As you might remember, there was a lot of drama involved in Bertie Wiseman´s previous SEGA Dreamcast project “Project Dream” (the dream died in June this year). However, the more I spoke with Wiseman, the more I started to understand why Project Dream ended up being nothing more than a dead dream…And that´s also where Dreamcast Reloaded comes into the picture. As it´s Wiseman and his teams chance to make everything right this time (Wiseman also plans to release the uncensored and untold story of what really went down with Project Dream sometime in the future).

So I sat down with Wiseman and asked him a lot of tough questions about Dreamcast Reloaded and the project´s plans for the future.

bertie wiseman dreamcast reloaded

Say hello to Bertie Wiseman, the co-founder of Dreamcast Reloaded and the administrator of the Shenmue500K site.

Robin TGG
I’ve known you ever since I first heard about Project Dream back in December last year. Even so, would you be so kind and introduce yourself to our readers whom might not know who you are.

I am the co-founder of Dreamcast Reloaded. I’m also the administrator of Shenmue500K website where I like to inform people on Shenmue news. Some people might know me under my other alias WISPARTAN (some refer to me as the Shenmue Warrior as well). Passionate gamer at heart dedicated gaming campaigner who likes to go against the odds to see if dreams can become a reality.

project dream

Project Dream died in June this year (2016).

Robin TGG
Before we jump straight into the Dreamcast Reloaded project, could you perhaps tell us what went wrong with Project Dream and why that was the case?

Where to start really…  If I had to put it simply I would say this: We thought we could trust people we had taken on to help us and naivety got the best of Project Dream. So it turns out that one can’t trust anyone these days…

dreamcast reloaded logo

Will Dreamcast Reloaded crash or fly? Only time will tell.

Robin TGG
I got a lot of heat for not asking you all the tough questions the last time. So I will ask all the hard questions that need to be asked this time, and right off the bat. What exactly is Dreamcast Reloaded? When, where and why did that project happen? And who’s a part of the team?

We started pretty much soon after Project Dream went down, and Ben agreed that I should come back lead things this time round. I also developed my own plan how we should go about Dreamcast Reloaded. After what happened with the shutdown with Project Dream. So it made no sense to go under that (title/banner) anymore because Joanne left terrible stain. Furthermore, it became completely toxic after she went public on the twitter account and shutting group down, plus never wanted to look desperate.

Joanne single-handedly turned Project Dream into laughing-stock of the Internet with the statement on the hacked twitter account. Simply put, she just made it easier for everyone to laugh at the campaign…I suppose it´s better coming from her than me. So I wanted to build-up what we had on my own terms.

We came up with a list of names for the new movement. I let Ben have look to see what he wanted, we decided to go with Dreamcast Reloaded: This brand-new Dreamcast campaign is about supporting Sega fans and having their shot at their Dream, while also continually looking into ways to bring Sega back into hardware.

It´s also about being a fun community where fans can express their ideas and thoughts and what they are passionate about. To be clear my part campaign was to work on (Multi Part Proposal) which I knew I could do for the fans (as I run the Facebook Group and Twitter Account), as for the actual console side of things. I left up to Ben to sort that part out. Still anyone has any Dreamcast-related Project we are happy to support them. Ben is also running his Dreamcast petition on (

project dream

I truly hope that Dreamcast Reloaded won´t face the same faith as Project Dream did.

Robin TGG
What’s the biggest difference between Dreamcast Reloaded and Project Dream? Furthermore, and how will you and your team avoid ending up in a dead ally like the last time?

Firstly, I am calling the shots in this time. Because what people don’t realize with Project Dream (even though I was basically the voice for the campaign) is that I had very little control over the twitter account, website and the petition page…So what I have realized is that chat groups do not work when sorting out campaigns like this.

