***Update 1 – 2017-10-14 – 23:00 CEST***

It’s been almost two months since I originally published this post about “LawBreakers”, and as you might already know, quite a lot of things have happened since then. For starter, the word on the street is that “Lawbreakers” “might” go down the free-to-play route, and that alone has been a rather loaded subject. So I wasn’t all that surprised when a reader sent us the following information via e-mail just now:

“Hi guys. I would just like to give you a tip, that the same dev you wrote about, just posted an even saltier comment.., where he basically blames the community for ruining the business, because they are not buying Lawbreakers, which currently has about 100 players during peak hours. it’s a real funny posts, he claims that we all vote for an industry without interesting characters, exciting game mods, nice graphics, because we opt not to buy Lawbreakers. read more about it.”Psyk Dag

bkp nathanwulf lawbreakers via steam

Yes, BKP_NathanWulf (a said “LawBreakers” dev) is back with another salty Steam comment about “LawBreakers”.

So what exactly is Dag talking about then? Long story short, do you remember that salty comment that BKP_NathanWulf (he or she is said to be a “LawBreakers” dev) dropped on Steam back in August?  Well, guess what? BKP_NathanWulf is back again with a new comment about “LawBreakers”, and the comment was triggered due to what Weilan said on Steam:

“I don’t own the game, but I don’t want it to go F2P, because even then I won’t play it. I’m just here to laugh my аss off. ” – Weilan, a Steam user

So in response to Weilan’s comment, BKP_NathanWulf said this:

“I make games because I like to entertain people. I like to see people laugh and get excited. I suppose it’s good that you’re entertained, but it would be even more awesome if you were entertained by the years of hard work I put into this game.

I’ve worked on a lot of games (Ex: Ghost Recon and Far Cry series), and this has been, by far, the most fun game for me to play. I would love for others to join into the fun as well. It really is an amazing experience once you get the hang of it. Sure, I get that fast-paced shooters might not be some people’s thing, and I get that it has a bit of a learning curve, and some people give up before it really clicks with them. I even get that people dismiss it as being too similar to other games when it’s not at all like them.

What I don’t get is why people gleefully hope to see the game fail. Boss Key devs are gamers like you. We work hard out of passion, sometimes coming into the office on weekends or working past midnight, just because we want to make the game that much more awesome (for us AND you). Then people like you come along and effectively say that, no matter what, you won’t play the game. You just want to watch it crash and burn. Why? Because of some trivial detail that has absolutely no relevance to gameplay whatsoever?

Another thing to keep in mind is that games you buy and play are effectively a vote in the gaming industry. When you actively choose to NOT buy and play LawBreakers, this may be the vote you’re casting:

– I don’t want to see any more fast paced shooters that require a lot of skill.
– I don’t want games to have innovative movement mechanics.
– I don’t want new game modes.
– I don’t want studios to release early alphas and betas and shape the final game based on community feedback.
– I don’t care if games have high performance dedicated servers.
– I don’t care about high fidelity, detailed graphics at high framerates.
– I want simple characters without much depth of mastery.
– I want characters that are common tropes instead of something completely new.
– I’d rather have rehashes of the same old gameplay with minor, low-risk changes than something fresh and new.
– I want to play more casual games that have mass market appeal.
– I don’t care about solid networking and hit registration that prevents blatant cheats and exploits.
– I’d rather publishers use “sleezy” tactics like pay to win than just offer a game at an extremely reasonable price.

So, in short, in hoping for the demise of LawBreakers, you may well be hoping for the entire demise of the very genre that you love. At the end of the day, games are expensive to make, and the funding has to come from somewhere. Developers need food and shelter like any other human, and the servers don’t pay for themselves. $30 is a pretty darned modest price for all that went into this game. Maybe help the shooter market grow and thrive instead of focusing on issues that don’t really matter. Or don’t. I’m not here to dictate your life. :)” BKP_NathanWulf, said game developer for LawBreakers

cliff bleszinski on saving lawbreakers gamespot

the industry veteran spoke frankly about the game’s launch and told us what Boss Key plans to do in the future to get more players into the game. – Good luck with that one, because games like “Overwatch” and “Destiny 2” is already dominating the market…

