Youtube doesn’t bite the hand that feeds, they bite it off!

It´s kind of funny, because I originally intended to write about Youtubes +301 view’s fix and Youtube´s new design and features. But then I heard about what happened to Ethan and Hila (h3h3Productions). And in case you haven´t heard about the “h3h3Productions Vs Youtube and Fullscreen” incident yet, I will try my very best to summarize that story for you. So here we go! Back in December last year h3h3Productions uploaded a video called “Kissing Pranks – H3h3 reaction video” (which would be a parody video of Chris from Prankinvasion), and that video became a huge success. Well, Fullscreen (which would be the biggest network on Youtube. Andre the Black Nerd and Melonie Mac is to be found on the Fullscreen network for example) decided to make a copyright claim on that video.

ethan and hila fullscreen

“Power to the creators”? Yeah, right…

Why? Because the “Kissing Pranks” video (which is a parody about Chris) featured a clip of Chris from Prankinvasion (his Youtube network just happens to be Fullscreen), thus the copyright flag by Fullscreen. So Ethan and h3h3Productions went through hell because of this, since Fullscreen wouldn´t drop their copyright claim. And just to make things even worse, Fullscreen also gave h3h3Productions a strike on Youtube (if you get three strikes, Youtube will close down your Youtube channel for good). So Ethan made a response video to this, and asked people to tweet out to Fullscreen about what has happened to him. And that´s exactly what people did (JonTron and Boogie2988 for example). And that was obviously more than enough to make Fullscreen cave in, since they have removed their strike and copyright claim against h3h3Productions. That´s good news of course, but this kind of behavior won´t end until Youtube does something about their system. As it´s very inviting to this kind of behavior (copyright abuse, strikes on Youtube etc.).

Youtube needs to change their copyright and monetization system

And trust me when I say this, I know what this is like. As I’ve been dealing with copyright claims and Youtube strikes in the past. Like that one time when Square Enix decided to copyright flag (and give us a strike) for a Final Fantasy soundtrack that we uploaded (the soundtrack was not for sell anywhere. It was a soundtrack rip). It took about five months before Youtube removed the strike (and all the limitations that came with it). So we had to work with a crippled Youtube account for + five months. Then we had a copyright incident with Ubisoft over an indie game (the indie developer had stolen code and design from one of Ubisoft´s games), that one got sorted out rather fast thanks to Ubisoft though. That´s the thing though, if the person (or company) who makes a copyright claim (or strike) against you. Don´t lift his or her strike/copyright claim against you, then you´re screwed pretty much. As Youtube won´t do a damn thing about it.

So as you might imagine, it doesn´t take all that much to get all of your hard work ruined because of this. And I can´t say that Youtube´s monetization system is much better either, since it seems like it´s acting as if everything you upload is stolen content by default. At least, that´s the case for us, because every video that we have uploaded since May 15th, has been stripped from the monetization ability. In short, we won´t get a single cent from those videos. And it´s no idea to try to prove that you own everything in the video (s) either, as Youtube will just overrule claims of that kind. And “if” you do to many “I can prove that I own the content in this video” claims, then you will be denied to earn any money from ALL of your future videos by default.

youtube monetization system

Youtube started to deny us money on May the 15th.

All that hard work and still you won´t get a dime from Youtube

So no matter what you do. You WILL be screwed by either Youtube or some third-party member, but no one listened when I wrote my “Youtube rips you, me and us off – The truth about the monetization system” article. I was 100% right though, and I started to notice that there was something strange (fishy) going down several months ago. As I saw more and more people on selling stuff (caps, hats, T-shirts and so on) on Youtube via their channels. Then I saw that Patreon had started to gain a lot of ground on Youtube. At that time, I was not quite sure why this “sell stuff” and “please support me on Patreon” trend had taken off big time. However, now I know for sure, especially since Ethan and Hila (h3h3Productions) two videos on “Youtube censorship”.

It´s simply because people are having a very hard time to earn any money from their videos on Youtube. It´s just the big channels that cash in a lot on the Youtube money (Smosh, Pewdiepie and so on). In other words, if you´re not a big (millions of subscribers) or medium-sized (+250k) Youtube channel. So there´s pretty much only five “safe”ways to earn money on your Youtube videos, and that´s the following (which I also stated in the past):

1. Donations from fans (via Paypal, Patreon and similar donation services)

2. Sell stuff via Your Youtube channel (cloths, coffee mugs and so on)

3. Wear clothes or gears that you get paid to wear, or you just read up a “and this video is sponsored by” message at the very beginning of your video.

4. Have third-party ads in your videos

5. Paid to do video-ads (a whole video dedicated to product, service or whatever)

I should also point out that I mailed the Youtube support two times about this matter (why we won´t get paid for the video that we have made since May). For example. I asked Youtube to point out where the copyrighted content were to be found in our videos. Well, so far we haven’t heard a word from Youtube. And funny enough. I even tried to upload an ugly picture which I had made in paint, but that didn´t help. Ss Youtube denied us the ability to earn money from that video as well.

So in other words, don´t expect to earn a penny from your Youtube videos (unless you follow my “five safe ways to earn money on your Youtube videos” guide). As it´s becoming harder and harder for Youtube creators to monetize from their videos (hard work). Another thing, be very careful when different Youtube networks contact you, and read through their contracts with great care. Because if you don´t, you might end up in a really bad situation (you might lose the right over your channel, content, etc.).

With that said, what´s your thoughts on this?

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