After the fallout of the censorship of “Fire Emblem Fates” and the controversies that came as a result, you’d think Nintendo of America would use the logical centers of their brains and not have that happen again. Unfortunately, Nintendo’s Treehouse doesn’t see it that way. As we can see from Twitter user @ramtower, also known as Richard Amtower, he sees the changing of characterization as no big deal, possibly even his duty, as shown in the following image.

richard amtower a sjw supporter

Do you want some SJW agenda injected into your games? Alrighty then!

Now, there could be more to this, as he later says:

“If we’d kept [Vagrant Story] as it was in the Japanese, it wouldn’t have a writing style that matched the art at all.”

However, this is in response to another twitter user who is not in the provided archive, as since then, Mr. Amtower has deleted the tweets.

So who is Mr. Amtower? Well, simply put, he’s a Localization Producer/Manager of Nintendo of America, responsible for the localization of such games like “Fire Emblem: Awakening” and, more recently, “Tokyo Mirage Sessions”. Also proud “SJW Feminist Gamer” and Zoey Quinn supporter.

richard amtower anti-white

You´re not a true SJW knight if you´re not anti-white.

Now, the “official” story seems to be that Atlus censored their own game before it even arrived to Nintendo of America, meaning they are doing it willingly right? Well, not necessarily. Hear me out for a second. Let’s say that it’s true, that Atlus did censor the game before Nintendo of America, and by extension, the Treehouse, got their grubby little hands on it. What if they didn’t have much choice? I mean think about it. All of us know NoA’s nasty habit of changing too much about a game for the sake of “localization.” (Let’s not forget “Waggity, Waggity, Waggity”). Atlus changing their game could be just to save the game from the practices of NoA. However, I was never one for believing articles shared by spam bots.

Now, is that a definite? No, of course not, although it is more than just a little suspicious. For the record, when I click it, it takes me to an article for a fraction of a second before taking me to a different, unrelated article. Whether this is connected to Nintendo or Atlus, we cannot say. However, it appears to many people that these bots were made to post in order to do damage control in the wake of “Tokyo Mirage”. So why the link takes them to a quickly vanishing article (in my case, at least) I cannot say. It could very well be some Internet troll.

Given the types of people who worked for, or still work for Nintendo Treehouse, such as Alison Rapp and currently Nich Maragos, I wouldn’t put this past them. If you don’t know Nich Maragos, he’s the guy who told people not to buy “Senran Kagura: Estival Versus” when it came out as a way of trying to defend Rapp after she was fired.

nich maragos vs senran kagura

Stay classy, Nich. Stay Classy. (Source:

Back in February, Nich added onto a post comparing people who dislike censorship as religious nutjobs, completely unaware of the fact that these people are his potential audience, people who now, more than likely, will not be purchasing his game.

nich maragos leigh alexander

Nich supports people like Leigh Alexander, who has attacked Gamers and gaming repeatedly throughout the years.

Furthermore, given Atlus’ history of strange themes they did not censor in previous games, such as Shadow Rise in “Persona 4”, it makes more sense that this is the work of Nintendo Treehouse.

persona 4 golden shadow rise

Seriously, are you telling me they’ll censor Tokyo Mirage, but not this? Doubtful. (Source:

To pull this tangled mess of an opinion piece together: Atlus is not known to censor themselves, obviously. I believe that if they actually did, which does not seem likely, it was the pressure of having to publish through Nintendo Treehouse, where it would probably be in worse shape if they let them handle it. I only hope Atlus comes out and speaks on the subject soon. However, until then remember, Nintendo Treehouse doesn’t try to push any agenda, whatsoever with their localizations and censorship.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers’ (nor The Gaming Ground’s) opinions.

I am a fan of Atlus and their work. I also do not hate Nintendo, although I have a lack of trust in Nintendo of America and the Treehouse, specifically.

Robin Ek – Editor
M*crotransaction Fan (@tamlin69)
Mildra (@MildraTheMonk)
Hom-Ru-Beoulve (@rugliabeoulve2)

Sources and resources:

tgg author avatar Jay Shay
Justin Easler
Senior editor
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42 Comments ON " Has Atlus actually censored their own game? A theo... "
  • Nanya

    Okay, the last one with Phoenix Wright was actually a one-of joke, apparently.

