It’s now the year 2020 (yes, I know, it’s somewhat hard to believe, but we really are in the year 2020 now), so it sure feels like it’s about time that we publish our very first 2020 interview.

Well, done and said! Because it’s now time for a brand-new interview in our art and comics interview series! (don’t miss out on our previous interviews with Larry Higgins, Rodrigo Ybañez, Team RAGS, Pablo Romero and Kukuruyo!)

Well, I think you get the idea. So who exactly did we get a chance to do an interview with this time then? Well, the said person is no one less than the super talented Italian SFW and NSFW pinups artist Sciamano240! (his real name is Mirco Cabbia)

And during our interview with Sciamano240 we ended up talking about everything from fictional pinup babes, Comicsgate, nowaday’s SJW/PC madness to his thoughts on  censorship and cancel culture.

So with that said, please enjoy our interview with Sciamano240  😉 (you can reach Sciamano240 via Twitter and Deviantart!)

sciamano240 epic art is epic

Sciamano240 (Mirco Cabbia) is a super talented Italian Italian SFW and NSFW pinups artist that has made tons of epic drawings of sexy video game and anime babes over the years.

Robin TGG
Thank you so much for taking your time to do this interview with us =) So with that said, please right ahead and introduce yourself to our readers.

Hi Robin and hi everyone! I’m Mirco Cabbia, alias Sciamano240 and I draw ladies online. I mostly do SFW and NSFW pinups of anime, video games and my own characters. I’m from Italy but most of my followers are from NA which is why all my social pages are in English. I’m glad to have this interview with you!

sciamano240 2b as a sexy catgirl maid

Sciamano240 started to draw pictures and make comics at a very early age. However, his sexy pinup pictures came (sexual pun intended) a bit later on in his life.

Robin TGG
Do you remember how everything started for you in terms of reading, creating and drawing comics?

As a kid, I used to read a lot of “Topolino”, which are comics of Mickey Mouse and other characters from Disney. Then I switched to Anime and Manga, from Dragonball to One Piece. Drawing comics is how I started, but then I slowly moved my interests to illustration.

sciamano240 tifa lockhart from final fantasy

There are quite a few artists that Sciamano240 respect, look up to and take inspiration from (artists such as Artgerm, Sakimichan, Dandonfuga and Tsuaii, for example).

Robin TGG
Are there any artists and comics that you truly like, respect and look up to? If so, which?

There are many anime/hentai Artists, YD in particular and ataruman. When it comes to illustrations like mine, I’m a fan of Artgerm, old Sakimichan, Dandonfuga and Tsuaii. There are many other artists I like for their professional works, but I can’t remember their names. I mostly save their artworks in my inspiration folder.

sciamano240 bunny artoria pendragon fate grand order

Sciamano240 has made sexy pinup pictures of video game and anime babes since 2015, and Sciamano240 sure has come a long way since then.

Robin TGG
For how long have you been drawing and creating pictures/comics? And what has the response and feedback been since you started to make comics and drawings of sexy and thick babes?

I did comics for a bit in Italian, for like two years. Then in 2015, I started doing pinups of the videogame Smite and after that moved to other fandoms.

From what I remember, I never had a bad kind of feedback or outrage comments under my pictures. So if there are any, most of the time it’s people not liking a particular picture or accusing me of doing too much/not enough nudes or porn.

sciamano240 angel from the king of fighters

I’m sure glad that Sciamano240 got into making pinup pictures of hot video game and anime ladies, or else we wouldn’t have gotten to see some truly awesome pictures such as this one of Angel from KOF :3

Robin TGG
Have you always been into drawing sexy and thick ladies? (when, where, how and why)

I was not. You see, at the beginning, I just drew random fan arts. Then I decided to so something spicier and, since the feedback was nice and I was enjoying doing that, I decided to keep ongoing.

To be honest I think the first people asking me about these kinds of sexy commissions made me realize which kind of artworks I like and I want to draw. Why I draw ladies? I like ‘em. That’s pretty much it.

sciamano240 chloe and her sexy summer pose at the beach

I honestly don’t get why so many people and big companies are so afraid of the female body? (not to mention hateful and disgusted…) Me, I love the female shape more than anything else (it’s one of God’s very best creations!).

