real (i’ve played a lotta zombie games :D)

  • Anirudhan Badrinath

    This game looks awesome, the graphics and mechanics are really great. I’ve played all the previous Tom Clancy games, but this is probably the one I’m most excited about. I should win because I’ve been playing TC games for about 7 years now and I really love them <3.

  • Joseph Angelo Barrozo

    I should win a key because I want to play the game by the 22ND (is 22th an actual thing?) of March.

  • Heather87

    I’d love to win a key because I’m horrible at making good and original arguments on why I should be the one to win. My best argument would be that I missed all betas and never got a chance to play, I’d like to make that up because it seems like an awesome game! Thnx Kinguin!

  • Jon Turner

    Because I can’t afford to buy it right now…My Ps3 trade in value is only worth 30 bucks. And I’m Canadian 😀

  • Kidun

    I’d like to win because I’m in between jobs at the moment and don’t have much to do while I wait for calls.

  • HolyHeadshot

    I’d like to win this because I’m not the hero the outbreak torn New York City needs, but I am the hero it deserves

  • FLaTone

    I’d like to win because nobody likes to lose.

  • JJ Rats

    I really want to play with my friends, but i’m broke. Being able to get this game would be a godsend.

  • Guitarman1400

    I really want to play the Division, it is one of the most innovative games right now, and I just don’t have any extra money to put toward this game. I would greatly appreciate a free copy. Thank you in advance!

  • LittleCattle

    i’d like to win because who doesnt like to win free games?

  • Gus J.

    Why should I get a copy of the game? Because I’m Batman!! That’s why! 🙂

    I’ve been waiting for The Division since it was announced. I’ve played it during the Betas and I’m hungry for more.

  • themooseofdoom

    Because I wear glasses when doing maths as it improves division.

  • cappytweet

    I should win since I’m done with addition and subtraction. I’m also a big fan of open world games.

  • Zathoros

    I’d like to win because it’s one of the few fps that got my attention, and my best friend really want the game, so I wuold like to brag about it, I’m a really big douchebag

  • Chuphenj

    I’d love to win because I’ve never really played an MMO shooter and I’ve always been a huge PC mmorpg fan. I loved the beta and was so deeply in love with the atmosphere and the overall presentation of the game. I’m also interested in Directive 51 and Operation Dark Winter, two of which have been huge influences on the game and I was deeply researching them to calm the storm before the game. The beta was a blast for me and I really hope I can get back into the action because the Dark Zone was great and the atmosphere of the chaotic and destroyed New York was something extremely fresh for me. I really hope I can win this game and join in the battle to take back New York! Thanks for the opportunity!

  • Khonjel Singh

    I should win cause I think Kinguin is awesome and their hiveawys are awesome and we all know “yippee ki yay” is awesome like a mofo :v

  • Codrin Gabriel Iordachescu

    cause i like kinguin cause it awsome and i want to play this game with my friends and im cause i have some money problems i cant buy it .

  • Peter Fisher

    because If I don’t get a copy the little fluffy bunny gets it! (And by gets it I mean a stick of lettuce and a hug because I’d be sad I lost)

  • testthis

    Because Manhattan can be saved, by Long Division game play.

  • Vole

    I want to win, because I fell in love with this game during the closed and open Beta. Also my friends and I want to cleanse New York from the hostile factions and have a ton of fun during thousands of hours in this awesome game. Thanks for giving this chance to us all.

  • Tiger eye

    i wanted to win because the game is awsome,the graphics are amazing,good sound effects…and
    it made me fell in love with this game.Its a thrid person shooter but its different
    from the other shooter games.And its multiplayer,players can have a fun time playing
    this game with firends. 😀

  • Geralt_Bialy_Wilk

    I want to win this giveaway to gift this code to my friend I want to play with, but he can’t afford a full price AAA game any time soon :/ Want to help the guy out and have a great co-op partner ^^

  • Pixel

    I would like to win this because it looks like a lot of fun and im a fan of the series good luck all =D

  • Ragusa12

    I would like to win because this game is amazing, I played the beta and enjoyed it a lot!

