Right off the bat, this OP might just be the heaviest OP that I have ever written (I think that it even beats my MEA OP). You see, when I stared to write on my “Xenoblade Chronicles 2″ two days ago (the game launched on the 1st of December for the Switch console), the story just kept on evolving. So before I knew it, I had a whole page full of links, webpages and whatnot. Simply put, I soon realized that I wouldn’t be able to write a light-hearted kind of OP, since there were so many subjects involved in this matter.

So here’s what I’m going to do. I will have to break down this OP into several parts and cover each one of them separately. With that said, I’m going to start off with some review stats and sales numbers for “Xenoblade Chronicles 2”. “Why?” (so you might wonder), because from my point of view it appears as if the SJWs was hoping for XC2 to do really poorly due to it’s “sexualized designs“, “problematic” and “Misogynistic” content.

Well, sadly enough for them (the SJWs), XC2 sold almost 100,000 units during its first week (and that’s anything but bad). Furthermore, the review scores and player reviews have been very positive (the average score is about 84% via Metacritic and gamerankings). In other words, XC2 is anything but a failure. So with that said, let’s jump straight into the part about “A take on the SJW outcry over Dahlia and Pyra’s sexy looks” shall we?

So, as I said previously. I will walk you through the chain of events by covering the “incidents” for each said character in XC2. With that said, I’m going to start with Dahlia (I’ve added the character description down below for those who have no idea what she’s all about).

“Dahlia (Japanese: Tsuki) is a Rare Blade in Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She can grant tremendous power to her Drivers, Rex, Nia or Zeke, and their allies. She uses the power of ice. She has snow wolf-like feet and her limbs are wrapped in fluffy fur. As a weapon, Dahlia manipulates a floating ice element. Dahlia has been designed by Risa Ebata (Satelight Inc.).” – Xenoblade wikia

xenoblade chronicles 2 dahlia tsuki

Dahlia (Tsuki in Japan) is a rare blade in XC2. Even so, she’s probably much more well-known as the cute and sexy/milf ice bunny mom *cough cough*

xenoblade chronicles 2 dahlia some good advice

I honestly I felt like shedding a very manly Chuck Norris tear when I watched through this video :3 Not that SJWs would care anything about stuff like that though…

Well, in my case, I didn’t even know who Dahlia (she was created by a Japanese female designer called Ebata Risa) was before I spotted a tweet from the Japanese XC2 Twitter account. In the matter of fact, that’s how this whole OP even started for me (that’s when I saw the first wave of angry SJWs and Tumblr users). Anyways, I watched the short video of Dahlia, and I have to admit that I wanted to know more about XC2 (Sharn loves the game so far!).

Who could blame me though? Because I thought that she seemed to be a rather cute, sexy and interesting character (I don’t know if I’m the only one, but I think that her voice is rather heart warming as well). So far so good, but then I started to spot a wave of angry and really salty comments by Western SJWs (so-called “design flaws” comments) comments such as the following:

“I hate the usual weeb virgin excuse of “w-well she was designed by a woman” she was! under a contract and likely given strict design guidelines. Risa Ebata is ABSOLUTELY capable of designing realistic yet sexy women. Sheryl Nome is an ICON and her miku?? GORGEOUS”

“the ugly ass sex rabbit wasnt a product of risa wanting to design something sexy, it’s a matter for her being TOLD she has to design something sexy, no that’s not sexy enough, make the titties bigger!”KlRARAS

xenoblade chronicles 2 dahlia the truth about her design

In other words, those pictures (the ones where it looks like she has a very strange spine design) of Dahlia doesn’t exactly give you the whole picture of the said matter (the messed up design in that video and those pictures might be a glitch, pose or camera angle). Even so, SJWs used still used it to attack Dahlia’s design even more.

xenoblade chronicles 2 dahlia art

Since the SJW outcry over Dahlia’s look and design kicked-off (they mainly targeted her big breasts), there have been tons of awesome fan made drawings of Dahlia.

