Ahh, what better time to have a nice, cool refreshing virtue signal than when the most popular YouTuber says a naughty word while live streaming a video game? At this point, I’m not even surprised. People getting all up in a pseudo-tizzy because someone said a bad word these days is commonplace now, even though it shouldn’t be. Recently, PewDiePie was live streaming a video game called “Player Unknown Battlegrounds” when he cursed at another player. This is what people are getting upset about. Even Pat the NES Punk took shots at him with his friend Ian on their podcast, talking about how hateful Pewdiepie is.

pewdiepie the moment of truth

The moment of truth (source: akamaihd.net).

The issue people are taking with PewDiePie is that he used the “n” word, which is a racial slur. Anyways, joining this faux outrage is Sean Vanaman (creator of the famous walking simulator “Firewatch”) who has decided to do false DMCA takedowns of Pewdiepie’s years-old “Firewatch” videos as a response for the outrage, looking like a fool while doing so as his own website gives players full right to stream and post videos of “Firewatch” and removing an old video that no longer makes money seems incredibly pointless.

When I started this article, it was in the heat of the situation. Every time I thought I was done writing it, something else happened to make it worse, and then another and another. Eventually, I decided to start over and make this a think piece in order to avoid the endless string of news and focus on the issue itself.

pewdiepie charity

Oh my god! What a hateful human being he is…How dare he be so mean as to say a bad word. Jesus! (source: fraghero).

Pewdiepie said a “forbidden” word. This is the gist of the situation. I ask you, why does this matter? Pewdiepie is not a professional. He’s not a politician, or a teacher, or anyone of status. Not to say he can’t be influential, because he can, but I don’t see how a guy with a camera and a computer saying one bad word is the worst thing on the planet, no matter how many subscribers he has.

I don’t even understand why we have this arbitrary rule that only certain people should say that word. Personally, I don’t use bad words. I don’t see any reason why I should, but I believe that all people should have free range over all words. A word only has as much power as you give it, and banning a word only makes it that much stronger. The “n” word isn’t Beetlejuice. Saying it won’t summon an annoying ghost that will try to marry you.

It’s kind of insane how fast this fire spread, but let’s be real. The only reason anyone is freaking out is because it’s Pewdiepie. Almost any other YouTuber could say the same word and no one bat an eye. If you want an example, take Idubbbz, who even made a video about how dumb the weight of the ‘n’ word is in the modern-day, but the only time he ever got publicity for it was when he pulled a prank on a fellow YouTuber. However, when Swedish treasure Pewdiepie says the same word once, suddenly everyone and their mother is trying to make a cash grab calling him out through virtue signaling.

pewdiepie on firewatch review bombing

False DMCA takedowns is not cool, but I can’t say that review bombings are that much better either (I guess that’s why Steam is looking into the matter).

As we all know: Drama and Controversy sell like hotcakes.

The audiences of those freaking out about Pewdiepie are also getting upset because they assume that Pewdiepie is being hateful for saying the word, when in truth, he lost himself to the heat of the moment and said a word in anger. Anyone who enjoys video games knows about the heat of the moment. Which is why I wasn’t surprised when Polygon tried to say that there is no such thing as “the heat of the moment.

slate vs pewdiepie and the n word blames gamergate

“As Gamergate showed, there’s no behavior so vile that other gamers won’t defend it out of tribal solidarity, and Kjellberg’s latest fuckup was no exception.” – I really love the fact that Slate just tossed in #GamerGate into the blame mix as well, charming indeed…

Yes, there really is. Especially in online games when you’re playing with other players. Heck, I get mad enough playing Dante Must Die in “Devil May Cry 3”, throwing my controller, turning off my TV in rage before I turn it back on and return to the game in a huff, I couldn’t imagine what I’d do against real people if I played long enough.

Since writing the previous paragraph, it has come to my attention that in “Player Unknown Battlegrounds”, there are no respawns so if you die, you are perma-dead. So I can very well understand the intensity of the heat of that moment. Right now, Pewdiepie is everyone’s cash cow, and if he wants to get everyone’s eyes off him, what he needs to do is simple: he has to ignore the publicity from controversy, continue doing what he does, and not concern himself with Dramahogs and overly sensitive children. Eventually, if he continues to be controversial, the value and power of his controversies will all but vanish.

This isn’t to say he should spew bad words everywhere, but if he ends up in a situation where he is accidentally controversial, he shouldn’t worry about the press. He shouldn’t worry about offending anyone, because at the end of the day, what he says are just words. The press is just trying to make a shallow buck off a controversy that means nothing.

Since the situation, Pewdiepie has given his public apology for saying a word in frustration.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

I am an advocate for free speech for all, even for people who say or do things that I disagree with. Furthermore, I disagree with Pewdiepie’s use of the word, but believe that he has a right to say it.

Robin Ek – Editor and co-writer
Mark Kern
Ian Miles Cheong
Nick Monroe

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14 Comments ON " A personal take on the Pewdiepie “N” word aftermat... "
  • SevTheBear

    Not sure if the Firewatch dev did this for attention or just SJW hippie. No one would (or should) have given a shit if Sean Vanaman hadn’t said anything. It’s pure SJW BS. But that’s twitter drama for ya.

    The “N” problem is a only a problem when a White or Asian person says it. Yet we hear it ALOT from black rappers and actors + it’s okay for them to says racist shit about everybody else for some BS reason (some of them says so)

    • It’s hard to say, but I’m quite sure that it didn’t turn out the way that he wanted it to…With no doubt. True that, and let’s not forget the fact that the MSM (and sites like NeoGaf) keeps a close eye on people like Pewdiepie 24/7 as well. Why? Because he might just say or do something that they could turn into an article or whatever.

      • SevTheBear

        Some say it’s because they want more attention to their game. I just think his SJW suit is a bit to tight.

        Yeah Pewdiepie is their favorite bunching bag after all and they take any shoot at him they can. But at the same time it’s free PR for Piediepie.

        • That sounds like a good guess to me. Well, he had to pay a very high price for this SJW stunt of his. You know, I’m almost 100% sure that most of these sites have at least ONE person that stalks Pewdiepie 24/7 on the Internet. Simply put, they just wait for him to do or say something that they could use for clicks…

          • SevTheBear

            Wouldn’t surprise me one bit

          • Did you watch the new “Star Trek”? I’ve been told that it’s a SJW shit fest…

          • SevTheBear

            Oh it is. It’s the mother load of SJW horseshit

          • I could be wrong, but isn’t the actor who plays Sasha in TWD to be found in the new “Star Trek” series? She’s really hot :3

          • SevTheBear

            didn’t notice it. A shame if she really is in such a shitty show

          • *Spoiler warning!* She got killed off in TWD, so she needed a new gig. So I hope that she stacks up on cash, because I don’t think that the new “Star Trek” series will be around for long…

          • SevTheBear

            Yeah she would better of in a different show that is not SJW heavy

          • I would join another series asap if I were in her shoes, because the Star Trek series is already going down the drain.

    • Not sure if the Firewatch dev did this for attention or just SJW hippie.

      Attention and virtue-signaling. And it’s due to the fear-mongering climate created by SJWs.

      Is he really an SJW? No-one knows, but it doesn’t really matter, because people won’t care whether he is or not. The only thing that matters is what comes out of his mouth. If he spews the same SJW and feminist talking points, that makes him an SJW as far as I’m concerned.

      It’s like an Atheist pretending to be a Christian priest. The Atheist preaches to the church followers to follow God and the bible. No-one knows he’s really an Atheist. Therefore, everyone will see him as a Christian and believe his every word.

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