It’s been quite a while since I (Robin Ek, TGG) turned my anger into an OP. Well, it’s finally time for me to do that again. Why? Because for the last couple of months, I have spotted a handful of articles, tweets and posts by so-called games journalists who despise and feel “grossed out” by digital booty and sex in video games (you know, the normal “sexism”, “misogyny” and “male power fantasy” rants). So I’m going to walk you guys and girls through some of the most-recent events on the matter. Well, let’s get the show on the road shall we? For starter, we got The Daily Telegraph’s “Video games with porn-type heroines are harming children, body image experts say” post (written by Clarissa Bye, as seen in the picture down below).

Right off the bat, and I’m going to quote myself now. You see, this is what I tweeted to The Daily Telegraph just recently (as seen in the picture above):

“As if women like that don’t exist in real life. Get a grip ffs. Furthermore, why have ugly characters when you can have good-looking ones?”

age rating system for games

My point exactly. Simply put, children shouldn’t be playing games that aren’t within their age group.

gamestop on parents buying games for their kids

When parents don’t even listen to what the game store’s clerk has to say about buying their kids games which they shouldn’t play at their age. Then the parents are to blame, not the games, the developers nor the publishers.

Furthermore, little children shouldn’t even be allowed to play (or watch) games like “Street Fighter V” or “Dead or Alive Xtreme 3“. As SFV is a T-rated title (+12), and DOAX 3 is a M-rated title (+18). I also believe that it’s a matter of parents taking control of their own home and children (rules and boundaries), because quite frankly. I’m fed up with people  blaming everything on games, game developers and publishers (the blame game is mainly done by journalists and politicians). My point would be that it’s very easy to point your finger at the creator, when it’s really your job to make sure that your child (or children) doesn’t play games which he or she isn’t allowed to play (my parents were dead serious about that rule, and it didn’t matter if it was games, movies or whatever).

sarkeesianism is cancer

“Sarkeesianism is cancer” indeed. Furthermore, who doesn’t like sexy and beautiful video game characters? Well, alright, besides SJWs then.

Thus, I find it to be rather strange that The Daily Telegraph state that “porn-type heroines” are harming children (according to some “body image” experts). Other than that, I’m quite sure that most TVs, consoles and so on offer a child lock (you have to type in the right password to watch certain channels and etc.). Well, I think you get the idea. So let’s move on to the topic of “Why is today’s games media so disgusted and afraid of digital booty and sex?” shall we? (which also just happens to be the headline of this OP).

eurogamer vs bayonetta

“icky objectification”, “the sexist overtones” Are you for real Eurogamer? Bayonetta was meant to be an extremely sexy and attractive character from the very start (both men and women love her). Furthermore, there are plenty of male game characters out there. So, when will Euro Gamer start to whine about them?

I’m going to start with EuroGamer’sWhy Bayonetta is still the brawler to beat article (written by Simon Parkin). It’s not a new article by any means, as it was originally published back in April, but I think that I will be able to get my point through to you anyways. As I was saying, Eurogamer took a swing at the PC-port of “Bayonetta” by stating that the game is “icky” and too “sexualized” (as seen in picture above). First of all, most of the time so-called “games journalists” just whine about stuff like this when the character in question is a female. Secondly, if the female character in question looks good and has a sexy personality and outfit (like 2B from Nier: Automata, for example). Then there is almost a 100% guarantee that she, the developers (and in some cases, even the publishers) will get attacked by the games media for being “sexist” and creating “misogyny” in the world of games.

bayonetta is gross

Bayonetta is gross“? I think the SJW/cuck alarm just got caught on fire (I honestly don’t even want to know what they think about “Nier: Automata”).

So I take it that female game characters have to be as unattractive and unsexy as possible in-order to avoid and rants of that kind from today’s games media? Nevertheless, I think that there is much more to this matter than reaches the eye. Well, at least I have a theory that I would like to share with you all. So please hear me out before you start criticizing me, does that sound fair? Great! So here’s my theory:

1. Most of these salty posts about sexy female game characters tend to be written by male cucks/SJWs, and since they have a zero to null chance to hook up with a female like 2B or Bayonetta in real life, they simply trash the characters and its creators instead. 2. Then we got the SJW/feminazis (most of them come from their HQ over at Tumblr).