  • Sam Smith

    I would really like to win a Division key, because i honestly love these kinda games. I’m not earning money yet and I cant afford spending that much money on a game. I would really like to play with my friends who think about buying the game. I know how unlikely it is that I am going to win. I dont even know if this “giveaway” is real or if its just a stupid prank to cheat on us. However I think there is a realistic chance to win a key. This is the reason for my comment

  • Reyan Kinng

    I Want to win this Game Because I want to Playing With my Friends 🙂

  • Ajam Akram

    i will enjoy playing this new FarCry

  • Samir Bhy

    this is gonna be a tough a game

  • Anwer Khmiri

    this is the best game ever made that’s why i want to win this 😀

  • Martin Watson

    i want to play with my friends

  • Hugo Melim

    I fell in love with this game during the open Beta played it my friends and it was a blast for me and them. Now they purchased the game and are playing and me im siting next to my bro seeing him play :S

  • Naru

    I would like to win because i live in a Sh*tty 3rd World country where i can’t buy any game or USD easily.. so its like the only way to get it (giveaways) i’ll enjoy it like never before if i win <3

  • Savu Cristian

    I would like to win it because I’m a fan Tom Clancy’s and especially Rainbow Six Vegas 2. 🙂 I like so much The Division because is in my dream location New York where I would like to arrive in real life.

  • Phan Duy Thành

    Well, I’ve waited for this game for years, right the first time ubisoft bring it to E3, I really love this game, beside that, I don’t have enough money to buy it, if I have enough, I will buy it, I wanna have the game and go online, have fun and just enjoy the game. I love every kind of games like this one, TPS, open world, I always looking for a game like the division, that why I want to try this and have a key, if I have enough luck 😀

  • Yuuki

    I should win because I want to make my closest person happy. I`d do anything to make a smile. ^ ^

  • Lefteris Alevizopoulos

    I should win because most of my friends already got this game and I want to try it as well… It looks awesome!

  • Dimitris Prountzos

    The game looks great, I’m keeping money and I hope that I’ll have it in two months or so, but it will be better if I’ll party with few friends earlier (and for free! 😉 )! Thanks for the chance TGG! Good luck everyone in this great giveaway!

  • Sizwe Lewis Khalishwayo

    I should win the game because I’ve been waiting for this game since the first time it was announced and now it out but I got no money to buy.

  • vivian vafopoulou

    Want it… Want it…. Want it…Want it…. Want it…. Want it… Just… Want it…. Ok I ‘ll be honest I want itttttttttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Connor Gauthier

    I’ve always been a fan of Tom Clancy games and the division is just another example of a great game they have put out. I would thoroughly enjoy playing it however don’t have the means of buying it right now. Have a good one.

  • Marco José Correia Lima

    Well I can point out several reasons to want to win this game.
    1- Because it’s phenomenal
    2- Has breathtaking graphics despite being downgraded
    3- Has a really nice atmosphere, the utter destruction in the environment looks really great, every detail is really well developed.
    4- The gameplay is great. Great weapons to choose from, really fluid movements, really a cool shooter and really like how it’s supposed to be.
    5- The possibility to troll everyone like I read in the morning, blocking a door and make everyone suffer, that should be really fun to do for a while 😛
    6- The opportunity to play this game with my friends.
    Thank you so much 😉

  • Guilherme Seabra #∆

    I should win because my body is ready !

  • Ricardo Melim

    I love every kind of games like this one, TPS, open world looking forward to play tom clancy’s wildlands. don’t have enough money to buy it thats why im here to trying to win it 😀

  • Akram Ben Hamouda

    If i’m enough lucky to win this awesome game i would definitely never go out
    I will play NON Stop 😀

  • FreeJet

    I should win Tom Clancy’s The Division because, if you do the math, it logically follows Tom Clancy’s The Addition and Tom Clancy’s The Subtraction 🙂

  • FreeJet

    I should win Tom Clancy’s The Division because, if you do the math, it
    logically follows Tom Clancy’s The Multiplication, Tom Clancy’s The Addition and Tom Clancy’s The
    Subtraction 🙂

  • dimi

    I should win because I got the dankest of all the memes

  • Andreia Lopes

    This game is really wonderful.
    Has a really competitive and fierce objective wether you want to be a badass and play alone or work with your teammates to achieve your goal easier.
    It has a really wonderful gameplay, loved everything from what I’ve seen.
    This is really a game that I would love to play with my friends online. It would be an amazing experience 😀
    Thank you

  • Cody Preston

    So I can take pretty screenshots for all the boys & girls hehe

  • Mr.Monttu

    There are so many cool simulators out there, but this one is something unique and what I haven’t seen before. I might not be the biggest fan of simulator genre, but I would like to give a try for this new Tom Clancy’s Line Simulator. Just look at these graphics and how intense the gameplay is: http://i.imgur.com/R1mHi60.jpg …I am pretty sure, I will start some fight, if someone tries to bypass me on the line…and I can’t wait the great arguments and conversations I can have there with different kind of ppl.

    SimpIy, I just can’t miss this simulator gem and gaming masterpiece…that’s why I should win this game.

    – Cya on the line ppl, peace out! 🙂

  • Guillermo El Nino

    I’m incredibly cheap and wouldn’t pay 60$ a game that would likely only be around for a few years before Ubisoft pulls the plug. Plus my PC likely wouldn’t even run it at it’s lowest specs. But yeah, I’d love a free copy.

