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the_fantastic_nami has just released her sexy cosplay as the High Elf Archer from “Goblin Slayer”

As some of you might remember, it’s been almost four months since I wrote my article about Hane Ame’s super hot cosplay as the Sword Maiden from “Goblin Slayer”. Well, since I really like the “Goblin Slayer” anime (I still

Kalinka Fox has just dropped her extremely hot cosplay of Mileena from “Mortal Kombat”

I can’t say that I’m a huge fan of the latest installment of “Mortal Kombat”, because MK11 isn’t quite the MK game that I had hoped for (I’ve been a fan of the MK series since the 90s). However, on

Hackee just released her super sexy bunny cosplay of Mai Sakurajima from “Seishun Buta Yarou”

As it’s been about two weeks since I wrote a new cosplay-related post, I just thought for myself that it’s about time that I do something about the matter. Well, since I’ve just started to watch the awesome anime “Seishun

Katyuska Moonfox just released her super hot cosplay of Rize Kamishiro from “Tokyo Ghoul”

I know that it might sound unreal and somewhat insane, but it’s been almost one year since I wrote anything about Katyuska Moonfox and her cosplays. Yep, that’s right, because the last time I did that was back in August

Maou just released her sexy bunny suit cosplay of Mercy from “Overwatch”

As of today, we have written exactly 69 (feel free to make a lewd joke based on that number) posts about females who cosplay. That’s great news of course. Well, at least if you like cosplay content that is. Anyways,


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    Leading online retailer Kinguin gets blown away by Fallout 4 pre-orders

    11/7/15 at 12:29 PM , by Robin Ek

    Press release: Copenhagen, November 2015 – Fallout 4 is easily one of the most anticipated games of the year. On November the 10th players all over the world can once again journey to the barren landscapes of Bethesda’s apocalyptic world. The newest installment in the series seems to be set for huge success. The upcoming holiday season should...

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    Square Enix presents Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue for PS4

    09/20/15 at 9:19 AM , by Kenay Peterson

    Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 will be one of the most anticipated games premiering on the Playstation 4! In the prologue trailer, we’ll see actual gameplay from Kingdom Hearts III, as well as receive a festival of goodies in the game itself. In the following trailer, the first 30 seconds features a previously released scene from Kingdom Hearts III, and fea...

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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Collector’s Edition contents and price revealed

    09/3/15 at 3:26 PM , by Guest Author

    Square Enix announced that Deus Ex: Mankind Divided would be starting a custom pre-order program called augment your pre-order this week. It would unlock new tiers of bonuses available based on the amount of pre-orders and users would be able to choose one item from each tier that was unlocked. Along with the game’s newly announced release da...

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