You know, I think it’s rather safe to say that there is now nothing that can avoid the whine, rants and demands of the SJWs, because just recently the SJWs took aim at Japanime Games (Japanime handles sexy niche card titles such as “Barbarossa“, “Dynamite Nurse” and “El Alamein“) and their lewd card game “Kamigami Battles!”. You see, on the 21st of June, Japanime Games announced that they plan to launch a new Kickstarter campaign (Player’s Choice Kickstarter) on the 26th of June:

“The big reveal: Player’s Choice Kickstarter is launching Tuesday, June 26th at 12 PM PST. In addition to your favorite card sleeves, this Kickstarter will have new artwork featured in our upcoming title, Kamigami Battles! This is a kickstarter worth pursuing. #ComingSoon #Prepare”Japanime Games, via Twitter on the 21st of June

Well, that’s good news for the fans right? Sure, with no doubt. However, besides a brand-new Kickstarter campaign, Japanime Games also has us know that they will have new artwork featured in their upcoming card game “Kamigami Battles!“. So, what’s the big deal with that then? Nothing, because I love Japanime’s sexy art and ladies, but that’s me.

Yes, you guessed it, because just like the zombies from TWD who go after sound, smell and things that move, the SJWs tend to go after everything that has any sort of beauty to it(I’ve come to the conclusion that SJWs are jealous at beautiful and sexy fictional female characters, because they make them look even uglier than they already are).

japanime games kamigami battles vs calvin wong

“There are many, many, many harmful forms of art” – Communist or ISIS much bruh? If the art offends you, then just close your damn eyes!

In this case, the SJWs found the sexy art from “Kamigami Battles!” to be “offensive”. As a matter of fact, one of them (Calvin Wong Tze Loon) even stated that game’s art counts as “harmful art”, and that it harms the games industry, women and our society as a whole. Right off the bat, it’s 100% bs, and I called the said SJW out on his BS as well. The truth of the matter is that the said topic has already been debunked (you can read more about it via One Angry Gamer, and

japanime games kamigami battles eihcsim vs sjws

Card game or not, the SJWs don’t care about stuff like that, because for them, it’s all about removing everything which triggers and offends them (thus the reason why they try to make Japanime Games change their sexy art into something less “offending”).

So the real truth of the matter is that the SJWs are once again trying to create enough outcry to force censorship upon a game creator to remove (or tone down) content which they get offended and triggered by. Well, I’m just going to quote myself from last night, because this is exactly how I feel when it comes to SJWs and their bs:

“You simply can’t please these fu**s, and one shouldn’t even aim to please them in the first place.”

dude from canada vs crazy sjw veggan kamigami battles

“Sigh. One less company I’ll ever consider buying something from.” – Who the hell are you trying to fool? You never EVER had any plans to buy anything from Japanime Games. So take your bs elsewhere.

As much as I wish that it would have ended here and there with those words of mine, that’s not the case. No, because the SJWs kept on taking swings at Japanime Games. Next up was Jonathan Kay (author/Gamer/Ex-engineer/coder/lawyer), who also stated that he found “Kamigami Battles!” art to be offensive. On a personal level, I don’t get how sexy fictional women can be so offensive to all these so-called “people”, then again. I’m not a cuck, soy boy or an oversensitive SJW.

Anyways, I think you get the idea. Other than that, I also thought about another thing while scrolling through all these SJW tweets on Japanime Games Twitter time line. I’ll get straight to the point, do you guys and girls remember Best Mom Eva’s “#GamerGate: Where Are They Now?” post? If you don’t, then please read Mom’s post as soon as possible, for the rest, my point would be that 9/10 of the SJW cuck/soy boy and white knights who attack GG folks or gamers that love lewd content or sexy art tend to be real-life sexual pests (sexual predators and so on).

What I’m trying to say is that people should keep an eye open for those male SJWs who dropped a lot of salty tweets on Japanime Games timeline, because I have a feeling that they might just end up on Best Mom Eva’s ” Where Are They Now” list in the near future. As for here and now though, I truly hope that Japanime won’t give the SJWs an inch, because then they will soon demand more…And before they know it, all their old fans and consumers will leave them for good, because then Japanime would no longer offer the same products which people bought in the past.

Simply put, that would be the death of Japanime Games and their products for sure, because make no mistake. The SJWs have no intentions whatsoever to support their niche games or whatever. So this is just yet another power demonstration by the SJWs. Me, I would simply tell them to fu** off, just like I did with that feminazi who told me to stop writing about sexy female cosplayers (I do what I like to do, don’t like it? Then move along).

That’s also why I would recommend Japanime Games to do the same, because that’s the only good and right thing to do. As for everyone else, please show Japanime some support on Twitter. So that Japanime will understand that they are not alone in this, and that the SJWs are just a loud minority group which they should ignore (listen to your life-long fans and consumers instead!).

And with that said, what’s your take on this subject? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Japanime Games via Twitter
Japanime Games via Facebook (“Increased Cognitive Load during Video Game Play Reduces Rape Myth Acceptance and Hostile Sexism after Exposure to Sexualized Female Avatars”) (“The Effects of Sexualized Violence in Video Games on Rape Myth Acceptance”)
One Angry Gamer (“Sexualized Video Game Females Reduce Rape Myth Acceptance And Hostile Sexism, States Study”)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

More by Robin Ek:

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