Don’t get me wrong now, people can criticize character designs and games all they want, but that’s beyond the point here, and this is the reason why. 1. The SJWs will always find something to whine about, and then they will try to force change (what’s considered as “okay” in their eyes) upon the said game (s) and game developer 2. More is never enough, once you give the SJWs one finger, they want the whole damn hand (stick to your guns!) 3. Whatever happened to let people draw and design whatever they want?

And last but not least 4. The SJWs used a picture of Dahlia where her spine looks all messed up (as seen in the picture above), a picture which the SJWs used as a baseball bat to further their “critic” against Dahlia ‘s design (a design which the SJWs labeled as  “sexist”, “Misogynistic” and pure man swine “fan service”) . Well, here’s the thing, the picture that they went with appears to have been taken out of context (it’s said to be a glitch in the game). That sure didn’t stop the SJW though, as they tried to make people believe that Dahlia looks like that throughout the whole game (which is a fat lie).

xenoblade chronicles 2 dahlia no spine glitch here

As you can see in this picture, Dahlia’s spin does not look all messed up like in the picture which the SJWs used to blast her design.

So I started to look into the matter, and I soon found out that Dahlia does NOT look like she has a messed up spine throughout the whole game (you can take a look at the pictures above for some in-game examples of this). Nevertheless, that’s the story that the SJWs went with…And that should come as no surprise to anyone, because it became clear very early on that the real reason behind their hate towards Dahlia is to be found in her breast size and sexy looks. That’s also why I took the liberty to collect everything that I could find about the whole “SJWs Vs Dahlia” situation.

“Sex sells in literally everywhere in the world except the United States. What that says to me is that we’re a bunch of fuckin’ crybabies.”VioletZer0

So I have added everything that I found down below:

Dahlia’s spine glitch:

Dahlia without the spine glitch:
Pretty lady Dahlia
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Dahlia’s Awakening!
Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Pretty lady Dahlia!

Dahlia’s “design flaws”:

I knew very early on that the SJWs would whine about Dahlia’s looks:

Swedish artist Vs XC2:

“Xenobladechronicles2 is sexualized me an Intellectual”: (NSFW!)

Xenoblade 2 character designs are unrealistic and sexist: (NSFW!)

Misogynistic design:

Feminist/SJW double standards and hypocrisy:

Xenoblade Chronicles 2 “misogyny” and” “sexualized designs” whine and comebacks: (Ebata Risa is the designer of Dahlia)
http://archive.is/mAIxl (misogyny! REEEEE!)
http://archive.is/UH3qr (“sexualized designs”, “I fucking hate the designs in this game” – Andrea Ritsu, Swedish cosplayer)
http://archive.is/QcsIV (“Being designed by a woman doesn’t excuse #XenobladeChronicles2’s character designs from critique b/c it upsets someone”)
http://archive.is/6Jhup (pimped up version of Dahlia)
Siliconera (“Meet Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Rare Blades”)
Xenoblade Wiki (Dahlia’s character profile)

xenoblade chronicles 2 pyra vs sjws

I tend to say like it is, and I think that I hit the nail on the head with that tweet.

The SJW madness doesn’t stop there though, because they also attacked Pyra as well. However, in the case with Pyra it was mainly users from Tumblr that whined about her design. You, know, I’m honestly surprised that the SJWs haven’t whined about Mythra, Nia (she’s my number one favourite character in XC2) and Pandoria yet (or perhaps they have?).

