Kukhtenkov Georgiy’s “Boobs Saga” is a lewd (assuming you deactivate the censoring system) 3D action-adventure game. Whilst doing some voyeuristic webcam work, a strange thunderstorm causes the young girl to be groped and pulled into the viewer’s castle.  So, with that said, can you escape the perverted dungeon with the help of the lewd god Pisidon?

boobs saga a sexy bikini babe in a prison cell

I really love the fact that you start off in a tiny prison cell (“The Elder Scrolls”, is that you?).

Whilst it’s certainly an entertaining idea, and follows in the footsteps of games like “Sakura Dungeon” and “Dungeon Master Chris”, the attempts to add a lot of new things to this sort of genre doesn’t work well – and that’s down to three problems:  Enemy AI, controls and collision detection.

boobs saga a lewd dungeon

Yep, there’s lewd content and sexy time moments to be had in “Boobs saga”. However, you must use the uncensor patch in-order to enjoy the uncensored version of the game.

Truth be told though, collision detection is with no doubt the most annoying part of the game, and in the current version of the game, is awful…For example, you can run through traps that will activate even when you are nowhere near them. You can run into (and die) from any trap in any stage of its animation.

So if it’s a ceiling trap, you can die just by standing next to it when it’s embedded in the ground. In most other cases, the collision detection size for objects is way too large.

boobs saga them darn deadly traps

There are plenty of deadly traps to be found in “Boobs saga” (the “Dungeon Keeper” series comes to mind).

What causes more annoyance is that quite often you are flung into another trap – which then activates…Whilst movement is fine, placing special weapons is slow and sluggish, although trying to run is even worse, as it can take a good few seconds before your character decides she wants to.

boobs saga a sexy warrior

Boobs saga’s characters and enemies are nicely designed. However, I wish that I could say the same for everything else, but sadly enough, that’s not the case…

Furthermore, the enemy AI is a real pain in the butt. First off, they all move much, much faster than yourself (unless your character decides that she wants to run), and it only takes a few hits from them before you die – at which point it’s game over.

boobs saga boobs art

Yes, you can play as a furry if you want to. So if you’re into that, then you can go all in on that front in “Boobs saga”.

Whilst you do have a range of appropriately lewd weaponry (including machine gun mounted bras), the chance of being able to use any in time is usually pretty slim, although it can be done if you inch forward very, very slowly.  In addition to that, the sword (or knife) you wield is very slowly animated and doesn’t do a lot of damage.

boobs saga a half-nude sexy babe

It’s said that the full version of “Boobs saga” will offer a character editor. Well, I truly hope that’s true, because that’s going to take Boobs saga’s craziness to a whole another level.

Other than that, once you die, if you have no lives left, then it’s game over – and you have to start from the very beginning again.  So if you do have any lives left (which are picked up from doing… things…with bottles – one of the few parts that are still censored even when the censorship system has been turned off), you’ll be placed at a seemingly random location in the castle.  Fortunately enough for you and me though, you don’t lose any weapons.

boobs saga its a really sexy boobs girl

Boobs saga’s characters are nicely animated in all their lewd themes, and the game’s visuals look pretty darn nice I have to say.

As for the layout of the dungeons in “Boobs Saga”, well…For the most part, the dungeons generally looks like you would expect, although filled with people “enjoying” themselves, in addition to all manner of traps – rotating spikes, spikes on the floor and spikes on the ceiling. However, you will come across parts of the map that is based on female genitalia, which wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t look out-of-place.

boobs saga its a sexy furry girl

There are quite a few things that need be solved as soon as possible when it comes to the full release of “Boobs saga”. For example, the poor camera work and clipping is a real game killer for me. Furthermore, it’s very hard to defend yourself against enemies, and Collision detection is just awful.

However, graphically it does all look fairly nice – the characters (including your enemies) are good, even if the dungeon walls and trap designs are just okay. So it’s just a shame that the gameplay isn’t as good as it should be. In other words, only time will tell how good (or bad) the final (full) version of “Boobs Saga” will be. Well, we will know for sure once the game drops in December of this year (on December 7th, to be exact).

boobs saga a very sexy babe

Will “Boobs Saga” rock or suck when it launches on the 7th of December this year? Time will tell.

As for here and now though, as it stands with the current version of “Boobs Saga”. Well, it’s is a decent but somewhat flawed lewd +18 satirical 3D action game at best. So I can only hope and wish that Kukhtenkov (the developer behind “Boobs Saga”) will be able to sort everything out (the cons that I have mentioned) as soon as possible.

+ Characters and enemies are nicely designed.  Everything else, not quite so much
+ Can choose to be a Furry
+ The character editor is good, but isn’t obvious how you get to it. Nevertheless, once you do, you can create some quite unique characters in the game
+ Characters are nicely animated in all their lewd themes
+ Has some voice acting

– Collision detection is awful.  Get hit and then get pushed into another trap…
–  Some really poor camera work and clipping
– You can’s save your progress at any time
– Very hard to defend yourself against enemies
– No map or any aid to the alters

Gameplay: 2/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 3/5
Replay value: 2/5
Story: 3/5

tgg grade 3 out of 5

Verdict: 3/5
You know, whilst you can see that a lot of hard work has gone into “Boobs Saga” (the intro sequence is especially nicely done), the fact still remains that the gameplay elements have too many problems to make the game fun – unless you happen to have unlimited patience. So if a lot more work could be put into making weaponry use faster, and perhaps the ability to save where you like, then  “Boobs Saga” could be a good game.

Title: Boobs Saga
Developer: Kukhtenkov Georgiy
Format: PC
Genre: Lewd 3D Action Adventure
Resolution: User-defined
Release date: 2018-12-07
Difficulty: Very hard
Spent time: + 1 hour
Average grade internationally: N/A
PEGI age rating: +18
Price: 2,99 Euros via Steam

Robin Ek – Editor

tgg author avatar David Lucas
Nicholas Kingsley
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @sku_te

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