When you start something, it is your vision and your idea and creativity make it happen and work. Well when you have people in chat groups, it can mean indifference and more people siding against you. Project Dream was about supporting Ben´s vision. However, sadly enough that never happened. So I feel very bad for Ben because Shane and Joanne never truly got behind him, and neither did Lao or Patrick.

So it´s best to keep things simple and stick to the basics. Furthermore, I won’t be making any updates until we know for sure what we have in place BEFORE we go ahead and let the whole world know what´s up. As it´s clear that we cannot trust anyone who wants to get involved. So I will make sure to double, and triple check their backgrounds on anyone we might take on board. Truth be told, the only person “I” can trust to make sure I don’t end up dead ally like the last time, is myself.

My Judgment pretty much bang on throughout Project Dream. However, I never had any control from the start to make a difference (or the support from the team for that matter…). As my hands were truly tied behind my back. So if I had my way with Project Dream, then it would never have escalated to the fiasco that it was. (I bet that Joanne and Shane would have found a way to put the project in a bad light any ways though, so in the end maybe it was a hopeless cause with Project Dream).

dreamcast reloaded proposal part 1

In my opinion, this is a rather good proposal.

Robin TGG
I watched your “Dreamcast Reloaded Multi Part Proposal” YouTube video just the other day, and I have to say that it was rather impressive. Furthermore, it seems like I was far from the only one who thought that (based on the likes Vs dislikes at the time). So where will you go from here? What’s your next move? And has SEGA said anything about the Dreamcast Reloaded project yet?

There are still few things we need to sort out such as translating the Multi-Purpose Proposal into Japanese. I don’t think something like this has been done before if it takes off it would be nice for others to get behind ideas like this because it´s a great way for fans to interact with developers and publishers to get a message across. Yeah response has been good so far hopefully it will be even better with time.

We would then officially send it off in a book like form and for public viewing on YouTube. Well, I haven’t seen or heard anything regarding Dreamcast Reloaded from Sega just yet. Never say never though,lol. Furthermore, Ben has decided to resurrect his console campaign! Which is good timing really because now we can get behind him again by showing support helping him make his Dream of a Dreamcast 2 a reality.

All I wanted to do for this campaign was to have a form of closure for myself after what happened with Project Dream and to help Ben as much as I could. Multi-Purpose Proposal has served that. I feel I can walk away from this campaign on a high, then just leaving it dead in the water. I did this for the fans not for myself. I got Shenmue 3. Everything I put in place for people who actually wanted to see this happen in the proposal I have set up.

I have done this with polls, which direction the group should go in. So if I should carry on with the proposal, it was good to see everyone in the group voted to carry on with the proposal, and this is the end result of that. That´s also why I feel like I’ve given the fans justice this time around, and I´m quite happy about it.

dreamcast reloaded proposal part 2

Will SEGA listen and pick up on the Dreamcast Reloaded proposal? Only time will tell.

Robin TGG
What’s the goal and purpose of Dreamcast Reloaded? And what’s your own hopes, goals and expectations for the project?

The purpose and goal is to allow fans to get their shot at their dream and to see if we can get the result for the fans through the two proposals. Which would be my multi-part proposal and Bens Dreamcast 2 and his – (Proposal) for that and possibly a console prototype. In a way, they will go hand in hand . As one can’t have one without the other, as they are both central and key for this to work.

If I have to be honest though. As most people are probably interested seeing what Ben has in mind too (so am I). Even so, we have got to be patient. So my hopes was not having media backlash when I went live with the multi-purpose proposal. So far, so good though. In the matter of fact, the response has been really good with time. So “hopefully” with some luck and encouragement, it will take off big time (especially once the news about this interview hit the Internet). However, If that´s not the case, then all I can say is that I tried. I am happy to end this campaign on this note.

dreamcast reloaded petition

The Dreamcast Reloaded petition is close to reach its 35,000 signatures goal.