  • Robby Miller

    I should win because, Reasons!

  • Ricardo Pereira

    I should win because I love this series

  • Ivan Soares

    My Lord Kinngwin please spare a key of the Tom Clancy’s The Division so I can play with my freinds!! Ave Kingwin!

  • Samuel Kowalsky

    I would like to win the game for a friend, so that he can play with me and some other friends (we have already preordered the game). Thank you for making this “competition” and good luck to everybody!

  • Bruno Mourão

    Thanks for the chance to win this game.
    Tom Clancy’s: The Division is simply a brilliant idea.
    It’s replete with great action, great gameplay, great teamwork, superb graphics (Definitely a delight to the eyes) and a really great concept.
    Playing this game with friends or online with other players should be extremely fun and enjoyable for a long time so this is really on my wishlist.
    Want to have this masterpiece 🙂

  • Elektroelch

    I’d love to win the game because it looks like a lot of fun and the graphics are awesome!

  • Gabi Onea

    I played the Open Beta and I fell in love with this game.

  • Max Müller

    First of all:
    Thank you so much for making it possible to win a key for this awesome game!
    I have really been searching for a long time until I found this contest (it was the first website I trusted).
    I know how small the chance is to win, however I gonna try:

    You might can already imagine that I “fell in love” with this game (as much as you can love a game you havn’t really played before) and that I would like to win it. That’s why I am going to skip this part. I have never played a “Tom Clancy” game before (i watched lots of people playing it tho), but I obviously would really like to, because I know they are well made and a lot of fun to play (that’s probably why they are so expensive :D). I got friends who are going to buy the game and it would be incredebly cool if I could join them. Thank you for reading my comment and good luck to all!

  • RapperFeri

    I hope win because I love this Tom Clancy’s series, and i am gamer and i recorded gameplay videos 🙂

  • RapperFeri

    I hope win because I love this Tom Clancy’s series, and i am gamer and i recorded gameplay videos.. 🙂
    Thanks for giveaway!! I love Kinguin <3

  • Jigg

    I’d like to win, because.. The game looks really friggin’ awesome :/
    Also, spring is coming. Gotta get something to play while the weirdos run around outside in the sun.

  • Noor Siddiqui

    I want to Play With my Sister


    I want to play wth my boyfriend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anderson Dias

    I want to Play with my dog!

  • Devon Fuller

    I’d want to play because sadly I bought Destiny waiting for this game to come out, and I’ve had a bad taste in my mouth for sometime now ;^)

  • Californicated77

    I want to kill people in the Dark Zone!

  • Shane O’Malley

    In all honesty I would love to join my 5 Friends – {My whole BF4 Clan} Playing the game already (Just cant afford the game atm) – Thanks for a chance to Win

  • Arsh Siddiqui

    i want this game because i Love this game

  • Jhon Smith

    Thanks For The Chanc I want this game please

  • Zeeshan Ahmed Siddiqui

    i want this Thanks For A chance For This Amazing game

  • Why? The game just looks amazing and the gameplay looks fun based on what I’ve seen from various YouTube videos about it.

  • Azan Siddique

    I want to play with my Brother 🙂

  • Farkhand Saeed

    I love that you can play with 3 other friends,unlike with destiny which is 2(unless you do the raid)..I love that it’s a third person loot based type game and that you can fast travel to your friends where ever they’re

  • Robert Palasy

    what i love about the divison is online and combat and middle crysis new york and i love modifing bases and characther and open world

  • Eric R

    Awesome Contest, I probably shouldn’t win but I wanted to comment anyways, game does look hella fun to play though, Good Luck to all 🙂

  • Wildys

    all plays,so i want too

  • Max Dagger

    I admire apocalyptic scenarios in games. Be it caused by viruses; hellish creatures; or aliens. Its quite the blast to venture a world completely changed by such scenarios. How people (npc) react to their current situations, and current state of living. Their personalities change from being good people to villainous opportunistic raiders, bandits, or just out right psychos who lost all hope, and all common sense.

    Now for what I like about The Division is the “isolated” state of New York. Being left to fend for one selves while searching for anything that could lead to the cause of the virus. Surrounded by bandits; cleaners, can be pretty exciting. Plus I would love to get a chance to explore the dark zones. Risky areas, but willing to power or and take anyone out who tries to derail me from my goals. Now I am just babbling on about as I type this while liquored up, but I want to enter the contest myself.

    I have seen people play this game and it looks like a flipping blast, and I would love to get that opportunity as well. Thanks for the entry.

