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Bentonville, Arkansas – April 20, 2017 – Mustin Enterprises is pleased to announce that the two-part Psychokinetic musical tribute to Nintendo’s beloved MOTHER series is now available to audiences worldwide. Originally produced as a part of the hugely successful You Are Now EarthBound Kickstarter campaign run by Fangamer, the album is now available separately for the first time. Even more, a limited number of physical copies produced for the campaign are still available, housing both Part 1 and Part 2 of the digital collection in a sleek DVD case alongside a booklet containing credits and track commentary. Psychokinetic Part 1 and Psychokinetic Part 2 are now available worldwide via most digital retailers:

Psychokinetic Part 1 on Bandcamp
Psychokinetic Part 1 on Spotify
Psychokinetic Part 2 on Bandcamp
Psychokinetic Part 2 on Spotify
Psychokinetic physical edition from Mustin Enterprises

Psychokinetic features the talents of the remixing group the Bad Dudes who serve up a diverse range of offerings, from chillout and vocal ballad to swingin’ jazz and industrial. The track list includes fan favorites from across the MOTHER series, with many selections being chosen by backers from the Kickstarter campaign. The full track list for Psychokinetic is as follows:

Psychokinetic Part 1

01. Pollyanna Bounce (I Believe In You) [EarthBound]
02. Twoson Hometown Show (Theme of Twoson) [EarthBound]
03. Jon Bon Voyage, Amigo (Bon Voyage, Amigo) [MOTHER 3]
04. Find Your Happy Place (Memory of Tazmily) [MOTHER 3]
05. Door to Door Happiness (Monkey’s Delivery Service) [MOTHER 3]
06. wE FeEL GRoOVE! (Saturn Valley) [EarthBound]*
07. Show Me What You Got (Save the Miners!) [EarthBound]
08. Checkout is at Eleven (Enjoy Your Stay) [EarthBound]
09. Funny Dawg (Humoresque of a Little Dog) [EarthBound]
10. Home Again Again (Pollyanna) [EarthBound]
11. Reminiscing No. 1 (Onett) [EarthBound]
12. Geognosis (Wisdom of the World) [MOTHER]

Psychokinetic Part 2

01. Paula (Paula’s Theme) [EarthBound]
02. DRGN (Fight with Mecha Drago) [MOTHER 3]
03. Bag of Pork Chips (His Highness’ Theme) [MOTHER 3]*
04. mom’s cookies (We Miss You – Theme of Love) [MOTHER 3]
05. Steppin’ in the Rain (Gentle Rain) [MOTHER 3]
06. This August Will Be Different (Summers) [EarthBound]
07. Thank You For Remembering Me (Snowman) [EarthBound]
08. Magicant Gamelan (Magicant) [MOTHER]
09. There is No Turning Back Now (Crossing Space&Time/The Place) [EarthBound]
10. Master P (Pokey Means Business!/Cease to Exist) [EarthBound]
11. Exit Music (For A Game) (The Heroes Return) [EarthBound]
12. The Power and the Glory (Eight Melodies) [MOTHER]

* Tracks are included on the limited physical edition only

“Fangamer’s Kickstarter aimed to deliver the ultimate EarthBound fan’s dream package – a guidebook for the game, a documentary about the effects of EarthBound in the United States, a fan zine, lots of collectible knick-knacks, and our album,” reflects producer and The Bad Dudes founder Mustin. “Backer Emile Rosales challenged me by requesting two pieces of short, ambient music from EarthBound to arrange: ‘Crossing Space and Time’ and ‘The Place.’ I drew from my experience playing the game and applying my senses of both wonder and terror as you learn the true nature of this cave and what it means for your party: that the estranged father of one of your team mates will have to turn you kids into robots in order to send you back in time to save the world. I made new sounds and used new tools I’ve never used before – there are even cow sounds peppered into the track for bizarre effects. It is the work I am most proud of to date.”

About Mustin
Mustin is a composer/producer/arranger hailing from Northwest Arkansas. He is co-founder of one of the longest running videogame music cover bands, The OneUps, has produced for nerdcore rappers MC Lars, Mega Ran, and Beefy, and has been featured on CNN and MSNBC.

Mustin’s styles of music range from funk to bossa nova and gangster rap to piano solos. He is currently working to launch a new original music project with long time collaborator, William Reyes.

About the Bad Dudes
In September of 2006, Mustin assembled the best of the best bedroom producers who had worked on previous Mustin Enterprises (formerly OneUp Studios) releases to form the “A-Team” of videogame remixers, dubbed Bad Dudes. “Not a re-creation of the Bad Dudes video game soundtrack,” according to Mustin, “but a reminder that we’re all Bad Dudes and we’ve gotta put it down.”

To date, the Dudes have released several free EPs, and in 2009 received critical acclaim for their first official album, CHRONOTORIOUS, a collection of arrangements from the SNES classic Chrono Trigger. They have since released the Metroid Arrange 25th Anniversary Album of Metroid music, making Psychokinetic their third CD release.

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