Well, I’ve had my share of fights with them (SJWs) over the years. So I have learned the hard way how they think, work and operate (aka “their mindset”), and I’ve come to the conclusion that they hate fictional characters that make them look ugly (trust me, they much rather whine about games than actual doing something to improve their bodies, because that would actually require some real effort on their behalf). Yes, you read that right, because why else would they bother with games that they didn’t even intend to buy in the first place? You know, all of this made me think about that “Call of booty” tweet of mine (I tweeted that one out just recently). Why? Because that one picture is very authentic and spot on, as it summaries the mindset of the SJWs really well (especially feminazis).

games need to tell better stories that dont oversimplify oppression gamesindustry biz

Ah, well if it isn’t the self-proclaimed video game expert/pop culture critic Anita Sarkeesian. Yes, we better listen very carefully to her advice on video game story telling *deep sarcasm*

Furthermore, I have also noticed another trend among “games journalists” and journalists from the main-stream media, and that would be that they pretty much never EVER bring up the fact that females of all sexual orientations (straight, bi and lesbian) love sexy female game characters and sex in games just as much as straight males do (if not more). So why is that? It’s quite simple really; they don’t do that because it wouldn’t fit into their narrative that straight male gamers are nothing less than a bunch of women hating sexist pigs (the same also be said about game developers who create games with lewd content and sexy female characters).

Well, here’s the thing, most male gamers are nothing like that. I’m of course aware that every community (in this case, the Gaming community) has it’s fair share of bad apples, but those bad apples do not represent Gamers or Gaming as a whole. In the matter of fact, I’m quite sure that I’m speaking for everyone when I say that we (Gamers) have nothing against women whatsoever (no matter if it’s a game character, a female Gamer, game developer or whatever). As for me, I love women, and since I’m a straight guy. I naturally like sexy females, nudity and sex in the world of games. I mean, why wouldn’t I? Because I like the very same thing in the real world (the female body is a very beautiful thing, and females is with no doubt the most beautiful creatures on our planet).

the main stream media and games media vs lewd games

It’s “almost” as if they got something against lewd content in games.

That’s also why I really dislike most of the so-called “games journalists” and MSM journalists of today, because they take every chance they get to attack Gamers, Gaming and video games…And as the most of us know, the two most common subjects that they love to use as a baseball bat against games and Gamers are “violence” and “sex” (sex as in “lewd content” in general). Furthermore, then we got the kind of “games journalists” that are so disgusted by sexy females (real as fictional ones) that they even cover their bloody eyes when they see some female boobs (Waypoint’s Patrick Klepek is a perfect example of this). Yes, I’m not even exaggerating (just check out the picture and link down below). So as you might imagine, I’m pretty fed up with having people like that representing Gamers, Gaming and the games industry (Klepek’s booty phobia actually made me think about that one scene from The Simpsons where Smithers suffers greatly due to the presence of some sexy female strippers) .

patrick klepek vs yakuza 0

I honestly never thought that I would live to see a grown man end up covering his eyes due to female boobs (and nice ones too!). Well, I was wrong. Because that’s exactly what Patrick Klepek (senior reporter @waypoint) did while playing “Yakuza Zero”.

kenichiro takaki tits are life ass is hometown

“Tits are life, ass is hometown” – Kenichiro Takaki (I couldn’t have said it better myself).

Well, I think you get the idea. So what I’m going to do is this. I shall continue to call these “journalists” out on their nonsense as often as I can, and I also intend to get more interviews done with female gamers, game developers and cosplayers. As I would love to ask them more questions about the matter of “sexism“, “misogyny” and “male power fantasies” in the world of games.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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Video games with porn-type heroines are harming children, body image experts say
The Daily Telegraph
Euro Gamer
Stop being a jerk and start playing “Yakuza 0” (Patrick Klepek via Waypoint)
Austin Walker
SJWs Vs Bayonetta
Best Mom Eva
Austin Walker
Patrick Klepek pastebin

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30 Comments ON " Why is today’s games media so disgusted and ... "
  • ThinkingClass

    *Opens the article, doesn’t read article* :-p….
    The answer is simple, everyone’s different, some people are more prudish than others, some are not.