    Plus the “microagressions” line was shoe-horned in, not used to actually replace actual Japanese Dialog. And from what I’ve seen/heard from others, it seems to be the only one.

    • I truly hope that you´re right…As we get stuff like that injected to everything and nothing nowadays.

      • Nanya

        Same here, but some people who know the original did comparisons and pointed out that none of the lines were changed, this was just shoe-horned it.

        It’s not like the Fates debacle with whole conversations being changed to “…………..” after all.

        • Jay Shay

          True story. That was absolutely horrible. How could they get away with that?

          • Viredae

            I like to think we didn’t let them.

          • Jay Shay

            True enough. They do it on their own volition. Problem is that the audience for Nintendo is so large, they will always make money even when they completely screw up a game.

          • Nanya

            They think we still live in an era without the internet.

  • darkgamer001

    As I’ve said before, as a Nintendo fan, it is both heartbreaking and disgusting seeing these people….pollute, to put it mildly, what are essentially great games.
    The fact that the localized versions can still be deemed as “good” is not due to the localization, it is in spite of it, a testament to the original game that it can pass through their hands and still be a decent experience.
    But I can’t support people like this. At this point, if the NX isn’t region-free, I’ll consider throwing myself in a sink or swim situation and get a japanese console. There would be no stronger language learning motivator than that.

    • Is there like anything at all that they don´t touch or alter in some way? I mean, they even remove or censor the bloody art books…I think that would be the last resort with no doubt. I also think it´s about time that I start to learn Japanese.

      • darkgamer001

        …it just looked so promising at the beginning of this generation you know, with Bayo as exclusive and Hyrule Warriors coming here uncensored. It really felt like the Western branches at Nintendo had a turned a corner on this.
        Then, I don’t know what happened. You could say it all started with Project Zero, but sometimes I do wonder if some people at NoA took advantage of the turmoil in Japan following Iwata’s passing to basically do whatever they want with these games. The timing could be coincidental, but I don’t know….it’s kinda fishy.

        As for Japanese, I’m not gonna lie it’s bloody difficult, but that’s pretty much a given. It’s NOT impossible and you will see progress in time…eventually…
        I just try to set like half an hour a day on it, currently self-studying but I’d love to go on a proper course one day.

      • ” I also think it´s about time that I start to learn Japanese.”

        And even that’s banking on Japanese developers not self-censoring their games for the Western markets in the future…

        *cough*Capcom*cough* *cough*tri-Ace*cough*

        • Yes, it´s an evil circle :S Hmm,I don´t remember that one? What was that “incident” all about? (Star Ocean?).

          • The diaper / granny panties for one of the female characters in Star Ocean 5. =)

          • Ah xD Yes, it´s really important for them to remove “stuff” like that from the game 😛

          • Yeah, and when we voice our disapproval (censorship is censorship regardless of scale), they’ll say it’s a trivial thing that doesn’t affect the game-play, and how we’re “sad” for caring about such a small thing.

            Funny how THEY are the ones who bitched, moaned and cried about it before it was censored isn’t it? Because it certainly wasn’t trivial to them prior.

            BEFORE it’s censored, it’s a massive issue for SJWs.

            AFTER it’s censored, it suddenly becomes a trivial issue for SJWs.

            The dishonestly of these spastics is simply nauseous.

          • Yes, in the matter of fact. That´s what they live for (so it seems). I also guess that´s why they´ve been messing up Magic:

          • Haha! Everythings perfectly fine until they get affected by it in some way (like in the case with Steven Universe).

  • I wonder how the Japanese developers and artists feel about their games being completely shat on by these odious, bigoted little SJW localization pricks?

    People like Richard Amtower and Nich Maragos should be kicked the fuck out of the video games industry.

    • I´m actually having thoughts about doing interviews with Japanese devs and ask them what they feel about that particular subject.

      • darkgamer001

        You might also want to get someone on board to directly translate the Western versions of some of their games in Japanese (I dunno…Mombot maybe?) to present to these devs.
        I don’t know how they would react to seeing their games become, erm…pickle memes, but at the moment, I doubt they’re even aware of it, especially without some kind of translation.