Well, you can make what you want out of that comment by BKP_NathanWulf, but I think it’s quite obvious that the team behind “LawBreakers” is rather frustrated about the fact that their game is having very few active players at the moment (thus comments of the likes of BKP_NathanWulf). Nevertheless, I just heard that Gamespot published an interview with Cliff Bleszinski about the matter (which they did today), and funny enough. The interview is called “Cliff Bleszinski On Saving LawBreakers“. So you might want to check that interview out, and just for the record. I never hoped or wished for the death of “LawBreakers”, as I got nothing against that game whatsoever.

Club 25‏
Psyk Dag

Cliff Bleszinski On Saving LawBreakers (via Gamespot)
Euro Gamer

***Rumor/unverified information***

I am not the kind of person that finds great joy in other people’s misfortunes, failures or downfalls. However, I think it’s perfectly fine to critique someone that’s acting rather salty due to bad performance is sales or whatever. I mean, I’ve had my ups and downs, but I don’t take that out on others. Anyways, I think you get the idea. So let’s jump into the topic at hand here shall we? As I was saying, just now I noticed that a said “LawBreakers” (it’s a FPS game for PS4 and PC, and the game launched on the 8th of August this year) developer got really salty on Steam just because a Gamer asked the following question:

“Should I play overwatch or lawbreakers? Probably going to play overwatch since it looks better and this game has a pretty abysmal population count. Probably going to be dead in a month or two.” – JUSTICE

Well, that wasn’t a mean, evil or stupid question right? At least I don’t think so, as the person in question only stated his or her opinion (in this case, that opinion seems to be very close to the truth). Nevertheless, that question made BKP_NathanWulf (a supposed developer for “LawBreakers”) rather darn salty:

“If you like slow movement, being unable to kill enemies because they’re invulnerable or shielded, getting stunned, pinned, locked in place, 1-shot, and losing the game because somebody pressed a button that instantly kills your whole team, play Overwatch.If you like playing a shooter with a bunch of unique types of movement and some powerful but not game-breaking abilities where every role has a chance at killing every other with some various situational advantages to fit different play styles, play LawBreakers.”BKP_NathanWulf

lawbreakers bkp nathanwulf

All aboard the salt train…

I honestly wouldn’t have commented on that post if I worked for “LawBreakers”, because comments like that is just going to make it even worse for everyone at the “LawBreakers” camp (for all I know, that salty comment could have been published by Cliff Bleszinski himself, the Director of the game…). So in my opinion, it’s better to put all your energy and focus into your game instead of wasting times on publishing salty comments on the Internet. As for the faith of “LawBreakers”, only time will tell if the game will end up like “Battleborn” did (“Overwatch” slayed “Battleborn”).

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Benjus Maximus

Why isn’t this game attracting more attention?
Archived link via Steam

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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Robin “V-Act” Ek
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The Gaming Ground
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22 Comments ON " LawBreakers dev gets salty because their game is n... "
  • uh The developers response is perfectly reasonable as well as sensible.

    • How is talking shit about another game that’s doing way better than your game some how a reasonable response?

      • Cuz everything he said was true. That’s how.

        • I’m just going to quote my friend here (he plays “Overwatch” quite a lot):

          “Would pay to know who is invulnerable, genji deflect skill only last 2 to 3 seconds and have cooldown, D.va defense matrix only last for 2 seconds if you use the whole meter, tracer is invulnerable during her animation of rewind which if you know from what direction she came from you can wait for her and kill her at the moment the animation finishes. Reinhart’s shield breaks after taking enough damage.

          So If anyone is complaining about those mechanics, then it simply means they aren’t skilled enough to counter such easy problems.”

          • OMG dude I don’t care a tiny bit about this nonsense you just replied with. Nobody complained. There wasn’t a single complaint. It was an opinion.

            Again, the response was perfectly reasonable and sensible.

          • “It was an opinion”, first you stated that it was “valid” critique, as in “facts” and the “actual” truth. Now it’s an “opinion”? An “opinion” is not the same thing as “truth” or “fact”. Thus my previous comment that is 100% valid and true.

