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ZÜRICH, SWITZERLAND (JUNE 14, 2018) – N-Dream AG — creators of the leading cloud-based virtual gaming platform AirConsole that brings friends and family together for same-room multiplayer enjoyment anywhere, anytime — invites fans to bring the soccer action of the 2018 World Cup off-pitch and into their living rooms with Final Goal, a new soccer title that blends realistic gameplay with retro-arcade action. With the simplicity of AirConsole, play Final Goal today from any web-browser supported device (“the console”) and up to eight mobile phones (“the controllers”) to shoot, tackle and pass, or switch players on the fly between you and up to seven of your friends. GOAL!!!

Available today exclusively on AirConsole in both a free and premium edition, Final Goal features family-friendly gameplay that even the most casual of players can pick up in a snap. Your favorite team didn’t qualify this year? No problem! With over 50 national teams to choose from with an AirConsole Hero subscription — including those that didn’t make the cut this year — Final Goal won’t be getting any red cards for lack of fun or content. Kicking out a few rounds of Final Goal for bragging rights during half time couldn’t be any easier with AirConsole either; all you need is a web browser, a mobile phone and some friends (or frenemies) to challenge.

“We’ve designed AirConsole to be a highly accessible gaming platform that delivers great quality content and keeps friends and family playing together. We couldn’t be happier to share Final Goal with football fans around the world, just in time for the 2018 World Cup,” said Andrin von Rechenberg, N-Dreams AG’s CEO. “It’s the perfect way to fill time between halves or matches, keeping the excitement of the game alive off-pitch.”

Final Goal Key Features:

You Can Play it Right Now: Go to to use your desktop web-browser as a cloud gaming console and use your smartphones as the gamepads. Connect up to 8 smartphones. There is no additional hardware required.

The Classic Soccer Game at its Best: 11-vs-11 gameplay complete with fouls (but be careful: certain instances will gain you a yellow or red card), free kicks, offsides and dreaded penalties that could mean the difference between a huge win or a last-minute devastating loss.

Be a Soccer Superstar: Put Pelé, Messi and Ronaldo to shame with your mad shooting skills — find that sweet spot during a pass and perform all-star moves such as the overhead bicycle kick, or head it away from the crowd to rally your team to score that goal you and your friends will talk about for weeks.

Unique, Interactive Sprint System: Shake your mobile phone controller and gain that extra bit of power that pushes your player past their limits. Run at speeds that would intimidate any olympic athlete as you whip around the field, dodging those in your path.

Intuitive Camera Support: Explore different view modes to catch the action at every level. Large view offers a dynamic, lateral medium-zoomed perspective. TV mode lets players feel like they’re right in the stadium. Or become the cameraman and put yourself in the middle of the action with Supporters View to get up close and personal with your players, while Aerial View zooms out and lets you enjoy all the glorious soccer stadium scenery.

Challenge Your Friends: Go head-to-head with friends and family for the match of your life. If you have an AirConsole Hero account you can enjoy couch co-op (and competitive) action with up to eight players sharing the same screen.

AirConsole is the most accessible way to game with friends and the ultimate platform for local multiplayer and party games. Start playing in seconds on either Windows PC, your Android TV, tablet, or via computer browser casted to a smart TV, and control the action with your Android or iOS mobile phone. AirConsole boasts a continually growing collection of over 100 first- and third-party games. A wide variety of titles and genres are completely free to play, with more games and additional content available through the inexpensive AirConsole Hero subscription (currently $2.99 /month). With a former Googler at the helm, AirConsole offers a revolutionary low-latency cloud-based gaming experience without the need for proprietary hardware.

From casual party games to co-operative strategy titles, AirConsole makes gaming with friends and family simple, fun and affordable. To learn more about AirConsole, please visit

To check out Final Goal, please visit

Final Goal is now available exclusively through AirConsole. If you would like to dive into the action or talk with someone from the AirConsole team please reach out to [email protected] and we’d be happy to make that happen.

About AirConsole
Founded in 2015 by former Google senior software engineer and tech lead Andrin von Rechenberg, this small team out of Zürich, Switzerland has one mandate: create the #1 place for party and local multiplayer games that is accessible to all levels of gamers. AirConsole has quickly grown to over 100 games, and is an amazing place for first-party, indie developers and self-publishers alike. More exclusive games content is being added weekly.

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