    • Jay Shay

      I can imagine they don’t feel good about it. It’s probably worse than deciding not to send it to the West at all like DOAX3 chose to do.

      • The thing is, when sending fan-service games to the West, SJWs/feminists are not the only problem. You see, the West also has these hardcore ‘CoD-playing badass dudebro’ type gamers who are also very eagar to shit on fan-service, Japanese games, Anime and culture.

        You see them on forums very often, especially on Steam. They are the ones who make the “ewww weeb shit”, “so we miss out on a perverted titty game oh woe is me” and “who cares about a sad titty game” type comments.

        They are perfectly entitled to their opinion of course, but all they do is end up helping the SJWs/feminists, because they can point to them and say “see, told you these kind of games are rubbish and it not wanted by the Western public”.

        It just goes to show you how narrow-minded, puritanical and unaccepting the Western mentality really is.

        • Jay Shay

          Agreed. Now, see I couldn’t care less about games like DOAX3. I’m not the audience, but I at least respect that it has a right to be, uncensored. All games do.
          #AllGamesMatter XD

  • John Smith.

    Well, whoever is responsible for this cluster fuck have convince me of one thing. No more Nintendo purchases from me, ever. No more toys, figures, game or consoles connected to or even linked to Nintendo will be obtained with my money.

    • I feel you on that one, especially since not even art books are safe from censorship in the West…

    • Jay Shay

      I understand. The last thing I plan to buy from them is Pokemon Moon and that will be the last purchase until they decide to change things.

    • When they even censor art books for the Western market, then you know just how bad things are at the moment…

  • Viredae

    This is what I learned Japanese for, any way I can stop these assholes from getting Money, I will.

    • Jay Shay

      Wish I had the time to learn it, then I’d do that too.

    • And even that is relying on Japanese developers not self-censoring in the future. For example, Capcom and tri-Ace have already done it with SF5 and SO5.

    • That´s my plan as well 😉

  • TT

    I just can’t understand these people. They push this crap, when it’s obvious most people don’t care for it or like it at all, support corrupt assholes, and still manage to act like they are doing something “good”.

    Fuck these agenda pushing pricks.

    • Jay Shay


  • Ben (Broken)

    Sure, Atlus has had bad localizations before. I still remember Persona Revelations though despite the attempt to “Americanize it” P1 was still pretty damned good, flaws and all. (I mostly resent how they ripped out the teacher/snow queen dungeon) Yet over time Atlus has become superb at localizing and “usually” their games come to us with dark themes, adult dialogue, and titillation all intact.

    These bots kinda smack of Nintendo trying to pass blame and cover its’ own ass. Just my hypothesis though. I might be wrong.

    • Jay Shay

      That’s how it seems to me.

      • Ben (Broken)

        Ayy m8,it comes off as bots throwing shade & trying to divert attention.

    • True, but in overall Atlus has done a much better job than companies such as Treehouse (for example). So, yeah, I wouldn´t be surprised if Nintendo actually did try to pin the blame down on Atlus (with the help of Twitter bots or whatnot).

  • Alex-C25

    I’m just too stubburn to leave Nintendo, but now I know that i’ll just stick with their big franchises that they (hopefully) don’t fuck-up like they’ve done lately to the more niche franchises. I just hope that eventually stuff like this finally makes the main branch just tell NoA and Treehouse to get their shit together and perhaps even fire people like Margos for being unproffesional twats.

    • I´m going to keep a close eye on the NX console and how Nintendo will handle their upcoming games. So “if” Nintendo continues to pull-off stunts like this in the future, then I´m going to import my games directly from Japan (Play-Asia in this case).

    • Γεώργιος Αρχαιοκαπηλίδης

      You can stick with Nintendo while boycotting any game that Treehouse ruins like Tokyo Mirage Sessions.

      • Alex-C25

        Yeah, that’s the intention.

        • Jay Shay

          That’s why I feel comfortable buying Pokemon Moon from Nintendo. Game Freak localizes everything themselves, so there’s no NOA or Treehouse involvement.

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