I spotted a really interesting and promising indie game late last night, and the game in question is TukeArt´s (his a Finnish graphic designer, artist and game developer) upcoming 2D action beat’em up/Metroidvania hybrid game “Succubus Sisters“(for PC and MAC). In the matter of fact, it was just pure luck that I even heard about the game at all. You see, I found out about “Succubus Sisters” via a post by the developer of the game (which I did thanks to a tweet by the dev):

“After months of development, I’m finally happy to officially announce Succubus Sisters, 2D action beat’em up/Metroidvania hybrid game, and www.tukeart.com, a webpage where you can follow the journey of game development! This is a big step forward for me, for now I can finally be more open about the development of this project, easily share it and get more valuable feedback. I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten since the first sketches of this project, but there’s still plenty of work ahead! This first announcement is targeted towards game developers, artists, and people interested in-game development. I’m planning to have a “second reveal” aimed towards gamers later down the line, once the game is near finished, better marketing material is ready & available, and I have better answers to all the important questions.” – Tukeart

succubus sisters

I don´t know about you, but I really like the art style of “Succubus Sisters”.

Good thing that though, because I just happen to like 2D action, beat-em-up and Metroidvania games. Furthermore, I like Succubus females a whole lot (that goes for demon and cat girls as well). I also couldn´t help to think about games such as “Litil Divil”, “Darkstalkers” (Morrigan Aensland) and “Disgaea” when I watched TukeArt´s three early gameplay videos for “Succubus Sisters”. Sure, maybe it´s just me, but those are the games that popped up in my mind at least. Any ways, the game looks pretty darn good so far (in my opinion).

So, what about the story of “Succubus Sisters” then? Well, the story of the game goes something like this:

“Puna and Sini are two demons slacking on guard duty, when a party of six heroes invade their home dungeon completely unnoticed! Now surrounded by furious former allies, the sisters have to fight their way through the dungeon and slay every hero, or the Master will have their heads…”

puna the succubus

Say hello to Puna the succubus

As for main features and planned features, this is what TukeArt hopes to add to the final version of “Succubus Sisters”:

Main features:
– 1-2 hour action-packed game length for a single playthrough.
– Six visually distinct stages.
– two playable characters with wide range of attacks and special moves, both on ground and in air.
– Over 100 different enemies (currently ~20) and at least 12 bosses (currently 2).

Other planned extra features:
– These features will be looked on after the game is complete from start to finish, and might not be included in the final product.
– Challenge mode – single encounters with cruel enemy combinations or wild special modifiers.
– Arcade mode – play through the game without any cutscenes or other story elements! When you want to play the game and you already know the story, or maybe you just want to go fast.
– Survival mode – fight waves of random enemies in a single arena, how long can you last?
– Secret characters, stages? :O
– Collectible monster souls as weapons and perk powerups!
– Collectible extra content: artwork, bonus cutscenes, etc.

sini the succubus succubus sisters

Sini is the right opposite to her sister Puna. In other words, she´s anything but wild and over-confident.

I would also like to point out that Tukeart made the following statement via his official homepage not so long ago:

“Succubus Sisters is a 2d Action Beat’em up-Metroidvania hybrid game set in a lighthearted high fantasy world, with a focus on combat instead of platforming. This project started as a tool for learning more about programming and traditional animation, and for creating material for a portfolio. As I had so much fun working on this project, I decided to turn it up a notch and make it a real game! This website will feature a variety of content from concept art to gameplay, following the development journey of Succubus Sisters. The Project Started in January 2016, and I have been working on it since.” – Tukeart

In other words, Tukeart has worked on “Succubus Sisters” for almost a year now. Even so, there appears to be no release date available for the game. Well, at least not at this time (“Don’t expect an release date announcement any time soon.”Tukeart). Nevertheless, I got pretty excited when I saw the list over games that have inspired “Succubus Sisters”:

Streets of Rage 2
D&D: Chronicles of Mystara
Odin Sphere
Muramasa: The Demon Blade
Dragon’s Crown
Castlevania games: Symphony of the Night, Aria of Sorrow, Dawn of Sorrow, Portrait of Ruin, Order of Ecclesia
Street fighter III: 3rd Strike

succubus sisters battle

Streets of Rage 2 + Skullgirls + Odin Sphere + Castlevania: Symphony of the Night = “Succubus Sisters”?

However, as promising as that might sound. There seem to be no plans for a console release of “Succubus Sisters”:

“PC and possibly Mac. I will look into console releases after the game is otherwise ready, no promises” – Tukeart

Simply put, “if” the game becomes a success on PC. Then we “might” see a console release of “Succubus Sisters”. Well, time will tell. As for here and now though, you will find the latest gameplay video of the game down below.

And with that said, what do you think about “Succubus Sisters” so far? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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