The Nintendo Switch insanity is now at an all-time high, because less than 24 hours ago, the Switch launched and already there are reports of the console doing poorly. So buyers beware, here are a number of issues the Nintendo Switch is currently having:

The Switch’s dock will sometimes scratch the screen if you aren’t careful.

One YouTuber by the name of Blunty made a video yesterday revealing to his audience that the dock of the Nintendo Switch has the potential to scratch the screen if you do not buy a screen protector. This seems to be an oversight by Nintendo on the design of the console, where the environment of the dock could scratch the plastic part of the screen. So if you are going to buy the console, Blunty recommends you buy a screen protector.

There are also problems with the screen.

There are three problems that the screen can have. You have your complementary Orange and Blue Bricks and you have your screen flickers. The Orange brick, at this moment, can be fixed by holding down the power button to reset the console. The Blue brick, however, there seem to be fix available for the problem (at least not at this time). The third issue is the flickering. Playing the console may result in flickering screens that otherwise do not harm gameplay, but the player will definitely be annoyed at this visual error.

Error Code: 2162-0002

Some users have had an issue where no matter what they do, they receive this error. One user has done everything from power cycling the Switch to a full factory reset, and is not finding much luck. As of today, the user is having the Switch replaced by Nintendo. This error makes Breath of the Wild crash repeatedly and as of right now. Nintendo doesn’t seem to know if it’s the console or the game that is having the error.

The Charger Port

This error has been pointed out by our friendly neighborhood Notch, who pointed out that the placement of the charger port conflicts with the stand that allows you to freehand the console. This is another oversight by Nintendo, who clearly doesn’t understand that sometimes people want to play the portable part of the console and charge it at the same time. There is another issue where the charger port in the dock needs to have the Switch carefully lowered onto it as you may miss the port and end up scratching the screen to make it fit just right.

The high-pitched Scream

This is something that there’s little to say on it outside of what it is. The Nintendo Switch will sometimes let out this fire alarm-like scream that just hurts to listen to. Link will be provided down below as an example.

Other Bluetooth device interference

You people at home that have a number of wireless and Bluetooth devices? Yeah. Prepare to turn off every single one in the nearby area if you want to play this console because the Switch’s Joy-Con controllers have connectivity issues if there is any kind of interference in the nearby area. At this point, Nintendo is looking to find a way to fix these issues.

There may be a number of other problems people with the Switch may have at this moment, and we will keep this article updated as developments occur. Right now, there are posts on the Nintendo Reddit that are concerned with the Switch’s Lithium Ion battery and the idea of it catching fire at any moment, given the recent problem with Samsung, however as of right now there are no reports of this happening, and Lithium Ion batteries are extremely common these days. Nintendo hasn’t had an answer to the people with these console issues, but when they do, we’ll be sure to let you all know.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


***Update 1 – 2017-03-04 – 21:30 CET***

Skins on the Switch

Dbrand, a company known for customizable skins for consoles and similar products, has made an announcement that due to the material that makes up the Joy-Con controller, they cannot put a skin on the controllers without damaging the surface of the controllers. Doing so scratches and damages the surface.

Since then, dbrand is cancelling preorders and has given everyone a refund. It is imperative that you do not buy a skin for your Nintendo Switch as it appears as if there is no solution to prevent damaging the surface.

Just Lyle


***Update 2 – 2017-03-04 – 21:30 CET***

Dead Pixels/Light and Dark Areas on the Screen

We have now another screen issue. Nintendo has announced that some Switch consoles may come with dead pixels, black or bright dots, or light/dark patches on the screen. They have said that these are normal and should not be considered a defect. This kind of issue is easy to overlook on a larger screen, but given the area of the Switch screen. Some may find this distracting and a large issue, as some may refrain from using the portable aspects if they choose to get the Switch at all.

Senator Armstrong


***Update 3 – 2017-03-14 – 16:10 CET***

Melting MicroSD Cards

Just for clarification, Sos Sosowski pointed out that it was his SanDisk 128GB MicroSD card’s fault that it melted, and not his Switch console. I am sorry for any misunderstanding or confusion that we might have caused you.

sos sosowski on the sd card problem switch

Let’s hope that this won’t become a big problem for other MicroSD cards and Switch users.

In a recent post on Twitter has shown us that the Switch as another problem with overheating. You see, on one user’s Switch (Sos Sosowski), we’ve seen that at times the Switch can run at temperatures so hot, that the external MicroSD card can melt and become a major problem with the user. For those of you who currently own a Switch, a personal recommendation is that you limit how long you spend playing at a time to prevent overheating of the console, or avoid using an external MicroSD card.

And with that said, have you guys and girls had any problems with the Nintendo Switch and MicroSD cards? If so, then feel free to share your experience with us in the comment section down below!

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