    The end.


    • “*Opens the article, doesn’t read article*”

      – I spent hours writing this post, so I would least expect you to read some of it before you comment, but whatever you say.

      • ThinkingClass

        I’m yanking ya balls dude. Wow youre surprisingly easily triggered/offended.

        I spend hours a month taking a shit doesn’t mean I expect anyone to spend time examining it :-p.

        • How was I offended/triggered based on what I wrote? If you compare taking a shit to writing an 2,000 word OP, then I feel sorry for you.

          • ThinkingClass

            now who’s not reading what the other wrote ;-p.

            What I said triggered you. As in the daft comment which you took seriously.

            now you just look way to aggressive for someone who literally is having a mardy at someone (I won’t clarfy either way) who may or may not have read your article. All I said was opened article doesn’t read article. I could have been lying. There could have also been a cheeky emoticon that gives you a clue as to the comments’ tone…
            fuck you for asking me to explain myself, last time I use sarcasm with the egg. I’ve a feeling you’re American…. (feel free to correct me if I’m wrong)

            But now I just know that if i see your name on an article to just move on because you’re a humourless, insecure, petty cunt. (No emoticon this time you dumb bitch)

          • ThinkingClass

            (To explain the initial gag, it was poking fun and those sorts of commenters that leap straight to the comment section. Based off the headline of the article and their own assumptions) look it’s not fun to explain goofs.

            Oh and I forgot, fuck you for playing a victim.

          • “Oh and I forgot, fuck your for playing a victim.”

            – When did I play out that card? Are you salty bruh?

          • Yaruguma Sou

            Man ignore this fuckface, he comes up with nothing logical instead throwing insults as if he was some smartass but just went full libtard instead.

          • You do realize that sarcasm doesn’t always render all that well through text? How was I supposed to know if you joked or not? I did not see the cheeky emoticon, because I was reading through the comments via my iPhone, so I had to scroll down to see it (which I did just now).

            Ah, so now you toss in personal insults as well, classy. No, I’m not an American.

          • ThinkingClass

            Lol dude the mature thing to do is “sorry I miss read the comment” or just “yeah, didn’t find it funny”.
            just because you’re offended doesn’t me you’re right.

            Move on, commenting on your own piece is cool when you’re promoting debate but this is just bizarre!

          • “Lol dude the mature thing to do ”

            – Says the guy that’s just typed on a handful of personal insults aimed at me.

            “just because you’re offended doesn’t me you’re right.”

            – I was never offended

            “Move on, commenting on your own piece is cool when you’re promoting debate but this is just bizarre!”

            – How is this debate worthy:
            “*Opens the article, doesn’t read article* :-p….
            The answer is simple, everyone’s different, some people are more prudish than others, some are not.

            —-> The end <—-


            Check and mate.

          • ThinkingClass

            I actually underestimated your insecurity. Sorry if I cause anyone to suffer passive-aggressively from you because of me winding you up. I’ll know not to post or read the egg again.

            I’m going now, my lunch breaks over and you’ve turned out to be quite boring to tease.

            PS. I’m not a guy.

          • I have no insecurity, you don’t know me. I think your comments speak pretty well for itself. In other words, I’m too smart for you. As you didn’t get the response that you had hoped for.

            That wouldn’t surprise me, because about 90% of the salty comments come from bitter, old and ugly feminazi women who take what I write personally (even though I don’t address them directly in any way).

            Well, have a nice day then 😉

          • ThinkingClass

            *pops head back through door* Lol! Oh I knew I could get one last laugh at your expense.

            And Triggered you again ;-).

            I am a guy by the way. As in biologically my chromosomes are XY, I just thought you write like a sexist virgin xD. Lol oh that last comment was my best idea yet. I’m gonna use that again on another site.

