There are plenty of lewd games out there, some fan-made, some professionally made, but with so many, how do you know which ones to play? Well, on this list, I’ll be showing you 10 Lewd Games that you should be playing.  And if you have, good.  If not, well, after this list, go look for the games, they’re all available online and are easy to download. A word of warning, there may be spoilers. As always, support the creators if you like this stuff.

10 – Boob Wars

boob wars

The cover is slightly misleading, slightly *cough cough*

In this game, the ladies either have huge boobs or flat chests, i there is no in-between. There are a couple of games, actually, but the first one is the one we’re focusing on, though I do recommend getting the second one to play as well. Your job, in this game, is to create peace in the world, seeing as the big breast tribe and the flat-chest kingdom are at constant war, There are three ways to do it. The first two involve teaming up with one side over the other, and the third one involves a harem ending.

boob wars babe

Angry loli is about to have her boobs increased.

boob wars sexy time going down

In this ending, you make the big boob leader get flat.

boob wars harem

The best endings involve harems.

Sadly enough, the first game is really short, only three endings possible, but it’s ultimately harmless fun.

9 – Quest Failed

And next we have a game that just came out, Quest Failed. Unlike the others, it’s more of a visual novel than anything else. The main character is named Matthew, and you join him on his quest to become an adventurer.

quest failed babe

Meet Jilly, she’s about to rape you, you will enjoy it, or pass out, or both.

quest failed ruby

Ruby is a sadist who seems to like the ladies.

Which goes about as well as can be expected, given the name of the game. Despite the rather erotic scenes (which are fully voiced, and even in English), you probably end up feeling bad for the guy. Whether it’s because he’s forced to have sex against his will constantly or just how miserable he gets otherwise. It’s an interesting story, and a bit of a mystery makes you want the next part to come out already!

8 – Kurovadis


“Kurovadis” is what happens when you inject a lot of lewd content into a Metroidvania game.

So, how about a lewd Metroidvania game? I’m not sure about the plot, all I know is that you’re a redheaded woman who has to make her way to the end, finding power-ups and abilities along the way to do so. I don’t recommend playing this with a gamepad. You need way too many buttons to get the full effect.

kurovadis xxx time

Now I see why Samus eliminates Metroids on sight.

Word of warning though, this game is NOT easy, though, that’s okay, plenty of sex scenes involving various creatures, including wannabe Metroids. It’s addicting, and it’ll keep you coming back for hours if you like a challenge.

7 – HuniePop


“Huniepop” is a really good puzzle/dating sim lewd game.

This one’s a bit more well-known. I think, then the previous ones. “HuniePop” is a dating-simulator with a match 3 mini-game that can end up with lewd content? Well, It seems good to me. There’s even a sequel HunieCam that’s out right now. I’ll be honest. I’m not a fan of the artwork on HunieCam, but that’s just me.

huniepop sexy babe

How can you say no to such a friendly and inviting face like that?

huniepop hawt girl

That washing machine just pimped to the max.

6 – The Last Sovereign

the last sovereign

“The Last Sovereign” is not the kind of game that you should play if you can´t stand lewd content.

This one’s incomplete, and I’ve done a preview of it before. Nevertheless, there are plenty of written lewd scenes and many more to come.

the last sovereign demon babe

Say hello to Yarra :3

the last sovereign fetish

Yes, and other “fetishes” awaits you as well.

5 – Bunny Black series

bunny black

The Overlord Darx with his wife, the former Overlord.

“Hey, wait, you’re cheating!”

Not really, because there are two games in the Bunny Black series with a third one on the way 😛 Any ways, in the game you play as Darx, an adventurer who made his way to the Overlord in the first game. And then he died. Nevertheless, she took pity on him and saved his life, making him her servant. This is a dungeon crawler game series. So you watch as Darx works his way up from being the lowest level grunt in the Overlord’s army, to become the Overlord, starting a family with the previous Overlord, to fighting an invasion by Heaven’s forces and corrupting them into being his servants in everything.

Unlike most game protagonists with their perversion, this is actually justified, because if he doesn’t have sex constantly, his body will die from his wife’s power. You have to love stuff like that! Oh, and he has a rather huge family with all his girls, having kids from all of them.

bunny black kids

Yes, those are ALL his kids.

There is a third one on the way, I don´t know if we’ll get it anytime soon, but the first two games are a lot of fun. It´s a hard game series though, very, very hard.

bunny black babes o plenty

Harem endings, as seen in the 2nd game, are best.

