The PlayStation 5 is on the lips of nearly everyone at this moment, and even though we won’t likely see it until 2020 (that’s just my personal guess) a lot of people are now wondering what exactly the PlayStation 5 will be. Especially since Sony got nearly everything right with PlayStation 4 beating Microsoft to the punch with a consumer-friendly console, (the PS4 is very different to Microsoft’s original concept with Xbox One). Furthermore, you could lend and trade games as you could before and the price was significantly cheaper too (the PS4’s £350 Vs Xbox One’s £420).

Microsoft’s idea wasn’t necessarily bad though, it was new and different, but if anything it was too soon. Microsoft tried to force something rather than let it happen gradually, and the backlash followed. Sony read the market well, and it’s this reason they’ve experienced a lot of success with the PS4. However, can they keep that success going with a new console? (the PS5) And how will they innovate and what features could we see in the future?

Well of course right now, everything is just speculation and guessing games. I don’t have a crystal ball showing me the future, but I can imagine the PS5 would be certainly a powerful machine I have no idea what will be inside it because being a console gamer graphic cards and PC tech talk is lost on me. One thing is for sure though, and that would be that it’s very likely that the PS5 will adopt the 4K format (It really is the talk of town these days), but I imagine 1080P will still be around because I doubt within three years everyone will be proud owners of 4K TVs as people have only just considered buying them now.

If virtual reality hasn’t crashed and burned we could see PSVR new and improved. However, when it comes to home console, I still want that simplicity of just booting up and playing games, it will all come down to speed and how it will be done. Nintendo Switch brought back the cartridge, with the PS5 could see an alternative to the Blu-Ray disc as games become bigger and require more memory and install data? Will it even have a disc drive at all as we slowly creep into the digital era?

the ps3 and ps4 controller

One generation jump, and one list of improvements later.

Backwards compatibility seems to be very important to many gamers and it’s seeing success on Xbox One, but Sony is still remaining stubborn with their PS Now service, giving you instant access to an entire library of games as long as you have a decent Internet connection and are willing to pay for the subscription. So with PlayStation 5, I expect Sony to reaffirm their stance on subscription based digital streaming, especially with broadband speeds increasing and becoming affordable each year.

The ease of use with PS Now is very welcoming, from a personal standpoint, the older I’ve gotten I’ve become lazy, when I get home from work, I’d rather boot up my console and play a game digitally rather than look through cases for a disc, just to swap it out because my pals want to play Overwatch. As It’s cool to hold physical media. However, this trend will die eventually just like VHS, Laserdisc and Music cds because of lazy buggers like me.

Nevertheless, I still expect that collectors editions will live on, whether it will be physical media or a redeemable code is another thing to contemplate on. Of course, I like being able to trade in my games or borrow a friends, but if we want gaming to move forward we need to leave old trends behind and form new ones, because if the PS5 just does what the PS4 does but the games just look a bit nicer, personally I couldn’t call that a next-gen console.

The PS4 did bring a lot of new tech, services and features to the table though where Sony has tried to make it worthwhile over the competition, something as small as the “share button” was instantly popular letting gamers upload content with ease, “Share Play”, let you share games with a friend albeit for a limited time, “PS Now” brought a catalogue of games in a Netflix style kind of way, and “PSVR” brought us virtual reality a brand-new way to enjoy media.

So the PS5 needs to do all this and more, adopting what makes the PS4 good and then completely improving every aspect of it. Since the launch, PlayStation has even added extra functionality such as external hard drives, custom themes, HDR content and more to improve the user’s experience, it’s evolved over time and PS5 will likely see similar changes during its cycle, but seriously Sony, please make sure that external HDDs are available from the get go?

As we all know, software has always been king when it comes to consoles. That’s also why Sony has had great success with their exclusive content and countless games. I mean, one after another title has been released for all walks of life, and that includes everything from “Horizon Zero Dawn” to “Persona 5”. In other words, Sony have managed to cover everything with 1st party and exclusive 3rd party content, and they continue this offering for 2018 with games like God of War, Days Gone, Spider Man, Detroit and more, and of course the Last of Us 2 which I expect to see in 2019 the end of PS4’s cycle.

the last of us 2 remastered ps5

Is it wrong to predict that “The Last of Us 2” will be remastered on the PS5?

This will obviously have to continue on PlayStation 5. So I expect “The Last of Us 2” remastered will be making an appearance, mainly due to the fact how that worked well for PS4. Furthermore, consumers don’t seem to mind buying the same game with some extras (as long as it’s a good one). So that is something I don’t expect to die. In other words, we’ll likely see a lot of the games we already owned re-released on PS5 (whether it’s GOTY editions or cosmetic upgrades). Even so, what excited me the most is the 1st party exclusives that we will see in the future =) Not to mention that visuals will be pushed to the limit, and developers will most likely find new ways to improve gameplay as we move forward.

playstation 5 concept art

Will the PS5 look anything like this on release? Probably not, but time will tell.

The actual console design is also going to be a talking point. On a personal level, I have always laughed at the ridiculous concept designs for consoles in the past, and of course they look nothing like the final product. So the PS5 will probably have a similar look to PS4. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony goes for a more stylish look. For example, the new Atari looks pretty cool with its wooden finish. The PlayStation Pro just looks like a sandwich, so hopefully they will go with a more eloquent design in the future. The DualShock has also seen its fair share of redesigns but has kept that basic mold, the Dualshock 4 seeing the most changes with the share button, touch pad, built-in speaker, built-in light and being one of the most comfortable controllers I’ve used, but maybe just maybe they will sort out the battery life for its next outing?

playstation 5

What will the PS5 design look like?

Well, we still have some time to go until we see what Sony has in store for us, personally I’m happy to wait for now, the offering of games at the moment has never been better. All the games will play the same no matter what resolution they will render at. Super Mario World is still fun as it is after all these years and no amount of power can improve that.

What I really want to see developers delivering games that give us new experiences we’ve not experienced, like what “No Man’s Sky” was meant to be on paper. Consoles are still seen as consumer-friendly products ready to entertain at a pinch for the young and the old, and with the PS4 sitting at 58.3 Million sold units (according to VGChartz) it seems consoles in general are definitely going to be around for another generation, and it will likely start with PlayStation 5.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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