“No Man’s Sky was a mistake.”

You know what they say about the old saying “the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree” right? Well, that´s what came to my mind when I saw that Hello Games had tweeted out “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” just recently (as seen in the picture down below, the tweet was published on the 28th of October at 5:48 AM). However, since it´s still not 100% clear whether or not Hello Games Twitter (and mail) account was hacked. One can only speculate if the tweet was legit or not (personally, I think it leans more towards being legit than anything else). I mean, Hello Games’ Sean Murray stated that his studio’s Twitter and email account had been hacked. Even so, I feel like it doesn´t really matter if Sean Murray (or someone else from Hello Games) wrote that tweet or not. Because it´s already pretty known within the Gaming community that NMS wasn´t quite the game that they expected it to be.

hello games no mans sky was a mistake the truth

That´s one of the good things with the Internet. You see, once something gets uploaded to the Internet, it tends to stay online forever.

ian miles cheong vs hello games

I think it´s safe to say that it´s rather unlikely that we´re going to see those updates anytime soon…

NMS PR nightmare continues

I mean, NMS isn´t all through bad to the core, but the marketing (aka “the lies”) for the game has been nothing less than a pure PR nightmare. In the matter of fact, quite a few NMS players even left the game for Maxis and Will Wright´s old life simulation/RTS game “Spore” (the game was originally released back in 2008). Furthermore, ex-NMS players also started to drop tons of comments on Spore´s steam page that they want to see a “Spore 2” in the future. So I think it´s safe to say that the “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.” tweet by Hello Games simply made things even worse for NMS reputation…And quite frankly, all of this made me think about Peter Molyneux past lies and scandals. As Sean Murray is like the younger version of Molyneux (Aka “The king of lies”), because just like in the case with Molyneux and his past lies. Murray also talked about features and whatnot that would never be available on launch for his game (like the multiplayer aspect of NMS, for example *cough cough*).

no mans sky server hack

Hacked, or not hacked. The facts still remain. NMS is anything but the game that Hello Games marketed it as.

hello games protected tweets

You sure know that things are really bad when a game developer ends up protecting their tweets from the public eye.

Don´t believe the hype

Simply put, don´t ever fall for the games media hype (NMS got hyped up beyond belief…), nor should you trust every single word that a developer or a publisher say. Even so, I´m going to admit that I was once young and naive when it came to stuff such as this. However, I soon started to understand that Peter Molyneux (whom was my golden Gaming god as a kid) was anything but 100% honest about the stuff which he said to the games media and whatnot (I had to learn that the hard way, through broken promises and several disappointments). As for NMS, the lies and everything in between. The most tragic thing about Hello Games and NMS is that all of this negativity could have been avoided if they had been truthful with everyone from the very start…That´s also why I´m not quite sure if Hello Games will be able to survive their own creation (NMS) and everything that has followed it uptil this point (the lies and so on).

no mans sky no refund for ps4 players part 1

If you bought NMS for the PS4, then it´s very likely that you´re not going to be able to get a full refund…

no mans sky no refund for ps4 players part 2

In other words, he didn´t receive any refund whatsoever.

I mean, will NMS continue to receive updates? Do people even play the game anymore? And will Hello Games be around the same time next year? As there seem to be internal struggles and “differences” within the studio as we speak. Well, only time will tell. One thing is for sure though, it´s going to be really hard for Hello Games to repair the damage that has been done. As they have stained their reputation and burned the trust of many.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Angel’s Nightmare

Sean Murray 
Hello Games

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I have no beef with Hello Games.

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4 Comments ON " Hello Games states that No Man’s Sky was a m... "
  • Nanya

    Really, after Fable 1 and 2, no one should EVER believe ultra hyped games that say “you can do so much in this game” and what-not.

    Fable 1 promised so much, delivered so little in comparison…

    It was still a good game though.

    • I honestly stopped to believe Molyneux after Black and White 2. As I started to understand that most of the stuff that came out of his mouth was not true…Oh yes, it´s a really good game with no doubt =)

  • John Smith.

    Hello Games won’t be around next year, that’s my take on it. It’ll quietly close down shop, shut off the servers with no warning then move to a different address and open up shop again under a new name with a new public face. That’s how these things always go, with zero fail to it.
    As for NMS, it’ll have just as much of an effect at stopping kickstarter scams as Mighty No 9 did. People will be wary for weeks on end than throw all caution o the wind because a new game comes out that promises so much fun and entertainment that it can’t be ignored.

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