Arrow has promised a lot to fans for it’s 5th season, especially to make up for how terrible the ending was for Arrow Season 4. The Season 4 finale was comprised of Damian Darhk and Oliver Queen punching each other as if they were in a WWE match to say the least, and it didn’t sit well with critics or fans. It was so bad, after Stephen Amell came down from his high horse, he himself admitted how disappointed he was with the end result.

The producers at the CW promised fans something different with Arrow Season 5—it would be more like season 1. Now, when I think of Arrow Season 1, I think of Oliver grouping arrows into people’s chest, head, or hearts. Broken necks, broken fingers, Bratva interrogations, etc. So far, none of these have happened. Seriously. What we have received so far is the original escape from the first episode where Oliver escapes a chair and breaks someone’s neck. Yeah….that’s not good enough.

Oliver is the Mayor of Starling City now, and trying to balance his life as the Green Arrow, and the Mayor. Honestly, he’s pulling so many strings, I’m surprised people haven’t put things together yet. So let’s take a look at just what caused Arrow to lose its way, and how it can get back on track if it does what’s necessary for fans to Start loving the series again.

Why Arrow Season 5 is lost

This season has become completely derailed in the sense that Oliver Queen has formed his own version of the Justice League, found a new Black Canary, become Mayor, and now, has less screen time as the Green Arrow. Oliver has become the laughing-stock of who he once was—a badass vigilante on a quest to rid his city of true injustice. He has Thea Queen handling his secretary duties, and the now “sober” Quentin Lance; ex Captain of the Star City Police Dept. as his Deputy Mayor. Josh Segarra’s Vigilante seems as if he’ll end up being a capable nemesis alongside Prometheus, but it doesn’t look like we’ll see enough between the two to have two villains for the season finale—or a crossover with the other CW shows.

What we can probably expect is Prometheus or the Vigilante getting caught, and having Arrow Season 6, (if there is one at this point) going after the latter. The biggest issue with the season, however, is the constant tying in of everyone’s story as if they’re important to the main story line. We don’t need to understand why or how Wild Dog became who he was, or see Felicity Smoak become an underground hacker again. Hell, we don’t even care about Mr. Terrific’s marriage being on the rocks, which we’ve been thankfully spared this week so far. We don’t need to be teased about Laurel Lance returning as the Black Siren, and it’s even worse to have that as a one episode situation.

What we want to see is action, interrogations, and to see the return of the infamous list from Arrow Season 1 that we were promised (you know, the bone crushing and hard-hitting adventure?). Fans have fallen for this since we can’t have a live-action Batman, even though Superman is on Supergirl now.

How to Turn Arrow Season 5 around

Clearly, the biggest issue is that Arrow hasn’t gone back to basics like in Season 1. Since its last season flopped so hard, the producers promised fans that things would be a lot better this season. Well, hopefully that means not so much mysticism, and much more realistic action, and going back to the infamous list. In a sense because Thalia Al’ Ghul (Bruce Wayne’s baby momma) has been introduced, and she trained Oilver’s teacher Yau Fei, we can assume the list will be returning sooner rather than later.

However, due to just how soon we’ve seen the introduction of the list again. So I think it’s safe to say we’ll probably not see a full Season 1 return until Arrow Season 6. Even worse, Oliver is officially a shadow character, and his team has taken to the front lines of the show. Ratings don’t appear to be picking up very well for the show either as its highest rating was 3.5 million viewers, and its recent all-time low was 1.5 million.

Lastly, the biggest drawback to the show is that there’s no second in command since Oliver is down. John Diggle, and Felicity don’t necessarily run the team as if they’re in charge. They pretty much run wild with emotions as well. Felicity is still reeling from her boyfriend being killed by Oliver, and Diggle is trying to get back to normal after having his name cleared, and Thea Queen is no longer a vigilante.

The only thing that we can see that would save the show now is either a resurrected character to capture attention again, or having a serious revelation like a guest hero such as Superman, Nightwing, or even Hal Jordan the Green Lantern appear. For now, only time will tell, as we head into a new episode this week, and await The Flash Attack On Gorilla City to set it up.

And with that said. What are your thoughts on Arrow Season 5? Let us know in the comments!

Robin Ek – Editor

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

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17 Comments ON " This is why Arrow season 5 has been so disappointi... "
  • Viredae

    I actually completely dropped Arrow Season 5, I’m just watching Flash and Legends since those shows at least still seem to know what they want to do.

    • It’s that bad huh? Me, I’m just waiting for “Fear the walking dead” to kick-off again.

