I may not be a huge collector of anime and video game figures (most of them are rather expensive, thus my lack of figures), but I sure know a good figure when I see one. So I got quite excited when I heard about Good Smile Company’s upcoming “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” Pyra figure:

“A highly detailed figure of the legendary Blade! From the Nintendo Switch game “Xenoblade Chronicles 2″ comes a 1/7th scale figure of the legendary blade known as the Aegis – Pyra! The highly detailed design by character designer Masatsugu Saito has been faithfully converted into figure form for fans to enjoy by their side! Pyra’s powerful yet beautiful appearance together with her dynamic pose and the careful differences in texture on her design have been captured in intricate detail – be sure to add her to your collection!”Goodsmile

So far, so good. Well, that’s what I thought at least. I mean, it’s just a figure after all right? Not quite. You see, over at Resetera (it’s a Gaming forum) that’s not the case, because since they are like a mix of NeoGaf, Imzy, N4G and the worst parts of Reddit. A single picture of a sexy figure like Pyra can result in a suspension, ban or if your lucky, the mods will just remove the said picture from Resetera. In other words, you are more or less asking for a mod beating if you post anything of that kind on Resetera’s forum.

So it sure didn’t come as a surprise to me that GenericForumName (a Resetera user) got his picture of the Pyra figure pulled from Resetera…And just to make matters even worse, the mod (Methuselah) who removed the picture of Pyra had this to say about the matter in question:

“A small reminder when posting images. As per our rules for figure era – rule #4 states: If the camera is excessively focused on sexual or secondary sexual characteristics, it’s a poor choice of picture and another angle may be more appropriate. To expand upon this see our Not Safe For Work Policy in the General FAQ.
FAQ said:

Be considerate: Many of our members browse this website from their workplaces and material that excessively highlights or focuses on sexual or secondary sexual characteristics might be a bad look for them. Try to be tasteful and considerate if the option exists.

So I ask that you don’t post any images that would be crossing this line. Thank you.”Methuselah, mod at Resetera

Here’s the thing, pay close attention to the “To expand upon this see our Not Safe For Work Policy in the General FAQ” part of the text. Why?, because here’s what Resetera’s NSFW policy says:

“Not safe for network TV: Do not post any material that would be too explicit to be aired on network television. Many of our members are from the United States and have a good grasp of what this means and will be able to tell you where that line is. If you have any doubts, contact a moderator before posting.”

gamers vs reseteras mod xenoblade chronicles 2 pyra figure

Nope, this is no joke. It’s 100% real, and this is how oversensitive the mods are over at Resetera.

Simply put, not even pictures of figures such as Goodsmile’s Pyra figure is safe from the mods over at Resetera. As it’s clearly against their “NSFW policy” to post pictures of that kind on their site. You know, that says quite a lot about how messed up Resetera is as a whole. Furthermore, just think about what it would be like if people like that Resetera mod had more power and say over things. Yes, that’s a pretty scary thought isn’t it? And yet I’ve had people (closet Communists and SJWS) coming at me for days telling me that this is no “issue”, and that I should just ignore everything, and the problems will simply go away.

That’s very cute, but here’s a reality check. We’ve been in a culture war for years now (I guess that you could say that everything kicked-off for real back in 2014 when GamerGate was born). My point would be that “if” more people like that Resetera mod starts to show up all over the place, then we’re going to have to deal with high levels of Resetera-like censorship/SJW cancer outside the digital containment walls of Resetera as well (just look at the current status over at Twitter, Facebook and Youtube…).

And considering the fact that we have already suffered from the SJW madness for years now (video games, movies, TV-series, you name it!), I wouldn’t even want to know what a Resetera-like world would look like (Neel Kolhatkar’s “Modern Educayshun” is probably very close to the real thing). Well, I think you get the idea. What I’m trying to say is that the SJW cancer named Resetera needs to be contained, so that the SJW madness doesn’t spread outside of Resetera, because we already have way too much of that crap to deal with as it is (just take N4G.com, nowadays the mods even change headers that “triggers” them…).

xenoblade chronicles 2 pyra the fear of boobs

I wonder whether or not the Resetera mods will remove (or censor) in-game pictures of Pyra as well?

There is some hope to be found though, because I did notice that some Resetera users called out the mod who removed the picture of the Pyra figure from the Resetera forum:

“This is patently ridiculous.”Sharpforprez

“I’m not sure I’d consider a wide shot of the entire back of the figure “excessive focus”, but that’s just me.”Yarbskoo

“For the first time since Era has become a thing I am going to call out the obsurdity of the moderation. The camera is not focused on anything sexual at all. It’s a standard angle showing the entire back of the figure. That’s a shot you are going to get for any and all figures. You are being 100% ridiculous. “Sevyne

I also forgot to mention that a lot of female gamers (especially cosplayers) absolutely LOVE to collect sexy anime and video game figures. I’m bringing this up since it appears as if like a lot of SJWs seem to think that it’s only guys who collect figures of that kind (which is false). Anyways, let’s hope that 2018 will offer us less SJW nonsense and more common sense and sanity.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!


Nintendo Japan
ResetEra FAQ

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The GamingGround´s) opinions.

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