2016 wasn’t the best year for many people, though for the Xbox One, things were pretty fantastic. As publishers took full advantage of the three-year-old console, giving us instant classics such as “Gears of War 4”, “Forza Horizon 3”, “Overwatch“, “Doom 2016” and “Dark Souls 3“. However, not every hyped up game was a home run; some games crashed and burned right from the start, failing to live up to the lofty expectations gamers held. Other games managed to become popular despite offering nothing innovative. Nevertheless, no game on the Xbox One in 2016 is more overrated than these five titles (in my opinion).

1. Dead Rising 4


“Dead Rising 4” wasn´t quite the game that the fans wanted.

“Dead Rising 4” from Capcom saw the return of Frank West to the series along with the simplification of everything that made the “Dead Rising” franchise great. While the press praised the fact that the series is more accessible to all players due to removing the difficulty and time limits, this removal has ruined what made Dead Rising so awesome. While Dead Rising 4 received critical acclaim from a majority of modern gamers and the press alike, fans of the series feel the game is overrated due to the removal of core features.

2. Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

call duty infinite warfare

“Call Duty: Infinite warfare” has recived some very mixed reviews and oppinions from the COD community.

“Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare” from Activision was a bold new step for the franchise, according to the publisher. Gamers held up the game as one of the best Call of Duty games in years, but in reality, it’s simply just the same “Call of Duty” gameplay in space with lasers. Why gamers became so enamored with this game in 2016 is one of the biggest Xbox One mysteries of the year. Perhaps it is because its two predecessors, Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare, are the top two highest selling Xbox One games of all-time.

3. Tom Clancy’s The Division

tom clancys the division

Ubisoft´s “Tom Clancy’s The Division” is far from flaw free.

“Tom Clancy’s The Division” from publisher Ubisoft was praised as the next big thing in gaming and as the game that would knock Destiny off its throne as the best MMO first-person shooter on the Xbox One. While the game received praise at launch, the game quickly floundered, releasing update after update which dragged the game down immensely. While there are still a massive amount of fans for “Tom Clancy’s The Division”, the game has never lived up to its promises.

4. Stardew Valley


“Stardew Valley” is not a bad game by any means, but offers nothing new that we haven´t seen in the past (the “Harvest Moon” series anyone?).

“Stardew Valley” received praise by a lot gamers as the best game in 2016. However, at the end of the day, “Stardew Valley” is just a farming simulator and bears a huge similarity to the entries in the “Harvest Moon” series. It’s not that “Stardew Valley” is a bad game; in fact, the game itself is an excellent simulation game. However, it’s one of those titles that the gaming community holds up as one of the best games of the year when it was just a clone of a 20-year-old title.

5. Recore


“Recore” became a disappointment for the most due to hype, long load times and a rather dull main protagonist.

Developed by three prestigious development houses, “Recore” received a ton of hype when Microsoft revealed it in 2015. In 2016, gamers praised it for its massive environments, fun combat and beautiful visuals. However, what most players who adore the game forget to tell you is that the title has load times of over a minute in length, one of the dullest stories of any Xbox One game and a dull protagonist to match.

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

Jason Gordon
The Gaming Ground

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4 Comments ON " The most overrated Xbox One games of 2016 "
  • John Smith.

    What, no Mirror’s Edge 2?

    • I would add that one, but this is Jason´s list, not mine 😉

  • Simon

    What about Quantum Break? I’ve not played it yet (managed to nab it for a tenner from Game) but seems the critics said it was over-hyped and disappointing. I’m only going by what they said, admittedly, as I said, I’m yet to make my own mind up. Have you played it, what are your thoughts on it if you have?

    • I will have to ask Jason about that one, as it´s his list 😉 But yes, that´s true..Me? I think that it´s a quite mediocre title, and that I would much rather have seen an Alan Wake 2 instead.

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