4 – Kamidori Alchemy Meister

kamidori alchemy meister

It´s Wil and the three heroines.

Do you like Strategy RPGs? Do you like crafting your own weapons and armor? And do you enjoy porn-like games with multiple routes for the heroines? Well, then you might like Kamidori Alchemy Meister!

kamidori alchemy meister love time

Until the drunken fox shows up, this is actually really innocent.

You play as Wil, who’s an alchemist trainee, during the game you get three main heroines, each one with their own routes. Furthermore, there is a bunch of secondary characters during the game that have no route but their own story events, and even characters that you can recruit on second and third or more playthroughs. Heck, on second and third playthroughs you can even get an H-scene with all three heroines if you make all three of them the right clothes (not to mention the extra characters that you pick up in NG+).

kamidori alchemy meister bae is angry

Low health and defense, but she hits like a mach truck.

There are tons of quests, collectables, CGs and content to keep you occupied for a long time.  And, yeah, it’s a ton of fun.  After the third playthrough though, you might be bored, seeing as there’s no “harem” route for all three heroines, sadly.

kamidori alchemy meister babes

Well, there is the harem sex option at least.

3 – Sengoku Rance

There are more games in the Rance series, but this is probably the most well-known Rance game. It’s what happens when you combine Risk with porn. The effects are amazing.

sengoku rance nanjou ran

From left to right top to bottom, Nanjou Ran, an awesome Ninja and a futanari ninja.

Take over a country, capture women, make them your servants and screw them until they love Rance. Coupled with the whole Japan Civil War that the game is set during and how you need to unite Japan by conquering it. Simply put, it’s a really fun game.

sengoku rance ran-chan

Spoiler warning: Don’t get too attached to Ran-chan unless you’re in one of the alternate routes.

Hard though, it gets easier on extra playthroughs and you can even go down different routes as there are multiple heroines. Sadly though, none of them are the true ending to the game.

sengoku rance kenshin

Kenshin here was the most popular H-game heroine for a long time, even beating out Rin and Saber of Fate/Stay Night.

sengoku rance girl

Kind of easy to see why.

The game has a lot of rape, if that isn’t your cup of tea, you can try Eiyuu Senki, which is very similar to Sengoku Rance, but minus the rape.  In fact, Eiyuu Senki was on the PS3, with the porn stripped out.

sengoku rance warrior

Senhime here is practically a Disk One nuke if you get her early enough.

sengoku rance ninja girl

Suzume can kill you in battle or while having sex, she has lots of nasty tricks hidden in her lower holes.

2 – Monster Girl Quest

Lose and get raped – An appropriate bi-line to this game. In it, you’re the Wannabe Hero Luka, who’s out to defeat the Monster Lord. All monsters are monster girls (including the Lord). So that should tell you something. Right away, Luka meets a snake lady named Alice and the two journey across the land (they do so because Luka wants to bring peace to the world and Alice intend to find the best food in the world). Along the way, you meet the Monster Lord, her retainers, uncover a plot that involves Heaven, Monsters, Humans and the end of the world as we know it.

monster girl quest alice

Alice in her Human form.

monster girl quest alice true form

Alice in her true form.

Lots and lots of sex and tons of fetishes from straight shota, to loli, to lesbian monster girls, to vore, to sexual torture and others I don’t have time to mention. The game was originally released in three parts, but you can find the whole game on the Internet (translated and ready to be played). As an aside, I had this body pillow custom-made.

1 – Lightning Warrior Raidy Series

lightning warrior raidy hero

Our Heroine, ladies and gentlemen!

Rape if you win, rape if you lose, win-win for the player!  Okay, seriously though, there are three games in the Raidy series that are uncensored and translated by JAST USA, each of the first three games is a dungeon crawler RPG.  There’s a 4th game that’s called 3.5 that focuses on a character other than Raidy, but sadly it’s not translated yet.

lightning warrior raidy fonfon

Fonfon knows how to weild that whip!

And, sadly, I don’t know where you can buy the uncensored games anymore, JAST doesn’t seem to have it, but you can find them if you look.

lightning warrior raidy dark babe

Foless’s chocolate butt!

lightning warrior raidy torture

This is going to get weird, isn’t it?

Anyway, in the first game, you have to climb a tower filled with monsters and on each floor is a boss, who has various kinks that you need to overcome, culminating in a final showdown against a tentacle demon with three different endings. (winning and submitting is my favorite ending).

lightning warrior raidy tentacle love

Because tentacles need love too.