Robin TGG
I got a follow-up question on the same topic. Why do you think that so many people and big-name companies in the comic, movie and video games industry are so afraid of the female form nowadays?

Source: (TGG) (TGG) (TGG)

It’s hard to tell. I mean, this is mostly an American issue, but it’s slowly reaching us as well (thank god it’s not here in Italy yet). For all I can say by judging what I saw, companies and news media nowadays bet on virtue signaling and outrage clicks from the public.

Bad publicity somehow is now good publicity, since all they care about is money. I don’t know for how long they’ll be able to keep this woke facade on, but I hope people will start to realize what they really care about. They don’t care about you (you as customers), they never did.

sciamano240 triss and her sexy lingerie pose the witcher

I have honestly lost the count over how many times that I’ve heard “unrealistic standards”, broken spine” and “where are her organs” via social media, Youtube and in real-life…I find that to be very sad, because there are all sorts of female body sizes, shapes and forms in this world, and I love ALL of them!.

Robin TGG
Speaking of female boobs and the fear of them. I’m pretty sure that you must have heard quite a few “buzzwords” from the SJW camp as of lately. You know, buzzwords such as “unrealistic standards”, broken spine” and “where are her organs” and so on?

If so, what are your thoughts on that matter? I for one don’t agree with them at all, because there exist all sorts of female body types in real-life…

Source: (TGG)
TheQuartering via Youtube (“Only Good Boys & Girls Can Watch!”)
ShortFatOtaku via Youtube (“Where Are Her Organs?”)

I’ve seen some of it, yeah. I might agree to some extent since some bodies are really out of this world. But that doesn’t bother me since I know they are not supposed to be real nor they pretend to. Why would you look at a superhero comic book and act as if it was real?

Superheroes are not real and have never been (maybe Jesus?). Why then not judge comics male bodies with the same standards? You could argue the same for those super buffed male bodies, but of course, they don’t dare to even talk about that because it would weaken their narrative. Males can be sexualized, females no.

sciamano240 kallen stadtfeld kozuki from code geass

In my book, Sciamano240 is one of THE most talented artists there is on the market right now. I mean, just take a look at this masterpiece right here of Kallen Stadtfeld-Kozuki from “Code geass”, simply marvelous!

Robin TGG
Personally, I think that you are one of the most talented artists out there. As a matter of fact, you can really see if it’s you that have made a picture even before you see your signature. So, did it take you a long time to find your own unique drawing style?

Thank you very much! It took me a year to really control it, maybe a bit more. Style, like drawing, is really upon how much you do it. A suggestion I would give to anyone looking for their style is to pick 2-3 artists of which you like the style and keep them as references when you draw. Your style will eventually develop as you exercise.

sciamano240 a very sexy picture of chloe

Comics, art and manga are a pretty big deal in the current year in Italy. So “hopefully”, we will get to see even more talented artists like Sciamano240 coming out of Italy in the future.

Robin TGG
What’s the art and comic market like in Italy? And what’s really popular in Italy right now when it comes to comics and art?

I have to admit I don’t follow much content from Italy. What I know is that comics are a big chunk of nowadays art market, both traditional and webcomics.

Also, there aren’t many big videogame or VFX companies in Italy, so unless new artists want to work outside of Italy, comics are the most common choice for them. There is a lot of comics self-production and that’s where artists get fans and popularity. Comic artists are more common than illustrators.

sciamano240 rosalina from super mario galaxy

To my big surprise, out of everything that Sciamano240 has created so far, his actually the proudest of the faces that he has made for his creations. On the other hand, when you think about it, you can really tell how much time and effort Sciamano240 has put into making beautiful faces for his sexy pinup babes.

Robin TGG
What would you say that you’re the proudest of so far with your comics/drawings and why?

I’m proud of the faces I draw. I put a lot of effort in drawing faces and usually it’s the main focus in my drawing process. I still have to learn a lot and I don’t nail them 100% of the time, but I do enjoy them.

sciamano240 tamamo from fate grand-order

You can already tell that 2020 is going to be a very rough year when it comes to censorship, PC/SJW and cancel culture…That’s also why it’s very important that everyone supports artists such as Sciamano240 so that he can continue to make beautiful pictures of sexy and thick women.

