It’s quite funny how faith works sometimes. Because even though we live in a rather big world, that very world becomes pretty small thanks to the Internet. Long story short, my/our last lewd posts have obviously been seen by a handful of lewd game developers over the whole world, because just during the last 48-hours three lewd game devs has reached out to us. Simply put, they asked us if we got cover and review their games =)

And first out was Cosmo Mann’s (Extrafantasygames) request for us to check out his +18 lewd fantasy/Anime-like RPGMiss Agatha’s Palace” (the game launched for Windows PC on the 23rd of March of this year).

miss agathas palace a sexy joke

There are plenty of dialogs and jokes of lewd nature to be found in “Miss Agatha’s Palace” (such as the dialog that you can see in this picture).

miss agathas palace sexy anne

Anne (as seen in the picture) is just one out of the many sexy ladies whom you can have fun with in the game.

Well, that’s exactly what I did 😉 Truth be told though, I started off with the demo. Why? Because I had idea how hardcore “Miss Agatha’s Palace” would be (no sexual pun intended, because I meant “hardcore” as in being a very difficult game). Anyways, I had a blast with the demo, because “Miss Agatha’s Palace” is a very simple and yet fun old-school-like Fantasy/adventure/RPG (plus some nice lewd content on top of that). However, I did notice and experience some things which I didn’t like in the demo.

miss agathas palace sexy babes

Besides all the sexy babes that you can get down and dirty with (there are seven girls in total), there is also a handful of different fetishes and sexual themes for you to enjoy as well (some of those would include Yuri, three-some, Milf sex with many more).

For example, the screen size is super tiny for the gameAnd the art quality differs A LOT, but I guess that’s because the game is still under development? (that’s the vibes that I get from Extrafantasygames development updates at least).

So “if” the full version of  “Miss Agatha’s Palace” uses mainly art such as the “busty blond bombshell” and “lewd moments and animations” pictures (you will find the said pictures in this post), then  we’re talking about top class lewd art with no doubt. I would also like to state that the demo is very short (I think it’s about 15-30 minutes long). Even so, you still get a pretty good picture of what “Miss Agatha’s Palace” is all about. So if you like the demo, then you should try the full game for sure.

miss agathas palace a sexy dark-skinned girl

I got really happy when I found out that there is at least ONE dark-skinned girl in “Miss Agatha’s Palace” :3

miss agathas palace a sexy blond girl

This busty blond bombshell runs the Miss Agatha’s Palace, which is the Hornby town brothel. I don’t want to spoil too much, but she will get down and dirty with you if you solve a little problem of her’s.

That’s also why my plan is to get the full version of “Miss Agatha’s Palace” as soon as possible (v1.4 is the latest build of MASP, and it weights in at 655mb), and then review the game. Anyways, I think you guys and girls get the idea. So let’s jump into the game’s story instead shall we? Well, here’s Extrafantasygames own description of Miss Agatha’s Palace’s story:

“Fresh out of adventuring college, the male protagonist meets up with his two best friends Elizabeth and Anne to have their very first adventure! The princesses of Miss Agatha’s Palace, the Hornby town brothel, have been abducted! It’s up to you and your team to save them. Elizabeth and Anne are fighting over something too, if you only knew what… (It’s you. They both want to experience you). From sexy brothels to romantic nights under the stars, the adventure is in your hands.”

As for features, here are some of the said features for “Miss Agatha’s Palace”:

“Fully voice acted, hand drawn, animated sex scenes! MF, MFF, MMF, FF pairings with POV, tit jobs, blowjobs, doggie style, 69, prone fucking, cunnilingus, reverse cowgirl, anal, MILFs, twincest, and more! Each of the seven girls have a specialty, it’s up to you to choose. Made with RPG Maker VX Ace. Fully uncensored.” – Extrafantasygames

miss agathas palace sexy time to the max

Yes, you will get to see quite a few lewd moments and animations such as this one.

miss agathas palace joystick tease

The male hero and main character of the game (you get to name him at the very start of the game) sure gets a lot of action with the ladies *cough cough*

Other than that, I would also like to point out that you could get the full version of “Miss Agatha’s Palace” at no cost at all (the game is a “name your price” title). However, Extrafantasygames did state that they are very thankful for any potential donations that they could get (that is very understandable, because Extrafantasygames needs to earn money some how):

“Miss Agatha’s Palace is now free to play! $4 donation suggested. Newly updated dialog. So if you are only interested in the art, it is available for $2. It includes jpegs and pngs of each scene in the game, as well as some of the original sketches for the characters. If you purchased Miss Agatha’s Palace for $4, I will send you the art if you ask. Help support hand drawn-games!” – Extrafantasygames

I don’t know about you, but I’m going to donate a couple of bucks when I get the game. Especially since “Miss Agatha’s Palace” is 100% uncensored :3

And with that said, what’s your take on “Miss Agatha’s Palace”? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Editor in chief
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