“Pyra (Japanese: Homura) is the heroine of Xenoblade Chronicles 2. She is a Special Blade who grants tremendous fire-elemental power to her Driver named Rex. Pyra and Rex embark on a journey to search for her long-lost home, Elysium. It is said that she is immortal and has the ability to recover from injuries quickly. However, she will die if the core on her chest is destroyed or when Rex dies. She is one of the two forms of the Aegis, Mythra is another form that Pyra can assume. Rex can switch between them freely at any time.Pyra was designed by Masatsugu Saitō.”Xenoblade wikia

xenoblade chronicles 2 vs communist anarchist

People need to discuss the issues character depictions in video games and if there any underlying things we need to fix or address, we should – Said the Communist anarchist. You know what, how about this? Let the devs create what they want, and then let the free market to decide whether the said game (s) will fail or succeed.

Anyways, let’s get back on track shall we? As I was saying, I saw all of this madness in real-time. So I decided to speak up my mind about it on Twitter, so I tweeted out the following (which I did on the 3:rd of December):

“Pyra from “Xenoblade Chronicles 2″ have triggered and angered the SJWs from Tumblr (and other SJW dumpster websites) so much that they have literally set themselves on fire over a fictional character. Well done Pyra! Keep the fire forever burning” – The Gaming Ground, via Twitter

Well, shortly after that I did that I started to experience some of that XC2 saltiness myself. For example, I had Anarchist Communist telling me that I’m all wrong, then a Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer (Abby Denton, I’m not sure if she works for RPS anymore) more or less called me a liar (as seen in the pictures above). Well, the SJW madness just went on from there. So much so that I had a hard time trying to archive everything, but I’ve done my very best stack up on everything of interest that I could find.

Rock, Paper, Shotgun writer (ex-writer?) calls me a liar?

Anarchist Communist Vs Xenoblade Chronicles 2

sjw hypocrite vs xenoblade chronicles 2

40K likes and 15K rewteets. So, I take it that people reward retardness now? It’s also worth pointing out that botwzelink is making his/her own NSFW fan fiction (hypocrite much?).

Nevertheless, I did manage to get what I wanted for this OP (pictures, links and whatnot). That’s also why I’m going to continue the part that involves Tumblr’s hate towards Pyra, and I’m going to do so by asking you to check out the pictures down below, as they speak for themselves really.

xenoblade chronicles 2 pyra vs tumblr

Pyra made quite a lot Tumblr user’s upset due to her character design (mainly due to her big boobs). I hardly doubt that Monolith Soft (the dev) and Nintendo (the publisher) will care all that much about their whine though (most likely not, since there are no censorship in XC2).

As for my own experience and relationship with Tumblr. Well, I’m not a user of the site, and I tend to spend as little time there as possible (for more than one reason, see Internet Aristocrat’s “Tumblrisms” video for more information). Especially since I’ve had anything but a pleasant experience with Tumblr’s user base. Well, I think you get the idea.

tumblr sucks

While this has zero to nothing to do with “Xenoblade Chronicles 2”, there’s still a point to be made here, and that would be the fact that Tumblr tends to take great characters and turn them into ugly ass hell SJW creations.

So, as a final say on the XC2’s “Pyra Vs Tumblr” subject, here’s everything that I archived on the matter:

Tumblr Vs XC2:

“Imagine getting this upset over boobs.”

Hypersexualized and unrealistic *sarcasm* (you’ve never heard of the dick chariot “Mara”, have you know?)

“It’s okay when I do it”

Japanese Vs American character design

So, with Tumblr out-of-the-way, let’s move on to the matter about SJWs stating that the XC2 character designs being for pedophiles. Well, as you might already know, “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” were made by a Japanese studio (Monolith Soft, HQ in Tokyo, Japan). My point here would be that even though Japan is very well-known for their violent, lewd games and whatnot, and yet they have some of the lowest crime rates in the whole world (just check the huge difference between USA and Japan when it comes to sex and murder crimes). So I find it to be somewhat funny that SJWs from places like America and Australia starts to make a connection between pedophilia and the characters from XC2.

gamergate where are they now best mom eva

Correct Mom, just take the case with NeoGaf. The forum whines about sexist video games and game characters all the time, and yet a NeoGaf mod ended up being arrested for possessing child pornography.

