You know, for the last couple of years. I have seen quite a few crazy Twitter rants (Tauriq Moosa and Arthur Chu anyone?), personal attacks (like that one time when Gizmodo went after Palmer Luckey) and more or less threats from people who work for big Gaming sites such as Kotaku and Polygon (not to mention plenty of conflict of interest cases). Nevertheless, over the years it´s been mainly Polygon and Kotaku that have published the largest amount of nonsense posts, tweets and whatnot (like Polygon´s Pewdiepie Vs Nintendo post, or Kotaku´s whine about the fan service in “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus post”). In this particular case though, the main focus is on Kotaku, and funny enough. It only took one tweet by Brad Glasgow (Kunkel Award finalist, freelance writer, Researcher and owner of to set the sea in motion (as seen in the picture down below).

Long story short, Glasgow simply called out Kotaku´s Patricia Hernandez on her “Mass Effect: Andromeda” post by saying:

“This is Kotaku. What’s the answer to articles like this? It’s going to take active support of decent journalism.” – Brad Glasgow

Well, so far, so good, right? Not quite so, because Patrick Stafford (writer for Polygon, Rolling Stone, Edge and others) went absolutely bananas when he saw Glasgow´s call out tweet to Kotaku:

“Crash course in how to get yourself ignored by an industry right here.” – Patrick Stafford

patrick stafford vs brad glasgow

“Crash course in how to get yourself ignored by an industry right here.” – I take it that Stafford meant Kotaku´s low quality article in the tweet? *sarcasm*

tgg vs patrick stafford

When you attack and look down on your own audience, then it´s time for you as a consumer to take your time and money else where (yes, I´m looking at you Kotaku, Polygon, Gamasutra with many others.

So I take it that Patrick Stafford got really salty at Glasgow, as it appears as Stafford (more or less) threatened Glasgow’s career for making fun of Kotaku (at least by the looks of Stafford´s tweet). I wouldn´t bother all that much about what Stafford says though, as his working for sites such as Polygon and Rolling Stone. Simply put, Glasgow got more integrity and higher journalism standards than Stafford does. Furthermore, Gaming sites like Polygon isn’t even relevant anymore. Hell, most Gamers don´t trust the established Gaming media (the same could be said about MSM as well), and it´s been like that for years now (thus the rise of alternative Gaming site, like our site, for example).

gamers vs patrick stafford part 1

You can really tell that Gamers are more than fed up with Gaming sites like Polygon and Kotaku.

gamers vs patrick stafford part 2

“Writing for Polygon is a crash course in being ignored by everyone else” – Not only is that true, but it´s also been proven a lot as of lately (like in the case with Polygon and Doom 2016).

What I´m trying to say is that people like Patrick Stafford are nervous that they might end up without a job in the near future, and rightfully so. As the Gaming community (and even the game developers themselves) are fed up with sites like Polygon and Kotaku (I guess that´s one of the reasons behind why E3 finally opening up to the general public). Because you know what they say right? “Something’s gotta give“, and I feel that we have now reached that point. As everyone (Gamers, game developers and even publishers) has had more than enough of the lousy, corrupt and anti-Gamer minded Gaming sites and outlets (“Gamers are dead“? No, but the established Gaming media is about to become dead for real).

ubisoft employee thinks kotaku is shit

I wouldn´t be surprised to hear that KamenRiderOppressor really does work at Ubisoft, because I´ve spoken to people from other game companies that don’t like Kotaku (or Polygon) all that much either.

And speaking of the devil. While I was writing up this OP post, I was informed that Ben Kuchera (Senior Editor for Polygon) attacked Gamers and the Gaming culture once again. However, this time Kuchera even brought in white supremacists into his delusional twitter rant about Gaming culture:

So I guess that one could say that Ben Kuchera represents everything that most Gamers despise (anti-Gamer, anti Gaming culture and SJW/PC nonsense), but you know what? Kuchera and sites like Kotaku and Polygon don´t represent Gamer/Gaming culture, and I bet that they are more than aware of that fact. Hell, that is probably the reason why people like Kuchera and Stafford are really cranky and salty all the time (especially when people call them out on their bs), because they know that they are living on borrowed time. As Gamers are moving away from the “established” Gaming media, and lining up for alternative Gaming sites and magazines instead.

ben kuchera on white supremacists part 2

Kuchera really needs mental help.

In all honesty though, who could blame Gamers for doing that really? I mean, why would you continue to support a site or magazine that continues to look down on you and your hobby? (and for some, their profession and living hood). The answer is, you simply don´t, and that is what we´re seeing right now. Because Gamers are just taking their business else where (Gamers vote with their wallets, just like everybody else). In a way, all of this made me think about that one time when Randy Pitchford sang his super salty anti-GamerGate song at Pax West 2016. As that song really does represent much of the madness and nonsense that exist in the games industry today (I thought Gaming events used to be about games?). Worry not though, because the wind of change is coming. So just continue to support the sites that love Gaming culture, gamers and games, and ignore the rest. Then everything will turn out just fine in the end.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Just Lyle

Patrick Stafford
Brad Glasgow:
Ben Kuchera
Crecent Vale

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground ´s) opinions.

I´m not a fan of Polygon, Kotaku or other anti-Gamer, anti-Gaming culture sites.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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5 Comments ON " Did just Polygon´s Patrick Stafford threaten Brad ... "
  • Kageyama

    To say that this is way out of control is an understatement.

  • Maria Maasaa

    Kotaku thinks they still have some kind of pull?

  • MusouTensei

    I don’t think I ever heard about that guy before, but he fits right in with the other “journos”.

    • Same here, but he backs up Polygon and Kotaku. So that says quite a lot about him…

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