  • As sad as it is I can’t blame you it’s completely confusing and embarrassing no one talks about arrow anymore like they used to

    • They should listen more to the fans, and make the changes that have been requested.

  • Honestly it comes down to the show runner they have more power than the director or producers on TV shows like Gotham Bruno Heller stated we will never see batman in Gotham so fans need to stop asking.

    Then superman came into the supermarket show and fans are looking at him like..OK well it’s been 3 seasons either time skip or speed up the process like with poison ivy already.

    But the thing with arrow is when Oliver wasn’t political but rather more selfish it made the series great he didn’t have a team or communication lines he just narrated and showed up like batman and fans loved if

    • Ah, I understand, because the fans seem to be pretty pissed off that season five of Arrow is anything but action based (too much talk, too little action).

  • Turn Into Liquid

    Not sure if this is the general consensus. Elsewhere I’ve read that season 5 is much better than seasons 3 and 4, and is course correcting a bit more to season 2 quality. It’s not quite that good, but I do feel like the show has taken great lengths to fix Felicity, who is now more like her old self again since the show isn’t focusing on Olicity anymore. That honestly really brought the show down the most over the last two years. It was overdramatic BS and they turned Felicity into a crying, whiny baby. And they spent SO MUCH time on it. And the flashbacks haven’t been bad this year either, which is more than you can say about seasons 3 and 4, as well.

    As far as the resurrected character you mentioned? Let’s face it, if Prometheus is anyone but Tommy it’s going to be a massive disappointment.

    • We never learned what happened with China white either but it probably won’t be Tommy because he’s on Chicago med. They even talked about it in the dominator arc however prometheus is supposed to be someone’s son Oliver killed in season 1.

      • Turn Into Liquid

        Actors on other shows can appear on other shows. Hell, look at Dominic Purcell. He’s been in Legends of Tomorrow all season long and still figured out a way to be in a (shortened) new season of Prison Break. Plus, the few episodes we’ve seen Prometheus in wouldn’t need to be the actor who actually plays Tommy. All he has to do is show up for an episode or two, which I’m sure is quite do-able.

        And Prometheus being the son of someone Oliver killed does resonate to some degree, but these shows like to have their twists and I think this one is a total red herring.

        • I didn’t say that he couldn’t I doubt he could be Tommy since he’s dead and unless merlin used the Lazarus putt before it was destroyed Tommy is still dead…

          Also they’ve already confirmed through promethazine it’s not Tommy and he’s the son of someone Oliver killed 4 years ago

          • Turn Into Liquid

            Except last night the show proved we were both wrong. *M. Night Shymalan voice* What a twist!

          • Gimme till 10am tomorrow to watch it and give my pieces on it lol

  • Kageyama

    I’m conflicted because since season 3 I’ve been hating hard on this show but keep watching it anyway. I’m glad the Olicity thing is gone for good and I like Arrow having bigger team and being tactical except that they have no exploited this aspect very well so far due to them focusing so much on character exposition.

    Then we got that boring gun control episode last week and the story overall feeling like it stalled. We are half-way through the season and nothing of interest has really happened. And why do they keep doing flashbacks goddammit?! At this point I just DVR the show, skip it all and end up watching each episode in like 20 minutes. When I start doing that is when I realize the show have gone off the deep end.

    Flash on the other hand, I never thought it’d be this good. It stumbled a few times but other than that it has been on point and somehow it just keeps getting better and better. Not to mention that I usually end up hating/disliking some characters in the shows I watch but from this show in particular, I love every single one of them and I care for all of them, which is a rarity. With Arrow anybody could just die at this point and I wouldn’t give a crap tbh.

    • Flash is really good I’ll be writing up something on attack on gorilla city since everyone thinks max mercury is in tonight’s episode. What they should do is show earth 2. Oliver queen since we got black siren

  • Kishnabe

    Stopped watching Arrow, after they started introducing 4 people who can shoot arrows without even an eight of a training that Oliver has done.

    At least Flash series is still keeping my interest……Supergirl…stopped watching after Season 1. CW should stop the fabricated over the top romance….keep it genuine.

    All I really want is them dark Marvel series instead of those lovey dovey CW crap.

    • That sounds pretty darn bad imo :S (as in “not very realistic).

    • Carlos Anglada

      “All I really want is them dark Marvel series instead of those lovey dovey CW crap.”

      This. is .it. When this series started, it was broody, gritty, sometimes even gruesome (tastefully so, mind you). Now we have CWs unrelenting, inane brand of comedy and romance sap clogging the gears ALL OF THE TIME…. UGH!

      BTW: flashbacks got old right after S2.

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