Most of the time I find talent, but sometimes talent finds its way to me. Well, today was one of those days. You see, Vague Pixels (which consists of two 15-year-olds indie game devs from India) just informed us about their upcoming 2D action platformer “Alter Army” (which is said to launch for Windows and MAC sometime this year):

“Hey , We are Vague Pixels , an indie studio of two 15-year-old game devs from India and we are working on our first title Alter Army. Alter Army is a fast paced 2d action platformer game. The universe is dying and you are one of the last few trying to take control of the last resources. Fight your way through hundreds of monsters and bosses in different biomes using your weaponry and collect special crystals to just to live a few more decades.

You can also try out the beta of the game yourself. It is uploaded on Game Jolt so you can download it from there and play it and have fun!”Vague Pixels

alter army boss battle

You can play as four different characters in “Alter Army”. So that should give you more than one reason to play through the game at least four times.

Good thing that, because “Alter Army” looks very impressing so far (the “Snow Area Testing” video made my day at least). Furthermore, the following features make the game even more interesting:

– Choose one the four characters with distinctive abilities that suit your style.
– Journey through 4 different biomes containing 4 levels each collecting all the crystals and destroying everything that comes in your way.
– Fight through a ton of monsters with unique abilities ranging from explosive monsters to giants that will destroy you if you are not quick enough.
– Alter army has pixelated graphics with retro dynamic/adaptive music system to suit the situation the player is in.
– Kill the monsters creatively, Don’t let them hit you and destroy the levels as much as you can and get a grade at the end of each biome and at the end of the game.

alter army another world

The full version of “Alter Army” will offer four different biomes containing four levels each. In other words, there should be plenty of action to be had with no doubt.

That’s also why I think it’s safe to say that Vague Pixels (Mridul Pancholi and Mridul Bansal) got something really promising in the making with “Alter Army” (in my opinion, the game looks like a mix of “Iji“, “Mega Man” and “Flashback“). So I truly hope that it’s true that “Alter Army” will launch to PC later this year, because I would love to try out the full version of the game as soon as possible. However, if you’re just as impatient as I am, then you could always try the demo version of “Alter Army” via Game Jolt and =)

And with that said, what’s your take on “Alter army” so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

About Alter Army:
Alter army was a game started just to get into practice of making games as we both were really not doing anything those days, we thought of finishing up this game in just a month, after one month we were not satisfied and a little bit disappointed that we weren’t able to complete it and the things we made were not looking good so we started to fix the art and mechanics and removed time any time constraints.

Slowly the scope of the game started to expand and we started to post the footage of it online, after some appreciations from peeps on social media, we decided to get the game greenlit on steam. At first the results were not looking good, we had no chances of getting greenlight and when steam started to announce the games that were greenlit, we weren’t a part of games that steam approved. We got very discouraged by this. I, Mridul Pancholi, remember sleeping at 12 am thinking of working on something else when suddenly at midnight the phone rang up. It was Mridul Bansal and he told me that the game got greenlit at the very last moment.

I remember how I was not able to sleep till like 5 am, I was so overwhelmed by our first achievement that I wasn’t able to think anything else. After that, game dev friends of ours announced a game jam that was probably the first one in the northern India, it was in another city. We were never part of something like this, so somehow we reached there and that was one amazing experience of our lives, we met a lot of amazing people, other game developers, designers, artists and much more amazing people. Unfortunately we weren’t able to win and those who won were offered support in terms of funding, PR, design and other stuff. So few months after that game jam, apparently and coincidently our machines broke and a lot of time was wasted because of this.

We were again stressed about the game, at that very moment when we were lying with computer parts all around us dismantled, we got a message from the friend who helped organize that game jam and he offered us help for the game, after some thought and few more talks about the stuff they would be giving help in, we signed a contract and got funded. This allowed us to go to our first conference, NGDC, in which we were the nominees for upcoming game of the year, which inturn allowed us to get Vishwas, who is currently doing the sound design and making the music for the game. Currently Alter Army’s scope has been completely changed, we’ve changed a lot of base mechanics, made the movement fluid and added more unique areas and the progress is looking great. Hopefully, we will be launching soon enough.

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