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Giada Robin just made a really sexy cosplay of Tifa Lockhart from “Final Fantasy VII”

I’m aware that I originally stated that I/we would publish a new cosplay every week. Well, it’s been almost two weeks since I wrote my post about Kasai’s hot cosplay of Katarina from “League of Legends”. So I’m sorry about

Kasai just made a smoking hot cosplay of Katarina from “League of Legends”

As some of you might remember, when I wrote my post about Emily Aurelia’s Tracer cosplay I stated that we’re going to do at least one cosplay post per week. Well, it’s been a week since we published our Emily

Emily Aurelia brings the heat with her super sexy “Overwatch” bikini cosplay of Tracer

I just realized that it’s been a half eternity since I posted anything cosplay-related on our homepage (we did our interview with Mikki Monster on the 6th of December last year, and I published our gender bender Cuphead cosplay last

One awesome gender bender Cuphead cosplay coming up! – Fan Expo Vancouver 2017

The weekend and  is over for this time, and so is the 2017 edition of Fan Expo Vancouver (sadly enough). However, the fun doesn’t need to end just because of that. Especially not since there are tons of cool photos,

Tali xoxo just made Metroid even sexier with her Samus Aran cosplays

As most of you probably already know by now (well, at least if you’re a fan of the “Metroid series”). Nintendo launched “Metroid: Samus Returns” to the 3DS console less than one week ago (on the 15th of September to

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    Nintendo Direct 4.12.2017 – Thoughts on ARMS, Splatoon 2, and more!

    04/16/17 at 4:15 PM , by David Lucas

    The Nintendo Direct for April 12th mostly covered new additions to “ARMS” and “Splatoon 2”. Nevertheless, a good couple of chunks before the Direct and between the two main show casings they filled the video with Headlines for the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Switch. Starting with Nintendo 3DS news we begin with “Hey! Pikmin” (July 28), which just cov...

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    Bleeding Cool blames “Star Wars Battlefront II” misogyny on #GamerGate

    04/16/17 at 12:54 AM , by Kenay Peterson

    The Star Wars Battlefront 2 trailer leaked online earlier this week (the game will be released to Windows, PS4 and Xbox One on the 17th of November this year), and for the 49-50 seconds, we had we got to see a lot that turned out excellent for the new game launching possibly this fall. Aside from seeing very familiar faces that...

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    Is Polygon trying to get Pewdiepie banned from Twitch?

    04/12/17 at 11:57 PM , by Robin Ek

    ***Update 1 – 2017-04-14 – 12:40 CEST*** It’s no secret to me that it’s a big no no to post #GamerGate or SJW-related content on As it would be the same thing as asking to be banned or suspended from the site, and having your post being taken down by the sites biased mods. This is nothing new when...

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    Xbox Scorpio Vs PS4 Pro – A take on the upcoming “console war”

    04/9/17 at 2:41 PM , by Sharn Daniels

    Battle lines are drawn again for the video game title of “I’m the best console” because Xbox Scorpio and PlayStation 4 Pro are going head-to-head in a no disqualification match! Fans are tweeting nonsense in their hundreds, sending messages of love to their console gods while casting hate towards the other. Brand Loyalty is in full effect, forums a...

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