Fox has been dominating the Superhero genre lately, especially with Gotham leading the way. But now there’s something even more exciting happening.

Executives from Fox have confirmed that they’re exploring an “X-Men” TV show, and so far it sounds on par with their plans for the Deadpool movie (Ryan Reynolds).

Originally reported by TV Insider, Fox chairmen Gary Newman, and Dana Walden spoke upon their plans for a mutant-based show. “It’s in negotiations,” Newman said. “We’re cautiously optimistic, we had a good meeting with them.

That will not be on a fast track creatively. This is just the deal, now we have to find the “creative.”

As the deal is being worked out with the 20th Century Fox movie studio who owns the rights to the Marvel characters, there is no specific talent attached to the series. Unfortunately it’s looking unlikely that a show would be ready before the 2016 – 2017 season.

Then again, the show could match up to the premiere or crossover of X-Men Apocalypse—or crossover with Marvel’s Agent Carter series on ABC.

fox x-men tv series

I wonder which characters that will be featured in Fox X-Men tv-show?

We do know that Gambit, Deadpool, and X-Men Apocalypse are going to be prominent factors in the next few years. With this knowledge we can speculate quite a few things:

Marvel has re-initiated their war with DC Comics

It’s no secret that Marvel and DC have been in stiff competition with each other since their early days. Even more with Marvel’s recent merger with Disney, it’s clear the mouse is planning to make Marvel a major factor.

We’ve already seen Disney infinity 2.0 boost the studio’s popularity, and with them resetting their universe lore soon, it’s inevitable that DC bows.

On the other side of the spectrum, DC has done major things in the last 3 years with prime time TV. Arrow, Constantine, and The Flash are just small samples of what DC has in store for fans. Krypton (Syfy) is coming, and so is Supergirl.

Teen Titans is still in negotiations, and placing each show strategically on different channels is a great move on their part.

It guarantees marathon style watching, subscriptions to prime content, and huge potential for crossovers. Agents of Shield has done crossovers before, but knowing that The Justice League could actually make an appearance or have an exclusive drop for a movie is unprecedented.

Lastly Marvel could be blown out of the water if they don’t handle the X-Men show correctly.

X-Men as a show

The original X-Men 90’s show was Marvels claim to fame. When the first movie hit theatres it sparked the fandom that many of us had lost due to poor comic sales, repeated attempts to kill off staple characters in the Marvel universe, and even introduce re-imagined version that wouldn’t sit with fans.

By the time we’d received X-Men Evolution introducing the younger cast of the universe, many of us were already late teen’s early 20’s so we moved on.

It wasn’t until X-Men First Class that fans really experienced the magic that they’d lost along the way. Marvel was back, and better than ever.

Now we have a new generation to look forward to—especially because the show will either reboot the X-Men lore or provide origins stories for major characters as we’ve seen with Gotham.

Marvel answers questions

This show could also be the best narrative we have to get questions answered that we’ve wondered since the beginning of our fandom. Character biographies, misunderstood lore, and even an inside look at what our favorite mutants, villains—and anti-hero’s do when they’re off.

Seeing them unwind and relax is equally important to the shows development as intense action scenes with great choreography.

Once we realize how well this show will do if it makes it to the pilot phase (It will), we can see what we’ll be in store for. With the production quality of Agents of Shield we shouldn’t worry, but the show runners could go in any direction they wish.

It’s even more prevalent if they choose to follow small players in the X-Men lore, and only reference the classic characters.

There’s so much that can, and could already be happening with the X-Men show, and we’ll cover more as it develops. Share your thoughts with us on this posting!

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