Furthermore, let’s not forget that those who have whined about “sexism”, “pedophilia”, “sexist design” and “misogyny”, are the ones who have ended up being the monster whom they have sworn to protect people from. I mean, just take Best Mom Eva’s “#GamerGate: Where Are They Now?” post, many of those people accused games and gamers of being sexist, perverted and even pedophilic (not to mention that gamers and games being full of misogyny). Well, guess what? Quite a few of those people turned out to be all that (and more) themselves…What I’m trying to say is that there is a pattern to be found here, and Best Mom Eva pointed all of that out back in April of this year (2017):

“At the height of #GamerGate, gamers faced mischaracterization as misogynistic monsters by the “allyzone”, a moniker for the male feminist allies of social justice. Years later, many of these men stand accused of stalking, sexual predation and worse.”Best Mom Eva

In other words, when you hear (or see) someone accusing games (or gamers) of being sexist, pedophilic and all that. Then ask yourself the following question is this person trying move focus away from his or her own dark little secrets?“. Well, I think that it’s worthy of a thought at least.

XC2 Vs Pedophilia accusations


Jennifer D’aww‏:

Next up we got ResetEra, which is a Gaming forum that tops everything that I’ve ever seen or heard when it comes to the SJW madness/cancer, and I’m not even exaggerating here. You see, ResetEra is what happens when you combine NeoGaf, N4G, Etsy with the worst SJW parts of Reddit. So once I found out about ResetEra (it’s existence), I wasn’t surprised to hear that they took a swing at XC2, Dahlia and Pyra. Thus, I saved everything that I could. So I’m just going to let you guys and girls look everything through and decide for yourselves what to make out of ResetEra (you will find everything that you need down below).

ResetEra and it’s SJW madness
One Angry Gamer

“Resetera or GAF 2.0 gets meta-triggered ( AGAIN ) by Titty Jiggle in Xenoblade 2”
http://archive.is/xk5Yl (00:00.10 seconds of titty jiggle – Best Mom Eva)

Japan doesn’t give a damn about Western SJWs (it’s not related to XC2, but the point gets through anyways):

jason schreier vs xenoblade chronicles 2

Yep, and sadly enough I was right…And for those who have no idea (whatsoever) who Jason Schreier is (News editor for Kotaku), his the same guy who whined about boobs in “Dragon’s Crown” (see http://archive.is/AzPUf and http://archive.is/J3pcU).

And last but not least, I would like to take a swing at Kotaku and Dorkly for looking down on “Xenoblade Chronicles 2” simply because they don’t like female video game boobs, booty and lewd content in general. This is also why I agree with what Ashton‏ (@Ash_Effect) said via Twitter just recently:

“Game journalists don’t have to be your audience. Game journalists are dead.” Ashton‏, via Twitter

So, you know what? Screw so-called games journalists like that (this is how Kotaku started of their XC2 review…), because we don’t need them.

And with that said, what’s your take on this matter? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section down below”

Censored Gaming
Mark Kern
Jennifer D’aww‏
Jingle Bellbridge‏
Best Mom Eva

XenobladeJP (https://archive.is/r3LJI)
Nintendo Everything (“Xenoblade Chronicles 2 sales 1/3 higher in the UK compared to X; Mario Odyssey overtakes BotW”)
Siliconera (“This Week In Sales: Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Takes Off To The Skies”)
One Angry Gamer
Know your meme
Dorkly (“RPG Fans Are Roasting This Ridiculous Character Design)
Kotaku (“Xenoblade Chronicles 2: The Kotaku Review”)
Anna Landin (Swedish artist/storyteller)
Andrea Ritsu (cosplayer)

This is a personal opinion of the writer, and it doesn’t necessarily represent the other writers (nor The Gaming Ground´s) opinions.

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
Editor in chief
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

More by Robin Ek:

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