Robin TGG
As you just happen to be a creator of comics and art. What’s your opinion on comicsgate and what’s it been like to be an indie comics artists/creator in today’s comics industry?


I don’t know much about comicsgate, but I heard a bit of it. It sucks to see how the world of comics changed so much after that happened and I think it’s hard to come back from that.

Though proving that you can do much better comics by yourself with the support of fans on platforms like GoFundMe, might make them realize what people really want in the end. I hope companies will follow and take the right decision in the near future.

At the moment I don’t read many comics and I don’t see myself as a comic artist. As for what I draw, I’ve never been harassed by any of these people, so I guess I should consider myself lucky!

sciamano240 moxxi from borderlands 3

Sciamano240 is not impressed by how Blizzard has been dealing with the drama concerning (the Blitzchung and Blizzcon “Incident”.

Robin TGG
I’m not 100% sure if you’re into video games or not, but even if that’s not the case. I’m still quite sure that you must have heard about the drama and scandals surrounding Blizzard (the Blitzchung and Blizzcon “Incident”)?

Well, if that’s the case, then I’m very curious to hear what you have to say about the said subject. Especially so since Blizzard continues to silence and punish those who support Hong Kong and It’s people who are fighting for their freedom…

Rod Breslau via Twitter (archive:
The Verge
Reddit Part 1
Reddit part II

All I have to say is that Blizzard fucked up big time here and I hope fans and gamers don’t give them a pass for that. Consuming products just for the sake of it is not something I condone, especially when companies like Blizzard are blatantly lying to your face.

sciamano240 overwatch babes

It’s kind of funny how Blizzard has been trying to pander to the LGBT crowd as of late while lewd content makers have been making TONS of lesbian erotic videos and whatnot based on Blizzard’s “Overwatch”, “Starcraft” and “World of Warcraft” series for years.

Robin TGG
I do recall that you mentioned something about you not liking how the LGBT community is being used for free press (the context would be how Blizzard ships on LGBT character after another for political correctness points), do you have the same stance today on that subject?


Yes, I do. I don’t like at all how companies are using the LGBT community as a free publicity stunt. It’s ok as long as it’s intended since the beginning (Tracer for example), but then changing gender or sexuality just to get some publicity out of it sounds like a sneaky maneuver.

I mean all you have to do is look at the same game, but in China, where Tracer and Soldier76 are both heterosexual. That should make people think.

sciamano240 zelda

Sciamano240 is not a fan of SJW/PC madness nor censorship and cancel culture, he is a huge fan of thick and sexy babes though :3

Robin TGG
Since you have made a ton of drawings of sexy ladies over the years, surely you must have noticed the rise of voices who wants to police the art medium as a whole?

And with that fresh in mind, what’s your take on censorship, cancel culture and SJW madness in general? And what do you think we could do about it?

TGG via Twitter (archive:

I don’t approve of it and I find it somewhat incredible. I don’t understand how this whole SJW anti-culture grew so much and I hope it doesn’t spread here as well.

The Internet made it so that these groups of people could have a platform where they can be really loud. Normal people don’t really care about politics 24/7 nor they are on Twitter sperging non-stop, but SJWs are activists and that’s all they have in their lives.

What I hope is that more people start to realize what’s going on and feel free to express their opinions without the fear of getting canceled by the mob. They can’t cancel everyone after all. The more they #metoo, the less believable it will be. I don’t know if it’s a solution, but it might help.

sciamano240 cyberpunk 2077

Sciamano240 got quite a lot of plans for 2020, and that include streaming via Twitch and creating even more awesome and sexy pinup babes in the near future.

Robin TGG
We have now reached the very end of this interview. So I’m going to wrap everything up by asking you the following: What are your hopes, plans and expectations for the rest of the year? And is there anything else that you would like to say to our readers?

Well…The year is almost over (2019 is actually is over by the time of publishing this interview), so I don’t have much planned.

However, I’d like to try Twitch as soon as I get a better connection and stream myself drawing from time to time… I guess that’s something.

Thank you again for having me here and to everyone that followed this interview. I hope you all enjoy my works!  Cya!

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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