          • Stickz

            And in your article you write that this guys opinion was very close to the truth.
            Can you see into the future and know how many people will play?

            Pretty hypocrit to flame Germaximus for something u do in ur article ….

            and btw u dont work for Lawbreakers, u work for a company, not a game.

            And tbh the supposed dev is kind of right besides the being negative nancy stuff. Lawbreakers is a shooter at it’s core with features to facilitate that.
            Overwatch is more like a game of counterpicking and tactics than and fps shooter at its core, which is fine.

            and why do “you” put “everything” in “”””?!?!?!

          • kreator

            Shut up!

        • Sam

          Come on guys. Of course the comment came off as salty. My eyes are dry just from reading it. However most of it is true in a sense. Because nowhere does it say they are invulnerable forever “Robin Ek”. Ultimately it would come down to what you prefer in a game right? Just because you complain about something doesn’t mean you haven’t figured out how to counter it, it just means you still find it annoying and probably not fitting to your playstyle, this is no reason to go name calling someone to be unskilled. Also I think the Germaximus was meaning the OP chose Overwatch based on his opinion, and the facts he speaks of are in the response about some of the seemingly game breaking mechanics in Overwatch, which can be frustrating for the best of players, or so I hear. Again, maybe it is MY reading comprehension that needs help, and not yours. 🙂

          • GaigeMechromancer

            Ironically a lot of Lawbreakers’ marketing comes off as really condescending to the casual audience, implying that you MUST be #SkilledAF to even be worthy of playing.

  • kreator


  • Barry Harden

    Nothing wrong with the Dev. They are absolutely right in highlighting the problems with a competitor’s game. Some people are just too stupid to see so you have to point things out to them.

    Games like Overwatch and the current CoD games have gone away from skill and enabled players to get their quick fix by pushing a button and seeing their opponents obliterated. That kind of system that caters to the brainless crowd does more harm than good for the game industry.

  • andrewsqual

    Lol all that talk about AAA gaming being dead the last 5 years is enough to make me avoid anything by Cliff Bleszinski even if it WASN’T some mediocre online only crap.

    How hilarious and ironic is it that Ninja Theory released their brand new, 100% NOT big publisher produced game, Hellblade around the same time as Lawbreakers AND it is selling way more than Cliff’s game ever did lol. AAA games are dead, yeah whatever you say Bleszinski.

  • Jason H

    I don’t see anything wrong with the developer’s response.

  • Hans Wurst

    This site again…just in it for the clicks, with friend accounts pushing the article on N4G.
    Sometimes I wonder if you’re the same guys who run the despicable Thisgengaming site. TGG fits just too well.

  • mightyfox

    This article has no story, what they replied with didn’t sound salty at all. Thegg, as usual, is making news out of nothing and blowing it out of proportion.
    Clickbait at its finest.

  • SevTheBear

    I think many Devs would get a bit salty if people made posts about how much better another Devs games was in their forum. The person who posted it knew he would piss off someone. Of course the Dev team should just ignore posts like this.

    Honestly, Overwatch and LawBreakers aims for the same group of gamers. But in their own way. Both games demand skills if you wanna kick the other teams ass. Overwatch is more like and MMORPG raid where all players needs to do their part for their team to win. Either via kills or support skills. LawBreakers is a bit more old school like Quake and Unreal. Run around and kill as many as you can until you win (like COD).

  • Kishnabe

    Developer should have ignored it. No point in fueling the flames.

  • GaigeMechromancer

    It’s amusing to note that this dev and some of the more elitist Lawbreakers fans put down Overwatch for being an easy kiddie game, then in the same breath complain about some strategies being too hard to counter.

    • Yes, and there’s more to it. You see, we received a new tip about the matter just now. So I’m going to update the said post very shortly.

  • Starforce

    It’s a sad website that pulls off random Steam comments and tries to make a story out of them. “Opinion editorial” – what a joke.

  • Sotiris Karadaglis

    The developer is actually 100% right. Also nobody cares who do you think posted a comment. The only salty person in the entire article is you Robin.

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