“Gappo’s Legacy VR” is coming to Steam early access in September

I don’t know if you guys and girls remember our previous post about Odysseus’s upcoming punch-and-shoot sci-fi/combat VR game “Gappo’s Legacy VR“, but we were just informed by the devs that they will soon launch their game on Steam (the

The 2D horror game “Darkwood” is now available on Steam after four years in development

It’s been a very long time since I got excited over a horror game, because most horror games of today have left me somewhat disappointed (with a few reelections). Why? Well, for most part, nowadays there is way too much

The Nintendo Switch version of “Monster Boy” will be playable at Gamescom 2017

I am very happy to inform all you Nintendo Switch users out there that there will be a playable demo for FDG Entertainment and Game Atelier’s upcoming action/adventure platformer ” Monster Boy” (it’s a TBA title for PS4, Xbox One,

Indelve’s sci-fi Mars colony game “Initiative: Red Dawn” is coming to Kickstarter on the 22nd of August

Well, talk about being a nice coincidence. You see, I (Robin Ek, TGG) have been told that we should play, review and write more about sci-fi-related games. So just when I was thinking about the matter (what I should write


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    Richard Stanton breaks code of ethics and Kotaku hides conflicts of interest?

    03/19/17 at 1:55 PM , by Justin Easler

    This is going to be a short article, as it’s nothing we haven’t seen time and time again, but people deserve to know the truth each time it comes back around. You see, just recently Kotaku wrote an article titled “What is Richard Dawkins: Evolution?” in which they refused to disclose their relation with their topic. As a matter of fact,...

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    Abrams Tank appears to be trolling ResistJam?

    03/12/17 at 9:44 PM , by Robin Ek

    I (Robin Ek, TGG) had no idea what ResistJam was all about until I was informed about its existence earlier today. Well, for those who don’t know what ResistJam is all about, this is the actual official description of the event/game jam: “#ResistJam is an online game jam about creating games that resist oppressive authoritarianism in al...

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    Console buyers beware – The Nintendo Switch launch-day issues

    03/4/17 at 6:39 PM , by Justin Easler

    The Nintendo Switch insanity is now at an all-time high, because less than 24 hours ago, the Switch launched and already there are reports of the console doing poorly. So buyers beware, here are a number of issues the Nintendo Switch is currently having: The Switch’s dock will sometimes scratch the screen if you aren’t careful. One YouTuber by the....

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