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Gravity Interactive and X.D. Global are very happy to announce that their MMORPG “Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global” is  now available for iOS and Android devices.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global” is a mobile MMORPG created by Gravity Interactive Inc. & X.D.Global. Originally published in 2002 as an online service, originating from Korea the game eventually found success globally.

Staying true to the original, the mobile game has taken and expanded upon the familiar settings and environments, which have long been beloved by many fans worldwide. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global is based on Norse mythology and uses unique gameplay and team battles to bring these aspects to life.

The cartoonish style, unique job-change system, cards, and costume-changes have all been taken from the original and adapted for mobile.

Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global OBT is available today, Here’s a look at some of the features coming in ROM.

Within Rune Midgard:
Players are free to explore and experience the vast and beautiful land of Rune Midgard. Every quest and NPC within Prontera, Izlude, Geffen, Morroc, and Payon will bring you a new and exciting story to help create amazing adventures.

The NPCs Have Returned:
Do you still remember the Kafra Lady that was always smiling and happy to help? She and all the NPCs from long ago have returned to the land of Rune Midgard. In ROM, you can go to the Smile Assistance to craft headwear, go to Hollgrehenn to enhance your equipment, go to Ariel to heal, and of course visit the Kafra Staff that will take you wherever you want to go.

Classic BGM:
When most think of RO’s BGM, they instantly think of “Theme of Prontera”, “StreamSide”, and all of the classic in-game music. Now, those classic tracks have been updated by their composer, ESTi, who has added some new elements to these familiar tunes to bring a fresh and brand new experience in ROM.

10 Jobs at the Beginning of the Adventure:
The current version of this OBT will have 10 of the Jobs from the classic RO: Swordsman, Knight, Crusader, Mage, Wizard, Acolyte, Priest, Monk, Thief, Assassin, Rogue, Archer, Hunter, Merchant, Blacksmith, and Alchemist. All of these classic Jobs are now complete with 3D models, bringing even more detailed graphics.

After finishing all the Novice trials, you can select the job of your choice in the Adventurer’s Hall.

Classic Skills Revisited:
All the famous skills in RO are available in ROM, such as: ‘First Aid’ and ‘Play Dead’, which you can learn as a Novice. After progressing to the job change, there will be even more skills for you to learn. Different combinations of builds will lead to different play styles, and with the adventure skills as well there will be so much to explore and learn.

Classic Combat:
The MVPs in RO; like Baphomet, Angeling, and Moonlight, were truly challenging. In ROM, the challenge of taking on MVPs still stands! A page for players to share information and organizing MVP searches, or to let players know when MVPs have appeared, has been set up. Players that defeat MVPs will also be listed on the page.

Players can also expect to see familiar PVP elements such as the Dojo and Endless Tower. There will also be some brand-new party modes to battle Time Rifts and complete the Monster Resistance. Players will experience a brand-new RO, with all new memories to make!

Mobile Version – New Features:
In this version of ROM, there will be a 360-degree ‘selfie mode’. Making guild photos, selfies, and lovers photos easy to take. You can bring the camera to every scenic place in Rune Midgard, allowing you to take beautiful and stunning photos. You can also check out the fantastic Ferris Wheel, and make sure to bring your loved one with you to hold hands!

New Social Feature – Holding Hands:
In ROM, you can sit and chat with friends all day, while using emotes and funny gestures. In ROM you are able to hold hands with the one you love. Not just for posing in pics, but you can hold hands during combat, which makes for the best motivation!

What ROM aims to bring players is the ability to enjoy everything in the world; freedom, passion, and interacting with those you love and care about. Ragnarok M: Eternal Love Global OBT is available today. The battles from 17 years ago are not over, the adventures are still on and waiting for you in South Gate!

About Ragnarok M: Eternal Love
Ragnarok M: Eternal Love is an officially authorized and faithful mobile adaptation of the original Ragnarok Online series.

Gravity Interactive has partnered with X.D. Global to restore the setting of the original MMORPG, while also providing a quality mobile gaming experience. The adventures in Midgard continue in this immersive mobile game.

– Adventure freely across over 40 maps in the classic cities of Midgard
– Form a guild with friends to embark on adventures
– Showcase your guild’s achievements with the customized guild wall
– Choose from a variety of classes such as Knights, Priests, and Hunters
– Record your adventures, items, and conversations in the Adventure Handboook
– Explore Midgard with a lovable pet companion
– Picnic with your friends with the cooking system
– Express your love hand-holding mode and unlock poses and emojis
– Enjoy a romantic ride on the Ferris Wheel

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