There’s also a manga that covers the story of the first game that you can find, I do recommend reading it. As it’s pretty good. The second game is much larger and involves a cult and Raidy’s powers. As an aside, part II of the game has a Sexcalibur as a sword, which is awesomely hilarious. However, in-order to use that sword, you need to masturbate with it. It’s weird. The third game is another dungeon crawler, but this time Raidy teams up with three bosses from the first game. Literally teams up with them as she can actually fuse with them to have different abilities and CGs when you face the bosses in this game. On top of that, the CGs are animated.

lightning warrior raidy tentacle love

And Raidy never left the tower, forever to be tentacled. (Unless you did the canon ending, then she got out).

3.5 is a game that’s focused around Foless, one of the bosses in the first game and one of Raidy’s traveling companions. So what can one expect from that game then? Well, there are plenty of lesbian sex, lots of kinks, lots of naughtiness. And Raidy’s willing to be kinky to the bosses and use their kinks against them. Sadly enough, this is the very end my list of the top 10 Lewd Games you should be playing in 2017, don´t worry though, because I will post more lewd content of this kind in the future.

And with that said, which lewd games are on your top ten list for 2017? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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22 Comments ON " 10 lewd games that you should be playing in 2017 "
  • patyos

    Basically a list of best games of ALL TIME !! 😀

    10. Although the Second Boob wars “Ultimate Boob Wars!! ” is way better then the first one.
    9. yeah its okay guess I wasnt as hyped playing it as Monster Girl Quest though also preffered Bukkake Ranch then Quest Failed but Quest Failed was okay and funny
    8. Kurovadis basically Metroid shush dont tell nintendo
    7. Aww Man Huniepop was so Huniezing amazing xD Can’t believe how many people I know got introduced to Eroge through Huniepop as well.
    6. Okay although im looking forward to see how this one goes
    5. omg The Bunny Black games are SOOO GOOOD dont recommend to peeps cause its also extremely Hard
    RANCE !!!!
    Monster Girl Quest, Kamidori and RAIDY Such good Series
    HYPE Play Them ALL !!

    Have you checked out the demo of the in development game Monster Girl Island btw ?

    • Nanya

      I haven’t played through the 2nd game fully, that’s why I only put the 1st Boob Wars here.
      Thought Quest Failed was fun.
      Kurovadis is a damn good Not-Metroid game. XD
      Had to include it!
      You and me both. When it’s finished I’m going to do a complete run-through of the game instead of just in chunks.
      Rance is also very difficult!
      Love all of ’em. 😀

  • patyos

    Hmm regarding raidy I know its on the JList Site though. Id put a link but its NSFW

    Edit:its also on JAST USA website under 18+ section in FAntasy & Sci Fi as Digital Download

    Do you mean Physical copy?

    • Nanya

      Ah, I couldn’t find it when I was looking for links. Thank you for that.

  • patyos

    Wish Raidy 3.5 would eventually get english translation and Bunny Black 3

    • Nanya

      I know! ARRRGH! Want Foless’s game!

  • Lord Vector

    Awesome! Thanks for the list.

    • Nanya

      You’re welcome! 😀

    • I´m glad to hear it 😉 And more lewd content is coming up today :3

  • You skipped the real one: Honey Select.

    • I shall punish Phil for that, so I will force him to watch Queen Anita videos for a day or two 😉

      • Nanya


        • The pain is coming son! xD

          • Nanya


      • patyos

        Why not Artificial Academy 2 😀

        • I´ve never heard of that one before, is it any good?

          • patyos

            Yeah ts pretty good and encourages players to customize there experience and has a fun way for players to trade characters with the help of trading cards that are actually .jpg pictures the game loads for characters xD Make your own Academy and Harem xD

          • Really? Then Phil (and I) should check that one out 😉 Off-topic, we got an upcoming interview with this lovely lady :3

  • Eirikr

    Monster Girl Quest and Lightning Warrior Raidy are actually kinda old. I was expecting you to talk about upcoming or current h-games.

    • Nanya

      True, but not everyone knows of them.

  • andelbam

    I prefer Ecchi but not hentai: Gal Gun, Valkyrie Drive, Senran Kagura, Conception 2, Oneecheebara. All those top ten games are disgusting, lack any qualities of an actual game bar HuniePop.

    Good stuff is from Illusion: Artificial Academy 1+2 and the Beach Game 3.0.

    • I´m more into Ecchi games as well (like DOAX3, for example).

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