Cream of the Brazilian video game industry crop eager to showcase their portfolio at Europe’s leading B2B trade show.

Sao Paulo, October 17, 2017 – The Brazilian Game Developers Export Program, an initiative created by the Brazilian Game Developers Association (Abragames) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), is proud to announce today that Brazilian game developers will be represented in full force this year at the Game Connection Europe in Paris, France, from November 1 to November 3, 2017. This year, the Brazilian delegation will be composed of 11 companies representing the best of the Brazilian gaming scene.

The objective of Brazilian companies is to find potential partners, publishers, investors, or to offer their work for hire services.

Abragames and Apex-Brasil are committed to elevate the Brazilian video game industry on an international level to support its local talent and network with potential buyers, publishers, and other business partners. As part of this initiative, the annual Brazilian Independent Games (BIG) festival, taking place in São Paulo, was created 5 years ago and has now flourished to become the largest indie games event in Latin America and the third largest in the world. BIG displays the strength of the Brazilian gaming industry through its exhibit, but also thanks to the festival award competition, which has received 617 submissions from 54 countries this year. BIG Festival has become the main business hub for independent developers in LATAM, featuring keynotes, lectures, and presentations from top players of the global industry.

Simultaneously, a delegation of Abragames executives and representatives will attend Game Connection Europe to network and find potential guests, speakers, keynotes and buyers to bring to BIG Festival 2018. The objective of the Festival is to always have the best global professionals sharing experiences and knowledge with an engaged public. International video game companies interested in knowing more about BIG festival, as well as Brazilian game developers’ services and products, are welcome to contact Eliana Russi ([email protected]), General Manager of Abragames, to schedule an appointment during Game Connection Europe.

“We are thrilled to attend Game Connection Europe once again, one of the most important industry events in the world for the game sector. We hope our 11 attending companies can make good businesses at GCE in Paris,” declared Eliana Russi, General Manager of Abragames.

The Brazilian Game Developers Association (Abragames) booth can be found in the booths 101, 111, and 112. A full list of businesses participating in the Brazilian delegation can be found below.

Arcolabs – Located in Rio de Janeiro, Arcolabs is specialized in children’s games and will attend Game Connection to network, find potential IPs within this segment, and to offer external development services for kids’ games.
Cruel Byte – With their newest virtual reality games, EVERYONE COUNTS and LOST ROOM, they will be at GCE to showcase their projects, find potential publishers, get feedback on their games, and look for investors for future products.
Flux Game Studio – Presenting GUTS (Gory Ultimate Tournament Show), an ultra-violent Tarantino-style unique fighting game in which players must dismember the opponents by chopping off their arms and legs.
GamePlan – GamePlan is a 360 consultancy with a unique market view: it is a disruptive startup that helps games studios and industry related companies to achieve their business goals worldwide.
Hermit Crab Game Studio – Hermit Crab is a game development studio for PCs and Mobile games.
Lumentech – Founded in 2004, and doing work for hire since 2007, Lumentech developed the massive mobile hit HEMPIRE for LDC Studios from Canada. At GCE, they will search for potential partners, new projects, offer their work for hire services, and expand their network.
Kokku – Known for its work on Horizon Zero Dawn, for Guerrilla Games, Kokku is an External Development company located in Brazil. They will be at GCE to find new buyers and new projects, both for AAA and mobile games.
Manifesto Game Studio – A casual game development studio founded in 2005 with a track record of developing, co-producing and operating games for Bandai Namco, DeNA, Gamblit and with Mightyplay for Disney, SeaWorld and Zynga. At GCE, they aim to expand their network, make new contacts, and find potential projects.
Sinergia Studios – A newly formed studio from São Paulo, they will attend GCE to showcase three new games they are developing: VIGILANTE RANGER, ARMY OF ROBOTS, and TINY FORCE DELUXE, they will search for new publishers and partners.
Arvore Immersive Experiences – An immersive storytelling company that creates, develops, and designs state-of-the-art experiences for all platforms. Arvore is the first VC funded Brazilian company specialized in VR and AR. Their most recent VR game, PIXEL RIPPED, got nominated to several awards before launching, and it will be showcased at GCE along with other titles.
ACATE – The Association of Game Developers from Santa Catarina represents companies like Plot Kids, Flipflop Games, Palmsoft Tecnologia, and Hoplon, in the segments of entertainment, games, and education. They will attend GCE for the first time to find new partners and network in the industry.

About Abragames
Created in 2004 by a group of development companies, the Brazilian Game Developers Association (Abragames), emerged as a non-profit entity with the objective of strengthening the Brazilian gaming industry. The main goals of Abragames are to organize, coordinate, strengthen and promote the Brazilian digital gaming scene through the representation and interlocution of the national and international ecosystem, building an understanding of all elements of our value chain, as well as the promotion of events and partnerships that bring to Brazil the best in the gaming industry.

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