Robin TGG
What has the response been to Dreamcast Reloaded so far? My guess would be pretty good, since your petition is close to 35,000 signatures:

It was always going to be hard to win the trust back from the SEGA fan community, but the response has been really good uptil this point. So much so that we managed to gain back 2300 members to our Facebook group. Furthermore, most members engage in polls I run, and that is super helpful for me. Well, the petition has been on going for a while now, and most of the signed petitions only happened because my influence what put in place. Before Project Dream even existed that just with article believe it or not.

I probably added good 15K signs to that petition before I got involved it was only at 11K signs. Yeah happy done my part helped Ben out on his petition. The amount of signs we have gathered is very impressive it’s a good indication that there many fans out there who want Sega to make a console.

dreamcast reloaded card

There are quite a few challenges a head of Dreamcast Reloaded and its team. So it´s going to take a whole lot to turn the project into a successful one.

Robin TGG
What challenges, traps and part-goals awaits Dreamcast Reloaded at this time?

Now that my part is over and done with. So we can now focus on Ben’s side of the campaign. So it’s really on Ben now if he can deliver the goods or not. Well, the greatest challenge for Dreamcast Reloaded is simple if we can actually get something in front of Sega with working functional prototype. Then again, this is Ben’s side of the campaign. So all I can do is to support whatever he’s got going for him to the best of my ability.

I also hope that when (if) I see any red flags. Ben will pay attention as well. So I don’t want to hit another iceberg! And anyone who joins the group and signs-up to the Dreamcast petition is only helping our cause. As we show in numbers what we are doing is getting serious attention. Nevertheless, the real challenge is to help Sega come back into hardware. So they need us to make as much noise as humanly possible.

I have seen it done before. So it might take time as these things don’t happen over night. In other words, we just got to keep at it. Everyone can show their support simply signing-up and becoming a member (which is something that I have stated many times in the past), and even though it´s all for free it still really helps our cause. We have proven this with the Dreamcast petition. I would also like to point out that there is no way that would we have gotten so much media attention, if it was not for all the fans who were willing to show support in such numbers. We won’t be making any updates until Ben is confident he’s got something in place.

dreamcast hub sega saturn and dreamcast classics

I really like the idea of being able to play old and new SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast games.

Robin TGG
What would be the best and worst possible scenario for Dreamcast Reloaded?

I would rather not say, unfortunately I know what trolls can be like online. So I am not going to give them satisfaction trying to play with my fears over Dreamcast Reloaded far as I am concerned all my fears worse nightmares happened with Project Dream. As I would rather not repeat history again.

Robin TGG
Have you reached out to anyone from SEGA yet? And what does the SEGA community think about Dreamcast Reloaded in general?

Honestly, I don’t know what they think. As I haven’t reached out to Sega just yet. However, I do have good contacts. So it really would not be all that difficult for me to sort that part out. Especially since I am from the UK, as we have a Sega HQ over here. In other words, I could hand the multi-part proposal over to them personally.

new sega mega drive home and handheld consoles

Most SEGA fans would like to see some official handheld and home consoles, instead of the cheap low quality third-party consoles that´s on the market right now.

Robin TGG
What’s your take on the unofficial SEGA handheld and home consoles? (

I got my son one of the handhelds just recently, and he really liked it. So saying that for me as I grow up with Sega, seeing how badly the game was emulated. It’s a’ bit of turn-off, but my son loved the amount of games that you could play on the 3rd Party hand-held knock off. Hell, my son even said that the hand-held had more games than the WII U. Personally though. I don’t have a problem unofficial handheld. It’s more pure Sega fans and collectors who have a problem with stuff like that.

So, yeah. They don’t want any cheap-knock offs. They want something that has heart and soul. Something that has had a lot of blood, sweat and tears invested into its console design, and that can only be found in an official SEGA console. So there was a massive backlash over the Sonic 25th anniversary regarding the Mega-Drive mini. Because they know it’s a terrible emulating device, and that it’s been done before and can be seen as an easy cash grab attempt. In all honesty though, I think it backfired massively. Because when you think about it, it’s a clear indication that fans want an official SEGA console.

streets of rage 4

It would be a dream come true for me if SEGA developed and released “Streets of Rage 4” on a new SEGA console.

