I know that I (Robin Ek, TGG) have stated in the past that I/we wouldn’t bring up Brinna Wu again as we don’t want to feed her any free PR (I still remember my Samus Aran/Metroid beef with her). Well, I’ve kept my word uptil this point. Because it appears as if I’ve been taken for a ride as of lately. You see, just recently I RT:ed Aardvark Swift‏’s tweet about “influential women pioneers in gaming” via Twtter (as seen in the picture down below). “So what?” Is most likely what the most of you are thinking right now. Well, so did I at the time. As I thought that the article would be about influential women pioneers in the world of video games (like Dona Bailey, who’s seen in the tweet by Aardvark Swift‏).

Well, I was wrong, because I was informed (thanks Just Lyle!) that Aardvark Swift‏’s Joey Relton added Brianna Wu (co-founder Giant Spacekat, the maker for “Revolution 60”)  to his “A Herstory of Gaming” article:

Yes, you read it right. Joey Relton appears to have put Brianna Wu in the same league as Carol Shaw (the first woman game programmer, she made “3D Tic-Tac-Toe” back in 1978), Dona Bailey (the first woman to work on an arcade game. She worked on “Centipede”), Roberta Williams (co-Founder of Sierra, the creator of the “Kings Quest” series) and Danielle Bunten Berry (pioneer of multiplayer games, the creator of “Wheeler Dealers” and “M.U.L.E.”). Just let that one sink in for a while, because this would be as if I would be placed in the same league as Peter Forsberg. Why? Because I have never ever played in the NHL. Hell, I can’t even skate!

My point would be that Brianna Wu shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence as “the influential women pioneers in gaming”. As Miss Wu has not achieved or created anything in the likes of Roberta Williams or Dona Bailey, because let’s be honest. Wu’s “Revolution 60” is a mediocre game at best. So it’s not exactly fair and accurate to the actual influential women pioneers in gaming to be put next to Miss Wu.

I’m also pretty curious why Joey Relton didn’t add the following women to his article instead of Brianna Wu:

Jennifer D’aww – Character designer and Animator, pixel artist and programmer

Fran Bow: 
Natalia Figueroa – Designer

Robin Hunicke – producer

Among the Sleep
Karoline Aske – Artist
Alexandra Skimmeland – Programmer
Tina Alfredsen – 2D artist

Jemma Hughes – Art and design

The Typing of the Dead: Overkill
Helana Santos — programmer

Jennifer Schneidereit – Co-founder, co-creator

Well, I think you get my point. It’s also worth pointing out that Joey Relton’s “A Herstory of Gaming” article wasn’t exactly truthful about #GamerGate either (the “harassment received during Gamergate in 2014” part) . So I think it’s safe to say that the article is anything but 100% accurate (which is rather worrisome, since Aardvark Swift is a proud sponsor of the Women in Game Awards  and founder of the Breakthrough Talent Award…). Nevertheless, I’m going to let you guys and girls decide that one for yourselves. So I have added everything that you need to know down below (links and sources).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Just Lyle

Aardvark Swift‏
A Herstory of Gaming by Joey Relton
The Lie Heard Around the World #GamerGate #NotYourShield
TL;DR – Brianna Wu: The Victim of Everything #gamergate
Brianna Wu – Gamers were born in a sewage
Brianna Wu and Revolution 60
What It’s Like to Be a Target on the Internet Every Day
Brianna Wu on pinterest
Leading ladies: Amazing indie games made by women

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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31 Comments ON " “A Herstory of Gaming” – Did jus... "
  • SevTheBear

    It’s a wonder how the hell BW keeps pooping up. No one in the industry should give FUCK about his, Anita and Zoe’s BS. Can’t these morons mess with PETA instead?

    • Rumors has it that Brinna Wu didn’t do a damn thing during the “Revolution 60” development process. So if there is any truth to that, then she doesn’t even have Rev 60 to her name either. In other words, she hasn’t done a damn thing to deserve to be a part of that article.

      • SevTheBear

        Wouldn’t surprise me

        • That’s how Wu rolls for sure.

  • ExhaustedSquid

    The only thing Wu did for women in games is contribute to a massive stigma, one that all a lady has to do is fuck her way in….

    No wait, that was Quinn.

    And Dina.


    Check that, the only thing that Wu did for women in games was create the stigma that all a lady has to do is ride of sympathy and cry in order to gain ‘support’ for whatever they’re making, even if the final results is a massive pile of steaming shit. Wu has time and time again shown herself to be the last person you want to be the ambassador of ANYTHING. I mean, what more can be said about her that I and others haven’t already talked about. She’s a liar, she’s unskilled, she’s is nowhere NEAR oppressed in ANY way and for the most part (and like a lot of SJWs) she skates off the finances of others, in this case her parents and her husband.

