Sometime ago we heard about an “Animal Crossing” game coming to smart devices, and with this Nintendo Direct (October 24, 2017) we were introduced to “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” (the game is coming to iOS and Android devices in November this year). Much like “Fire Emblem Heroes” this app looks like a simplified version of the life simulation gameplay that the franchise is known for.

In “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” you are put in charge of a camp by Isabelle from “Animal Crossing: New Leaf” (I guess the last guy that was supposed to be the manager also ran off). Before that, however, you can actually customize your avatar. No beating around the bush with questions to generate your character, you make them as though you’re building a Mii. Similar to “New Leaf”’s mayor duties you set up furniture, amenities, and many other items for your animal friends.

isabelle animal crossing pocket camp

Déjà vu, Isabelle. Déjà vu.

Once you get your career rolling you’ll be playing around in nature, fishing, gathering fruit, and collecting bugs (among other things) just as you would do in an Animal Crossing game. You’ll be doing this so you can gain materials for your camp, but the whole point in the franchise is to relax and go nuts. Aside from humans you can befriend (weird, right?) you’ll be making a lot of animal friends. They’ll talk and grow attached to you, gain some friend levels (a series first), and request some help. Helping out an animal friend will give you materials for crafting and other rewards that you can put towards your camp. They’ll swing by your camp often if you have stuff that appeals to them, so work hard on building a fantastic camp.

penelope animal crossing pocket camp

I guess you’re as peppy as Penelope.

Speaking of camp attractions, you can ask Cyrus from Re-Tail (“Animal Crossing: New Leaf”) to handcraft some furniture with materials you collected. Just call him up and place an order. You can also order amenities (similar to Public Works from “New Leaf”) as long as you can pay Cyrus the full amount of Bells up front. It’ll take real-time (no time traveling) to complete amenities such as pools, merry-go-rounds, and half-pipes but these will help attract animal friends. If they like what you did with the place they’ll be swinging by more often.

cyrus animal crossing pocket camp

When you need to place an order you can use your phone to call Cyrus on your phone. Wait…

From the looks of it you’ll be living out of your camper, your home away from home away from home (if you’re playing an Animal Crossing game along with this app). Like your house in the franchise, you can deck it with furniture and upgrade it. At OK Motors, ran under Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe, you can customize your camper and build more space inside (trust me; these homes are bigger despite the small exterior). Naturally, this isn’t cheap and you’ll have to take out a loan as though you’re dealing with a tanooki, but this consequence-free loan system is for the birds.

giovanni carlo and beppe animal crossing pocket camp

Giovanni, Carlo, and Beppe will set your camper up in no time. Being a mechanic is better than slinging from place to place.

And it wouldn’t be an “Animal Crossing” game without shopping and seasonal events. Since Cyrus can’t craft everything, you can buy clothes and other goods from vendors. Furthermore, throughout the year, you can participate in different events throughout the seasons.

Personally, I think this looks like a fun side game to play, even if you’re new to “Animal Crossing”. This could distract current “Animal Crossing” players from their usual activities. However, these life simulator games are meant to be played and relax in a town with tasks you can easily accomplish than you could in real life, like being a home owner. So I don’t think playing two “Animal Crossing” games would affect anything.

As for Nintendo’s mobile library, not only this looks like another good title in the app store, but their smart device games have been fairly impressive so far. I’m not going to do the whole doom prophesy thing or anything of the sort here; I think they’re doing alright for themselves with their hardware, even when it looks like the Nintendo 3DS family (my current favorite Nintendo system) may be meeting the end of its console life after 2018 sets in.

animal crossing pocket camp fishing for some squid

You can’t have a camp-like game without some fishing action. So “Animal crossing: Pocket camp” is already of to a good start on that front.

Nevertheless, if it does come down to it at least we know they can make some pretty entertaining apps, and maybe some PC games. Game Freak (knowing they’re not exclusive to Nintendo), known for their Pokémon series, has a game out on Steam so at least The Big N has a developer who can hook them up.

With that little tangent out-of-the-way I’m looking forward to booting up the game (when it’s officially released) late this November. I have played some very good mobile games since I’ve been writing for The Gaming Ground, and I’m sure Nintendo will add to that library with “Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp” and any future app they come out with.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Animal Crossing Mobile Direct Oct.24.2017
Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp Official Website

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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