Robin TGG
What kind of specs, hardware and prices could we be talking about in the case with Dreamcast Reloaded? And which SEGA game sequels would you like to see on it? (Streets of Rage 4 is a high priority for me).

I will treat this question as my personal Dreamcast fantasy question, really this question Ben should be answering he is the one working on this. Price would have to be £200. Crazy Taxi, Skies of Arcadia, Sonic all Stars Racing Transformed 3, Shenmue HD and Shenmue 3 and Burning Rangers remake or sequel, plus remake in full 3D of Eternal Champions. These are the kind of titles I would like to see on a new Sega Console System.

Well, at least as long as the hardware good enough to play games at 60 frames-per second – then I´m ready to kick-out the jams any day of the week. Nevertheless, preferably I would like the resolution to be at standard 1080P. However, personally I don’t mind playing at 720P. It would also be a plus to have a recording and live streaming feature built-in to the console. Sure, Sony might be offering Playstation Pro, but when you think about it it´s more a deluxe addition than a Pro console.

This has really put me off getting one. They focus too much attention on graphics and not what the hardcore scene would like to see, (reaction speed/ Input Lag) is everything when playing games like: “Call of Duty”, “DOOM” ,”Sonic & Sega all Stars Racing Transformed”, “Streets Fighter” and “Soul Caliber” and “Dead or Alive”).

So are we going to get that with the PS4 Pro (or the scorpion for that matter)? And I´m not just talking about wireless controllers (which suffers from quite a few issues), because will TV displays be able to keep up as well? Because it’s known that computer monitors are actually better suited for gaming compared to normal flat-screen TVs, as they even have an effect on input lag.

So the Sega console would have to hit the “60 FPS”. Still, I find it odd that Playstation decided not to do this. Well, I guess that in their mind, graphics are more priority than a quick reaction time (which is a damn shame).

So, yeah, I would rather make a console that would address this issue from day 1. Actually, I would make it into a fun console, a console that will appeal to those who can really get the most. You know, people who value skills and challenges over visuals and casual playing styles? Any ways, PS4 and Pro is truly a console for the casual crowd. Furthermore, once you go 60 FPS, you will never look back. So, Yeah, this would have to be a selling point on the console if it was done by me.

Robin TGG
I don’t know if you’ve had any thoughts about of any mascots for Dreamcast Reloaded, but you should seriously reach out to Polylina (Aka the SEGA Saturn Gal). As I’m quite sure that she would love to help you guys out on that front (

That girl is awesome following her on Facebook. Nevertheless, she is still a bit of a mystery I have to say. So I was wondering when you interviewed her, did you get to see what she really looked like? Because everyone curious about that part lol. Regarding mascots, I don’t need worry about that I have one in my drive way. I call it the “SEGA Beatle” (I will need to show it off sometime it’s like something you would see in Crazy Taxi, it suits me strangely enough).

***Robin answers***
“did you get to see what she really looked like?” – That´s top-secret information, and I´ve been told not to share that information with anyone 😉 And you know me. I don´t break promises, especially not with good-looking ladies.

sonic all-star racing transformed 3

“Sonic All-Star Racing Transformed 3”, sure, why not?

Robin TGG
Correct me if I’m wrong now, but Dreamcast Reloaded is not a Dreamcast 2 console project per say right? But that would be the best possible outcome of it all?

Best possible outcome: Would be that we will see at least a few of our proposals and games that we have suggested actually become a reality. I mean, we have covered so many areas for the fans. So that means we stand a greater chance of success. Furthermore, it also shows Sega that we are trying to get the message across, and that this what we would like to see from Dreamcast Reloaded members at least.

skies of arcadia remake sequel

I bet that there are quite a lot of people out there that like the idea of a remake or sequel to
“Skies of Arcadia”.