    Let’s be honest here; Wu created more or less a college level project, something a freshman would do for their first ever games project and as a whole, it would be GRADE but nothing worth held up to such high levels as the indie shit clique is telling us to. It is nothing worth praising and instead feels like an experiment of cringe to see what else can go wrong. To place Wu shoulder-to-shoulder with women who have worked tooth and nail, whether as programmers, writers, artist, ect, is an INSULT. Wu does not deserve to be anywhere near them because she has made nothing that has revolutionized and changed gaming, not even in the smallest margin.

    Wu only got into games because it was the in thing for her to do at the time to gather money and attention. When the attention she got was negative, she gave up after one go and then clutched onto the next thing she could think of, following after Hillary to be the first ‘female’ of something (probably) and already in her endeavor for that she has shown her incompetence, lack of tact and debate, as well as the sheer fact she is just an unlikable asshole.

    At least Trump has charm and he knows how to entertain people because that’s what he is (on top of being a businessman) Wu has NOTHING. People can bitch about Trump all they like even before he was President but can we just say that the man DOES know how to work and HAS worked. Wu HASN’T and yet she expects to be handed shit because of things like she’s a woman, or she TRANSITIONED to a woman and so on.

    Her whole life is just ‘Give me this thing because I am different and special’ even if she is clearly undeserving of anything.

    • That’s exactly how it is. She’s a privilaged, spoiled and self-proclaimed narcissist/moron.

  • How does someone qualify as being a pioneer in gaming when they had almost next to nothing to do with the one game they’ve ever released, and when that one game is a steaming load of irredeemable horse shit, featuring gameplay mechanics cribbed from better games and art-direction that would have drawn derision even back in 1995?

    • Because Brianna Wu is someone who fits their false narrative that all women are discriminated against, harassed, put in chains and treated like sex slaves by the evil male patriarchy of the video games industry.

      With Wu, they can also add in the “transgender people are discriminated against” narrative as well for extra SJW bonus points.

      • I bet that she forced herself into that article just like that “if you don’t add me in, then I will let everyone know that you are anti-trans” and so on.

    • It’s a self-proclaimed title on Wu’s behalf…

    • Ah, that one is easy. That’s because in Brianna Wu’s mind she’s Shigurui Miyota, John Carmack and Warren Spector 😉

  • Never mind Brianna Wu being undeserving of the list, but I think this whole “women in gaming is better than sliced bread” thing is complete horse shit.

    The truth is, women have been involved in video game development for decades, mostly as designers, artists and sound producers. If you go back 20+ years and look in the credits of the games in the past, you’ll always find female producers who have been involved and contributed to the development of the game. They, along with the male producers/developers, did not get any recognition back then because 1) the internet was not mainstream, 2) there was no social media, 3) feminism did not care about video games, and 4) SJW Misandry Gender Studies was not widely taught in academia.

    Instead, what this SJW/feminist “Women In Gaming” narrative aims to do is to create the false notion that every woman in gaming are discriminated against, harassed and treated like sex slaves by the evil male Patriarchy, and completely ignores the fact that women themselves are choosing other career paths.

    It’s all basically an indirect attack on men and male culture again.

    Quite frankly, Brianna Wu, Joey Relton and Aardvark Swift are pieces of s**ts for peddling this false narrative.

    • I don’t know if you remember it, but I did actually try to get Brianna Wu to respond back to me about my Samus Aran post. Long story short, she never did get in touch with me. Hell, she only had some PR-person to let me know that she didn’t want to talk about it. My point would be that Wu has so high thoughts about herself that it’s laughable.

  • Maria Maasaa

    Wu isn’t a woman though

  • MusouTensei

    Them using “herstory” (Not a real word) should have been a red flag already. But yeah, unlike the other women listed, the Wuman hasn’t contributed one single positive thing to the industry, she is barely a part of it in general. She doesn’t belong in that article.

    • Nope, but I bet that they added Wu just because of the “GG attacked me” narrative on her behalf…As Wu uses the “GG survivor” slogan as a achievement of a life time medal of sorts.

  • John27

    John Flynt is a psychotic eunuch. He belongs in an article about psychopathology, not videogame pioneers.

    • That sounds about right imo. I’m honestly surprised that Wu hasn’t pulled a gun at some random people at game events just yet.

  • John27

    The female music composers at Konami and Capcom should be on that list:

    Kinuyo Yamashita – Castlevania
    Manami Matsumae – Strider, Final Fight, Street Fighter II, Rock Man II/Mega Man II
    Tamayo Kawamoto – Ghouls ‘n Ghosts
    Junko Tamiya – Bionic Commando, Tiger Road, Gun Smoke
    Satoe Terashima – Castlevania II, Salamander/Life Force, Green Beret/Rush ‘n Attack, The Goonies II


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