You know, even though I’m going through one hell of a stomach flu at the moment (don’t worry, I’m feeling a bit better now). I just simply couldn’t ignore Kotaku’s and Polygon’s posts about Atlus announcement of their upcoming puzzle-platform/adventure game “Catherine: Full Body“(CFB is a remake/enhanced port of the 2011 version of “Catherine“, and the game is coming to PS4 and PS Vita sometime next year). So, right off the bat, I thought that the trailer for “Catherine: Full Body” looked pretty darn cool, and like most gamers, I got excited for the game.

Here’s a brief run down of “Catherine: Full Body”:

“Is it a nightmare or a dream come true? A new test of Vincent Brooks’ morality is about to take the stage. This new twist on the original Catherine, a mature romantic action-adventure puzzle game from the makers of the Persona series, will include a new love interest, “Rin,” with distinct storyline elements for the character, and additional puzzle content. Vincent’s love life has never been so complicated and dramatic! Vincent’s apartment hasn’t seen the last of the sensual people in his life. With new storyline elements for both Catherine and Katherine, players will have ample opportunity for new experiences in Catherine: Full Body.”

polygon vs catherine full body

Catherine remake has fans worried about its new character, Rin. Critics question depiction of new character – “Critics” would be themselves, and the “worried fans” part would be themselves as well, as they fabricated the CFB outcry.

kotaku vs catherine full body

Catherine Remake Is Already Causing Controversy – No; it’s not. The outcry and “controversy” were fabricated by you (Kotaku) and Polygon.

However, as most of us already know, Kotaku and Polygon aren’t exactly like the rest of us (that’s also why I tend to avoid their content like the plague). So just like I (and others) thought, Polygon and Kotaku started to fabricate outcry and controversy with the announcement of “Catherine: Full Body” (they engineered the “controversy” in-order to get some easy rage clicks). So, what exactly is all this”controversy” about then? Well, in the CFB trailer, you find out that Rin is a brand-new heroine of “Catherine” (it’s yet to be known if Rin is a trap, crossdresser, a transperson or a gender-less person).

catherine full body vs kotaku

Well of course. I mean, it’s Kotaku that we’re talking about here. My point would be that it was bound to happen.

So, what exactly is the big deal with that then? Well, for starter, Kotaku’s writer Laura Kate Dale (whom has us blocked on Twitter) had this to say about the matter:

“This is a trailer and not the final game, but considering the original Catherine’s poor track record with trans representation, using a pre-transition name for a character in their credits and manual and giving male-only nightmares to a trans woman character, I’m not holding my breath that this new romance will be handled tastefully. I’d love to be proven wrong, but their track record doesn’t fill me with hope.” Laura Kate Dale via Kotaku UK

“For those doubting that Rin in Catherine: Full Body will be trans, the official website uses a trans related symbol as the play button for the new trailer.” Laura Kate Dale via Twitter

catherine full body vs transwomen

I hardly doubt that Atlus will care all that much though, but then again, SJWs are pretty well-known for crying their hearts out until they get what they want…

catherine full body vs sjws

Japan shows the way once again. So just like always it was simply a matter of time before SJWs and so-called games journalists would start to whine about “Catherine: Full Body” being transphobic and whatnot.

Here’s the thing, that’s Laura’s point of view, so it’s not the final say in any kind of way (Atlus has neither confirmed nor denied any of the current speculations about Rin’s private parts or sexual orientation). Furthermore, Kotaku and Polygon have already been called out by gamers and fans of “Catherine” (as seen in some of the pictures that I have attached to this OP) who state that 99.9% of the fans are happy and excited for “Catherine: Full Body”. In other words, it’s not the fans who created this so-called “controversy”, but Polygon and Kotaku themselves. Other than that, I spotted some really good points by a Gamer and Twitter user called “Kate”. You see, Kate had this to say about Laura Kate‘s statements about Rin from CFB:

“The new girl is not even a trans woman, shes a trap or crossdresser a lifestyle and fashion subculture that has zero to do with being trans. Most cross dressers are straight none trans. Its a positive thing for people but this person wants to make it taboo with crossdress erasure”

“What this person is saying is if you dress as the opposite sex you must be trans. So much for breaking down those gender roles and binarys. An authoritarian ‘progressive’ who feels the need to see the world as if everything revolves around what she is and police others experience”@KateVsTheWorld via Twitter

catherine full body vs andrew dobson aka tom preston

If you don’t know who Andrew Dobson (aka Tom Preston) is, then just search for his name + “Persona 5” (you have been warned!).

portable niche vs kotakus catherine full body blog post

To be fair though, I bet that quite a lot of the Kotaku folks hang out at the Resetera site (that’s most likely where Kotaku get a handful of their “outcry” and “controversial” reports from).

It’s also worth pointing out that most people will just ignore what Kotaku, Polygon and Laura Kate said and just enjoy “Catherine: Full Body” on release (like our very own Jay, for example). My point would be that sites like Kotaku and Polygon will always look for “stuff” that isn’t there just to stir up drama in-order to get rage clicks. Simply put, they couldn’t care less about the game (s) in question, as they use the same tactics like Anita Sarkeesian does (cheery picking, making stuff up and so on. In other words, they just use games as a way to earn money by picking them apart and shaming them. Well, I think you get my point.

catherine full body vs laura kate dale

I’m pretty sure that most people would pull off a facial expression like that if they found out that their sex partner had a different sex organ than they originally thought they had (I for one would react like that with no doubt).

kate vs laura kate dale vs catherine full body

Kate made a lot of good points about what Laura Kate Dale said about Rin in “Catherine: Full Body”. For starter, Rin is said to be a trap or a cross dresser. So shouldn’t Dale (and Kotaku) be more open to other people’s views and points? I guess not…

I would also like to point out that Rin hasn’t even been officially confirmed to be a trans character (at least not yet). Furthermore, I’ve been told that there is a theory suggesting that Rin might actually have no genitals at all, as she “might” be an angel (in other words, the right opposite of Catherine). So I think it’s safe to say that it’s pretty stupid to claim that Rin is a trans character when there is no proof of that just yet.

rin catherine full body

I can’t speak for everyone else, but for me, it doesn’t really matter if Rin is a trans person, a cross dresser or a gender-less character. Why? Because the only thing that matters to me is if the character in question is interesting and well done or not.

I also find it to be even more idiotic that SJWs think you’re being transphobic if you think that Rin “might” be a trap or cross dresser.  Nevertheless, on a personal level I don’t care whether or not Rin is a cross dresser, trans or a gender-less person, because the only thing that matters to me is “if” the game turns out great or not (and of course if the said character is well-made or not).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? And will you pick up “Catherine: Full Body” once the game launches for PS Vita and PS4 next winter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


Kotaku UK
Catherine Wikia
Laura Kate Dale
Dual Shockers

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

I’m not a fan of Kotaku or Polygon.

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