            Ok, I’ll let myself out. *lets self out*

          • “*pops head back through door* Lol! Oh I knew I could get one last laugh at your expense.”

            – And yet you’re the laughing stock of the day.

            “And Triggered you again ;-)”

            – You don’t seem to understand the meaning of that word, you just throw it around like a buzz word.

            “I am a guy by the way”

            – Why did you lie about your gender? Are you insecure about your gender?

            “you write like a sexist virgin”

            – I take that you know from experience?

            “Lol oh that last comment was my best idea yet”

            – I bet that it was, because even my dead grand mother can come up with better ideas than you can.

            “Ok, I’ll let myself out. *lets self out* ”

            – Don’t forget to close the door on your way out 😉 Ta ta!

  • oOMunchMillerOo

    Whatever makes ugly people feel better I guess. I’m no super model, but I couldn’t care less how “sexy” video game characters are. Reason? I’m more than fine with my appearance, however it may strike anyone else.

    • I’m glad to hear that you take it that way 😉 In my case, I wanted to get ripped like my favorite wrestlers and game characters when I was a kid 😛 Nowadays, I honestly don’t get affected at all.

  • Anthony Lannister

    Great article man. Fuckin puritanism needs to be purged from our entertainment. These ppl need to take their insecurities elsewhere

    • Thanks =) I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed the post 😉 Correct, and that would be a good idea for sure.

  • Mildra

    I think it’s time to stop calling these people journalists and start calling them preachers and flagellants. Because that’s all I see from them, constant desire to express nothing but shame and believing everyone else should be shamed for the crime of a healthy existence outside of their bubble.

    • Most of them don’t even play games, they only do this for the money. What makes it even more messed up, is that a lot of them take a piss on gamers, games and Gaming when ever they get a chance to do so. I love games with my whole heart, and I’ve done so since was 4-5 years old (god bless my parents who bought me an SEGA Master System for Christmas back in the 1988).

      • Mildra

        I’m beginning to wonder if there’s some arrested development, given how much their behavior resembles adolescent clique-mentalities.

        • In a way, they work in a very hive mind-like kind of way…Because I bet that you have noticed how like, 15-20 websites can spit out the same garbage on the very same day? You know, as if the whole thing was coordinated? (do you remember the “pro journos” list?).

          • Mildra

            Well, I *did* compare them to cults more than once.

          • Sounds about right to me…

  • Accipiter

    I never thought I’d see the day where digital video game characters would be attacked this much.
    I truly believe someone like Anita Sarkeesian will never be happy even if female characters were wearing burkas.
    Someone like her should do what they preach, that means she shouldn’t be wearing her hoop earrings, or wearing any makeup.
    Every time I see her, I’m reminded of chola.

    • It’s pretty insane indeed. No, because they would still be women underneath their brukas. So I hardly doubt that they would be satisfied by that (why? Because more is never enough for them).

      • Accipiter

        Why do they have a problem with digital women when in current tv shows/Netflix, everyone is talking about sex?
        Doesn’t make sense.
        On top of that parents were sending their daughters to Ariana Grande concerts where she’s promoting promiscuity.

        • I had no idea, I guess that they have too much free time on their hands? And that they get kicks out of ranting about everything and nothing. Exactly…Pure hypocrisy.

  • David Trainer Read

    Alot of people hate on games or are simply not interested in them. FOR me the main interest lies within the stories and the Lore behind them. For example, the main reason why I’m addicted to MTG is the lore and the stories…… However back to the subject, I love video games with women because…. I love beauty and beautiful women- or at least my interpretation of what that means (to me) and while I sort of stepped away from porn for awhile (it’s seriously damaging your ability to have decent relationships with women) but I still love games like DOA: Volleyball. Game is good. However I have to say that when Games cross from being “sexy” to “nudity” then there’s a problem because of what it can do to people…. especially younger adults. Sex and the hormones that goes on in one’s body really does get rewired when you’re “turned on”. Not sure if anyone cares about that but it’s still important to mention.

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