Robin TGG
How hungry would you say that SEGA is to release a new console at this time? Simply put, is the demand high enough for a brand-new SEGA console to happen?

If you had asked me before this campaign before it took off. Then I would probably say that there is no demand for it. However, it´s a different story when you are running a petition that has reached 32K signs (not to mention the media storm that followed the campaign).

Put it this way, what if the setup was done by Sega? It would send shock waves throughout the gaming world with no doubt. So if you thought that excitement for “Shenmue 3” was unbelievable, then this movement will make that excitement look like a god dam “Tea Party” in comparison to what we got to offer. I would also like to point out that Sega doesn’t yet know it’s true potential. So if I was running things over at SEGA, then I would be doing something about it. Especially since the SEGA fans have awakened, and they have signed-up for the Dreamcast Reloaded movement as well. So there is massive need and want for Sega to come back into hardware.

This is basically the Dreamcast Revolution. I don’t see it going away. It’s taken a life of its own and fans want to see something done about it. I think Sega if they do decide to make a console: They can most certainly pull it off this time around, they just got to focus and keep it simple, and keep it purely to what makes Sega so great.

You know. I am truly convinced that this time around. They can do it, and you know why? Because based on what happened over the course of this year and last year, you saw that every gamer and media news-outlets were talking about SEGA and the thoughts of a new SEGA console. So what people got to understand is that we have captured the imagination of console and Sega fans, and the what “IF” that plays on the mind. It’s that mind branching out mentality that makes this movement so great, and this is what makes excitement for Sega coming back into hardware so appealing.

Then you got the fact we have over shadowed PS4 Pro and XBOX Scorpio being one hot topics of the year, and that says quite a lot since we don’t have anything that exists just yet. Well, not to my knowledge anyway. Because Ben hasn’t shown me what got in mind, but still…. It’s impressive task in itself. So I am glad to be part of something like that. Yeah Sega can do it, as long we keep up the noise and the numbers and the support and show them we are waiting for them to do something about it and make fans dreams become a reality.

jet set radio 3

I would love to see “Jet Set Radio 3” happen on a new SEGA console.

Robin TGG
Let’s say that everything turns out just fine for Dreamcast Reloaded and that SEGA does indeed pick up on the idea of a new SEGA console, then where do you go from there?

That would-be fantastic result I guess, and something which I could add to my CV and reputation that follows would be a nice bonus for sure. I don’t want to think too deeply about it. As I don’t know the future, so I will take life one day at a time.

shenmue hd

I think it´s safe to say that it would be unthinkable to launch a new SEGA console without “shenmue HD”.

Robin TGG
Do you think that SEGA would stand an honest chance against Sony, MS and Nintendo with a new console of their own? And what would be the dream game lineup for a brand-new SEGA console? (the perfect mix of epic new and old titles I would say).

I think they can do much better to be honest (and this comes from big Sega fan, myself in this case), and most of their title’s just so happened to appeal to me. Furthermore, most of SEGA´s games are edgy and fun enough to appeal to most gamers. However, current consoles are all over the place these days. So the message that they are sending out is somewhat unclear. As no one can make sense of the PS4 Pro…And now that Nintendo is bringing out yet another new console (the NX). Will the message get to the right gamers? Who knows? As Nintendo messed up big time with the WII U…

The difference with Sega is that it´s fan base has responded in droves when they signed up to our petition. Then you got the massive SEGA fan following that is based in Brazil on top of that. So I just cannot see SEGA failing in this. In the matter of fact, the ONLY way that the console could fail, would be if SEGA repeats their past mistakes and branch out too much. So they have just got to make one single console and keep it simple. Basically inject the console with the spirit and the energy that makes-up Sega.


SEGAnet is a nice subscription feature for those who would like to play Dreamcast games online.

