I never really thought that visual novels would ever become my kind of “thing”. Well, that´s at least what I thought a couple of years ago. However, since I´ve written and recorded videos for games such as “Sekaiju Yggdrasil“, “Dragon dating simulator“, “The Miskatonic“, “Quantum Suicide“, and “The Letter” for the last 12 months. My  attitude towards visual novel games has changed quite a bit, because the more visual novel games I played. The more I started to realize that there is a wide range of different kinds of visual novel genres out there (horror, action, romance and so on). So yeah, one could easily say that I’m much more open for games like that than I used to be. And good thing that, or else I might have missed out on Mr. Tired Media´s visual novel dungeon crawling RPG “Undead Darlings: No cure for love” (for Windows, MAC and Linux).

undead darlings zombie girl

No, you cannot have my brain.

And speaking of which, just the other day Mr. Tired Media informed me that they have released a brand-new trailer for “Undead Darlings” (the trailer is called “Undead Darlings explores a classroom with Emily and Cici”, you can watch the trailer further down the page). And since I´ve already watched the trailer (it´s about ten minutes long). I would like to share my opinions on the trailer and what I know about the game so far. Any ways, as I was saying, In my opinion, “Undead Darlings” looks and feels like a mix of “Persona“, “Danganronpa” and “Highschool of the dead“. However, “Undead Darlings” seems to offer one hell of a twist to the JRPG, zombie apocalypse and dungeon crawler genre. And the in-game dialogs and humor appear to be even more bizarre, goth:ish and lewd:ish. Well, at least at times. Nevertheless, since I´m into that kind of stuff. I don´t mind that at all really. I also found a liking to “Undead Darlings” graphics, characters (the girls are very cute and beautiful) and design.

undead darlings dead in the water

Well, we all have our own “special” dreams and life goals I guess.

So, what is “Undead Darlings” all about then? Well, plot-wise the game tells the story of Reginald “Reggie” Happenstahnce. A guy who has woken up from a coma (much like in the case with Rick from “The Walking Dead), and once reality caught up with him. Reggie started to realize that the world isn´t quite like it used to be (it´s spelled “zombie apocalypse“). And since Reginald just happens to be the son of a scientist who has created a cure for the zombie plague (you know. The “zombie plague” that haunts everyone in the world of “Undead Darlings”?), Reggie has been given the main protagonist role in “Undead Darlings”.

That´s only the half of it though, because there is a whole gang of undead girls (they got infested by the zombie virus. However, the girls didn´t get turned into heartless and brain eating zombies) who will try to help Reginald in his quest to find a place where he can mass-produce the cure for the zombie plague. And that is of course easier said than done, as death lures everywhere. This is also where the post-apocalyptic dungeons, and the classic JRPG style of turn-based combat come into play. As there are plenty of battles to be fought in the game (survival of the fittest baby!).

undead darlings battle

It´s battle time!

And personally, I really like this mix. So I was quite surprised to find out that “Undead Darlings” failed to reach its 50,000 USD Kickstarter goal last year (“Undead Darlings” managed to collect about $19,000 in total). However, Mr. Tired Media didn´t give up. No, they kept on fighting. And in the end, their struggle would pay-off with no doubt. As “Undead Darlings” got greenlit on Steam Greenlight just recently. So “if” everything goes according to plan, then we should be able to play the full version of “Undead Darlings” sometime by the end of this year (for Windows, MAC and Linux). I truly hope that´s the case, because on a personal level. I´m quite curious to see how all the gameplay mechanics and elements will blend out in the final production of the game (will everything coexist in harmony? Or will everything become one big mess?).

undead darlings time to die

I don´t think it´s a very wise idea to anger a zombie girl with a knife.

Heck, I´ve even been told that there will be romance in the game as well. Because the undead darlings will start to develop feelings for Reggie (you) throughout the game (at one point during the game, one of the girls will have to sacrifice herself to become a test subject for Reggie´s father´s cure. Well, “if” she trusts you that is). So just as you might imagine, there will be plenty of drama in “Undead Darlings” too. And by the looks of it, you will be in the center of it all (for most part). So in a way, I guess that Reggie will be like Tenchi from the anime “Tenchi Muyo” (the poor guy always ends up in trouble due to drama). Sure, I don´t know about you, but personally I think all of this sounds really exciting. However, not to sounds like a party pooper or anything now…But I just spoke to Mr. Tired Media.

And it´s going to take a while before we´ll see a playable demo of “Undead Darlings”, because apparently the games´s battle system programming is behind schedule…Nevertheless, I will wait patiently for the demo to drop. And once it does that, I will be all over it like a vulture over a corpse. As for here and now though, please enjoy the new “Undead Darlings” trailer down below. And if you enjoyed the trailer, then don´t forget to show the game some support on Prefundia!

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4 Comments ON " Undead Darlings, a sexy visual novel dungeon crawl... "
    • Oops…Sorry, my bad. I sorted that out just now, thanks for the heads up!

  • Hehe I’m glad we were your gateway in to the wonderful world of visual novels 🙂 Our character design was remade so that all character match and little changes to the story were made since then.

    • xD I´m glad that I changed my mind about visual novels though 😉 And thanks for creating cool stories and characters :3 Cool! I wish you the best of luck with everything 😉

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