  • Godrekefalcer Gaming

    I should probably win, because I would wait in line for hours in-game to meet up with an npc just to play the game and rid the world of devastation, unite all PCs with truth and love, defend all the scrubs from the npcs above. I am PC and I’m Master race, watch me wait in line for days and days. And I deserve to play The Division.

    Also, the game looks like a ton of fun too.

  • jax ross

    I have been a fan of Tom Clancy’s books and video games for awhile it would be cool to do videos on this game and just chill and chat with random people if i win that would be cool if I dont theres always next time anyways you guys are awesome.

  • cili

    I should win, because I`m a big fan of Tom Clancy games, are my favorites. Thank you!

  • Nillend

    I want to win because I am bored and I have nothing to do. Pls

  • Nirvesh Jaggat

    I’d like to win this incredible offer, because after all the hype and talk of this game, it surpassed all expectations in a brilliant breathtaking way and more than that, a game built to this level of perfection isn’t capable of being released twice in a lifetime! It would be an absolute honor to be able to play such a beauty and a beast of a game knowing I got the opportunity from the best of the best the gaming ground! Thanks for the chance.

  • testthis

    I should win because I have been watching this game played on stream for weeks now and I really feel left out, I want to help save Manhattan too from The Cleaners, lol

  • foszmar

    I really wish to win. Why? I never won any game ever. I live so much years on earth and never won anything. If I win I will be probably luckiest player in Division. Game is awesome I loved every little aspect in open beta an I want more. Waited for it long time and it didnt dissapoint me.
    Oh mighty luck smile for me this time.

  • Evgenia Prou

    I have the game, but i want to win it for my best friend so we could play together!!!

  • Simone Baruffa

    I want this game. I liked it whet i played the beta

  • I should win the game because I need it to make a youtube video titled “no anti GG, nobody is driving me away from video games”.
    I should win because video games do not makes us violent, I’m prepared to murder every NPC deserving of murder, but that is besides the point.
    I should win because I want to the game, plain and simple, and because the tree only falls so far from the apple before the fish drowns… it makes total sense if you don’t think about it.

  • Ifeanyi

    I love the division especially the dark zone pvp. The idea that you can’t trust anyone and that even your squadmates can turn on you at any second is exciting and scary. Its like a reminder to always watch your back. The moral choice is brilliant, go rogue kill your friends and get their cool gear or play it safe and risk them turning on you first. Its awesome.

  • picoteca

    if I win this game, I promise not to shoot any dog.

  • Granny

    I should get a key, simply because I am me 🙂

  • فواز الشهراني

    i’ve waited for this game to release for too long

    i wish i win

  • Bayonnaise

    all my friends are playing it and and want me to join

  • ricardo ochoa

    Because…i’ll love you forever?

  • Neptune Vasilias

    because i play the beta and it was awesome and i want it because my friend is already waiting and want play together

  • Zanazaru

    because my freinds want to play it together but I’m completely broke xD

  • molle kool

    i would love to have this game but im broke atm so i cant buy it

  • Islam Stash

    all my friends got it, and i cant buy it, lets win boys

  • Aynat

    I need that game cause its AWESOME! I want to play with my father and my brother!! :3 Pls Pls 😀

  • baze bazex

    I want this game but i have no money and i would be a dream for me to get it.

  • merten solmat

    i liked this game in beta so i want to try it out

  • indgar simersson

    My friend told me that the game is very fun. So i want to try it out aswell. And i watched the gameplay on youtube and it did look very fun.

  • john smith

    the reason i should win is because i promise ill play it alot

  • Emil Lindahl

    I want this game couse it looks awsome! And some off my friends play it and want me to get it 2 play with them! 😉

  • alfred johansson

    I want to win because i se alot of streamers play it for so long so it has to be fun

  • Anton björk

    I want the game couse it looks very cool and funny=)

  • Puri

    I want to win it because I’ve enjoyed the Beta so much and I’d like to join my friends in the game to rock it out together! 😀

  • Vladi

    It’s a very good shooter game and it has excellent mechanics, gadgets, character personalization, customizable weapons, constant tension in Dark Zone, tactical team in CO-OP and completely destructible scenarios! All the texts and voices are translated and it has excellent graphics. I’ve tried it with two friends in the past “Open Beta” and it was really fun to play!

    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

  • Luis Alberto

    Because they have always liked tom clancy´s and that the division will’m looking forward for its cooperative mode according to the reviews and also for now I have no money 🙁

  • Okky

    I should win because…

    Tom Clancy!


  • utera

    Would be nice;)

  • Jhon Smith

    Thanks For The CHance

  • isaiah.exe

    I should win because I’ve been looking at The Division for a while but haven’t been able to afford it.

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