Robin TGG
Will there be any crowd founding campaigns at all for Dreamcast Reloaded?

Most likely not, as it would be bad president under that pretense of Sega if something like that did happen. So it would have to be endorsed by Sega. So, no, it won´t be done under the Dreamcast Reloaded flag. As the movement is all about showing support through signing up and taking part in polls and getting behind fan proposals and getting behind Bens Project.

burning rangers 2

So, how many of you would like to see a “Burning Rangers 2” happen?

Robin TGG
Is there anything else that you would like to tell our readers about Dreamcast Reloaded?

Just sign-up to our petition and please check out what I have done with my proposal, and come join us at our Facebook group as well. So share your ideas and what you think Sega should be doing with us.

sonic adventure 3

Do we have any takers on “Sonic Adventure 3”?

Robin TGG
Just the other day I heard that you will be a part of the unofficial SEGA Dreamcast documentary over at Dreamcasthub ( So what´s your take on that documentary so far? And what part will you play in it?

It’s going to be a look back at the Dreamcast Legacy over the years since its demise back in 2002. Basically, what’s been happening since then how fans have been supporting the Dreamcast Legacy through hardware, fan loyalty, a console that never really stopped giving. I mean, even now people are creating games for the Dreamcast, and someone has even made their own Pokemon Go game for the VMU Device. So it’s reasons like this that Dreamcast is still relevant to this very day. Sure, SEGA might have left the console market back in 2002, but the Dreamcast was tapped into experimented on via homebrew scene.

Well, besides the great success of “Shenmue 3” (which we covered via Shenmue 500k), then being thrown back into another captivating campaign (which was Project Dream). I will be talking about where it started for me personally as Dreamcast and Shenmue fan, and share what could done differently with Project Dream and what went wrong. I am feeling honoured to be part this amazing documentary. Dreamcasthub has chosen all key people behind Dreamcast Legacy over the years. Going to see what each of us has to say and roles we have all played.

dreamcast localization part 1

I have never had the chance to play any of those games, so I´m all for this.

Robin TGG
And finally, what’s your plans for 2016 and 2017?

Well, I have decided to take a leap out of your book Robin and work on my own gaming content site, it’s been inspirational for me. Check out Also will be considering resurrecting some of my passed projects I did when I was teenager and finish of my short film noir short film called “Long Pursuit: Pursuit of the Mirrors.

It’s going to be prequel and fan take on the Shenmue Universe from film noir and detective story elements added to it. I have made version all ready when I was 18. So it would be nice to do a conclusion to it, because it was highly praised at college. I was even awarded a distinction (Claps All Round). Cinematography is interest of mine. So I would like to expand on that.

My inspirations and influences:

The creators behind that Snes game “Illusion of Gaia”, Alice in Wonderland, The Matrix and directors like Ridely Scott and James Cameron, YU Suzuki and Steven Spielberg. All of which had a huge influences on my work that drive to be a creator, and most importantly my passion for gaming.

Plus I just love being creative making things, never know when you work on something might take off that what find exciting about being creative and working Projects. As you pour your passion and idea’s into them, and then you get a end result, and that´s why I do anything because it’s the reaction from others that view it. That is the main thing, anyone who is a creator knows this. So it’s the buzz and light-headed or sentimental feeling working everything you put into watching it resonate in others.

dreamcast localization part 2

Let´s turn this dream into a reality people!

It’s warm feeling, I just wanted to express that sentimentality from me personally.

Project Dream is dead, say hello to Dreamcast Reloaded
The Sega Dreamcast 2 project are very much alive, say hello to “Project Dream”
Q and A interview with Bertie Wiseman and Ben Plato about “Project Dream”
Project Dream Q and A interview with Joanne Freeman
To License and Release a Redefined Dreamcast Designed and Supported by the Community
The Dreamcast Reloaded Facebook group

I´m a friend of Bertie Wiseman, and I´m also a huge fan of SEGA.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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