Nordic players at the EU LCS in Royal ArenaThe Quarterfinals will soon determine who will show gl. ory in Copenhagen’s, Royal Arena, 7-8 april.


Martin “Wunder” Hansen – G2 Esports

Wunder is a consistent top laner — consistently aggressive. Even when playing tanks like Nautilus and Maokai, Wunder is more than happy to overextend for a kill. That aggressive playstyle got in him trouble in his rookie split, but he adjusted and became one of the best top laners in the EU LCS.

Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen – Fnatic

Broxah is Fnatic’s impressive young jungler.After spending just a month on Fnatic Academy, Broxah was called up to the EU LCS to play for the main squad. He made the most of his opportunity, helping Fnatic to a 3rd place finish in both the Spring and Summer Splits. Now, in his sophomore season, Broxah will g et another chance at his first EU LCS title.

Rasmus “Caps” Winther – Fnatic

Caps has faced many challenges in his young career. He has openly talked about wanting to follow in the footsteps of other great European mid laners, and even stated he would love to get to the level of SKT’s Faker. His journey will now take him up against some of the best mid laners the world has to offer.

Kasper “Kobbe” Kobberup – Splyce

Kobbe didn’t always want to be a professional gamer. He was dedicated to football before an injury sent him to the sideline and he had to rethink his options. Luckily for Splyce, Kobbe took up League of Legends. Before long, he became one of the best up-and-coming ADCs in Europe.


Martin “Rekkles” Larsson – Fnatic

Rekkles is, perhaps, the most famous player in the EU LCS and is among its best. His tumultuous year brought both highs and lows for the longtime Fnatic captain, but he persevered to put on a strong performance at Worlds. His Kennen pick was one of the year’s many highlights — will he pull out similar tricks from his pocket in 2018?

Petter “Hjarnan” Freyschuss – G2 Esports

Hjarnan is ready to prove himself on a new roster for 2018. After Team Vitality was knocked out of the 2016 EU LCS Spring Playoffs, Hjarnan found himself benched for the Summer Split. After Vitality barely avoided the Promotion Tournament, Hjarnan departed.

He has big shoes to fill as the starting ADC for G2 Esports. He’ll be paired in the bot lane with Korean support Wadid. They have a tall task ahead of them to defend G2’s title, but Hjarnan will be motivated to make the most of this new opportunity.

Jonas “Memento” Elmarghich – ROCCAT
Memento was originally a solo queue star before kickstarting his professional career in 2015.He then joined Team ROCCAT as their starting jungler in mid 2016. He, along with the entire team, struggled in the LCS and eventually had to play in the EU LCS Promotion Tournament in order to re-enter the league.

After struggling with ROCCAT, Memento looked for other opportunities to showcase his abilities and landed with Giants Gaming in early 2017.
Now back with ROCCAT, he’ll have another shot to prove that he belongs with the best in Europe when spring rolls around.

Tore “Norskeren” Hoel Eilertsen – ROCCAT

Norskeren is the support player for ROCCAT. After playing on several Challenger Series teams from 2016, he finally got his opportunity to make it on the big stage with ROCCAT. As one of the rookies this year, he is set to prove himself as one of the rising star supports in the EU LCS.

Team Information:

Founded by Sam and Anne Mathews in 2004 in the early days of the professional video gaming industry, Fnatic has since helped shape the new world sport into a fast-growing phenomenon.
At its core are Fnatic’s talented professional gamers, who have won thousands of tournaments and inspired a community of tens of millions of fans.
Our world class players represent Fnatic in all corners of the globe, attending more than 75 international events per year across 20 different games including League of Legends, Dota 2, Battlefield 4 and CS:GO. With over a decade of big wins, the Fnatic team continues to take its place at the forefront of the industry.

G2 Esports, formerly known as Gamers2, is a German-based[1] eSports organization with teams in League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Melee, Paladins, PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS, Hearthstone and Rocket League.
The G2 League of Legends team competes in the League of Legends Championship Series Europe (EU LCS) since 2016.
The organization was first announced on February 24, 2014.

Splyce, founded in 2015, is home to top level teams across multiple esports titles around the globe. Since its inception, the organization has grown to include teams in League Of Legends, Call Of Duty, Rocket League, Counter-Strike, Starcraft II, Halo, Fighting Games, World Of Warcraft, Smite and Paladins.
With championships across five titles this year, Splyce has firmly planted itself as one of the most winning organizations in the industry.

Team ROCCAT was built from the ground up for gamers, with the DNA of eSports forged into our foundation. In fact, ROCCAT was created by an eSports pioneer,
whose love of competitive gaming and team play guided our LCS team development from day one. Our philosophy has never been to throw money at the biggest names and hope they play well together.
From the very beginning, we wanted a team composed of colleagues and friends; a team that plays hard and works hard as a compatible unit, who can grow together as a family. That’s what Team ROCCAT is all about.

About League of Legends
League of Legends is a MOBA created by Riot Games which was released in 2009 and can be played online both on MAC and PC where it is F2P (Free to play). Since its release has both the game, and Riot Games grown more and more, and has set the standard when it comes to esport in the entire world. League of Legends is being played over 1.3 Billion hours a month, and has over 100.000.000 active players a month since september 2016

About Riot Games
Riot Games was founded in 2006 by Brandon Beck and Marc Merrill with the intent to change the way video games are made and supported for players. In 2009, Riot released its debut title League of Legends to worldwide acclaim. The game has since gone on to become the most played PC game in the world and a key driver of the explosive growth of esports. Players are the foundation of our community and it’s for them we continue to evolve and improve the League of Legends experience. Riot Games is headquartered in Los Angeles, CA and has 23 offices worldwide.

Tickets now available via Ticketmaster.

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