Ah, NeoGaf, so we meet again, how…nice. Truth be told though, I have avoided NeoGaf like the plague for years as I find them to be the Tumblr of Gaming forums (N4G + Imzy + Tumblr = NeoGaf). Furthermore, a lot of NeoGaf´s users love and even embrace censorship (especially in the West). So I can´t really say that it´s my kind of game forum (Imzy isn´t much better either…). Nevertheless, every now and then, I hear new stories about NeoGaf´s SJW/censorship madness. Stories that are so crazy that I can´t help to pick up on them. Well, today was such a day. As I was informed about how salty the NeoGaf forum became when they found out about Konami´s new Bomberman title “Bombergirl” (as seen in the picture down below).

bombergirl arcade game

I wonder if Konami has any plans to release “Bombergirl” outside of Japan anytime soon? And if so, will the game remain uncensored in the West? 

bombergirl arcade game

The moment when NeoGaf gets triggered by a Bombergirl arcade game…

bombergirl clothing damage

The “Bombergirl” arcade game is said to have clothing damage (Japan knows it´s fan service very well).

You see, “Bombergirl” (which is an upcoming 4v4 coop Japanese arcade game by Konami) stars not one, not two, but FOUR female protagonists. So, what´s the problem with that? None at all (at least not in my opinion). However, NeoGaf doesn´t like the fact that “Bombergirl” contains a high level of fan service and lewd content. Thus salty comments such as these:

neogaf vs bombergirl part 1

“I feel I died a little inside now”

neogaf vs bombergirl part 2

“Clothing damage. They even went through the trouble of making the girl blush and grit her teeth. Jesus”. – So what? Don´t like it? Don´t play the game.

You know, on a personal level I don´t get why people get all worked up over a game which they most likely don´t intend to buy. I mean, that´s like I would whine about a band whose music which I don´t like. So why would I even bother? Furthermore, why would even I try to bring change into a band´s music just because I find something that I don´t like about them? It simply doesn´t make any sense to me, as I still don´t intend to buy their music in the first place. So why should I ruin everything for those who actually enjoy their music? (just because I don´t like one particular band doesn´t mean that they are bad or untalented, their music might just not be my cup of tea). Well, I think you get the point. That is pretty much how I feel about NeoGaf at large, as they are all about stuff like “this offends me“, “this triggers me“, “I don´t like this, so this needs to be censored” and so on.

neogaf vs bombergirl part 3

“Well this is honestly depressing” – If you get depressed by some fictional game characters, then you need to seek professional help.

I also don´t get why NeoGaf is whitesplaining Japanese culture? Nor why they are so anti-lewd? (do they fear and dislike female booty in real life as well?) And why do they trash an entire culture, just because it’s not their culture?. I hardly doubt that the Japanese game developers and publishers care all that much though, because why should they? They got their culture, and we got ours (well, what´s left of it…). Sadly enough for us who live in the West though, quite a few Japanese games have ended up being censored in the West. So even if “Bombergirl” ends up getting a Western release sometime in the future, then there is a risk of censorship with no doubt (that would make the NeoGaf community very happy I bet, as they can´t stand “erotic anime violence and waifus“).
Well, time will tell. I wouldn´t mind giving the “Bombergirl” game a go though.

And with that said, what´s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

Just Lyle


This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground ´s) opinions.

I´m not a fan of NeoGaf.

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