Prospect the Galaxy One Planet at a Time in The Galaxy of Lemuria, a Groundbreaking New Survival MMORPG That Features A Trading Card-Based Skill System and Procedurally-Generated Planets.

Press release:
SANTIAGO, CHILE (November 5, 2018) – Worlds will collide as new survival MMORPG “The Galaxy of Lemuria” makes its grand debut onto crowdfunding platform Indiegogo this Wednesday! Based in Santiago, Chile, Lemuria Online Games Studio brings us this outlandishly delightful title.

This whimsical take on traditional survival MMORPG aims to flip the long-established script on its head by introducing new mechanics to the genre; most notably — a card-based leveling system that will assist players in forging their legacy. Players will discover new worlds, moons, and more but whether friends or enemies are made along the way is up to them.

The Galaxy of Lemuria brings something to the table that hasn’t been seen or utilized properly in survival MMORPGs of yore. When players begin a new game, they have several decks at their fingertips to choose from, and the cards within the decks are skills.

Every single skill in The Galaxy of Lemuria needs a card in order to be performed. Though players begin a game with certain stats that pertain to the chosen deck, they can collect cards during their game and can buy, sell and trade cards with other players.

A reward system grants players with booster packs teeming with precious skills and abilities when certain criteria is met. Cards can only be used so many times per lifespan; however, when a player dies and is revived at the “home” hub, their cards and deck are restored. Players will even be able to turn certain items into cards to summon at a later time!

As every legend knows, greatness comes at a price. Each time a player begins a new game, they will experience starting over on a new, procedurally-generated planet that may or may not have others already trying to survive.

From there, players must gather resources — sometimes having to travel to different planets for items. The A1 Explorer, a modifiable spaceship, will be at their disposal as a chariot to the stars. Of course, a stylish adventurer needs a ride to match: players are able to collect materials to build and upgrade their own ship!

Adventuring the galaxy can get quite lonesome, and The Galaxy of Lemuria tackles this dilemma with the most charming of solutions: pets! Though players aren’t assigned a pet right out of the gate, they are able to try their luck (and their persuasion skills) at capturing their own.

For the sake of being true-to-life, The Galaxy of Lemuria’s pets have needs as well, such as food and HP restoration. The pets in The Galaxy of Lemuria aren’t your typical fluffy friends — they are the enemy creatures and beasts that are encountered along a players’ journey.

Transcendental items are another way that Galaxy of Lemuria tackles a big obstacle within the tradition survival genre. Loss of items and progress is one aspect of the genre that turns many folks away, but the transcendental items ease some of that pain.

The feature itself is an enhancement that may be applied to the most precious of items found in the galaxy — though it is only one item per game. Enchanting the item will allow it to transcend with the player to the start of a new game, though there are limitations that will be expanded upon at a later time.

Key Features of Galaxy of Lemuria Include:

Build To Your Heart’s Desire: Build the home that perfectly meets your aesthetic with the materials found on each respective planet — this could be wood, metal, stone, etc. Be wary, as other players have the ability to destroy your hard work. On the flip side, other players can team up with you to forge a sprawling metropolis!

Catch ‘Em All: Players have a chance of obtaining a “Monster Card” upon killing an enemy, which then can be used to either attach to a weapon for added abilities or used to summon that slain creature as a pet. Pets can be called in as a backup in battle, carry items and perform certain skills. Their loyalty does come at a price, as pets need food and attention in exchange for their help.

Don’t Get Too Comfortable: A galaxy holds a delicate balance, and occasionally something will go awry. Players will sometimes find that their planet on which they reside with lose its “energy” and will be stripped of all natural light. During this time, the vilest and most dangerous creatures will roam the planet and have one goal in mind: killing whatever stands in their way. It will be up to players whether to stay and protect their homestead or flee the planet to escape from the endless perils.

Decks on Deck: The card-based skill and leveling system is the core of The Galaxy of Lemuria. Players choose a specific deck to begin the game with, and each deck holds a specific set of skills. The power of the cards in the starting deck is finite, but players can collect cards as they play the game and can also trade, sell and buy cards from other players. Booster packs can also be obtained via the reward system by performing certain tasks and meeting certain criteria. Every skill, from crafting to combat requires a card, and it is up to the player how much they want to beef up their deck!

The Galaxy of Lemuria’s crowdfunding campaign will launch on Indiegogo this Wednesday, November 7th, and is funding is achieved, is targeting a 2019 release on Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More details about the key features of the game will be unveiled weekly!

We ask that you share this exciting news with your audience. Social media shoutouts including @PlayLemuria and #GalaxyofLemuria are also greatly appreciated! The Galaxy of Lemuria Indiegogo pre-launch page is available here:

About Lemuria Online Games Studio
The small indie studio based in Chile has been working on The Galaxy of Lemuria since 2015 and is comprised of five experienced and highly-talented developers. The studio’s founder, Jose Parada, has been an avid gamer for years, with a special interest in survival MMORPGs. With his experience and desire for something greater, the Lemuria Online Games Studio was founded and work began on the next great survival MMORPG: The Galaxy of Lemuria. Read more about the studio and the project at

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