I have just spent some time playing the demo of Hesperides Games upcoming adult bullet hell shooter/visual novel game “Star Goddess” (the game is only available for Windows PC at this time). Well, the game sure kicks-off with a bang, as you more or less gets tossed straight into the action. Long story short.

You answer a distress call whilst in your spaceship, and you find the signal was activated by a large female demigod, who just happens to be in search of sex. Well, guess what? So are you!

star goddess sexy babes

I truly wish that the goddesses had been animated in “Star Goddess”. Oh well, one could always hope that Hesperides Games will add that to the full version of the game when it launches next year.

star goddess a sexy space babe

“Star goddess” has the basis of possibly becoming a really good lewd bullet hell shooter/visual novel on release, because the demo was rather entertaining and promising.

Anyways, “Star Goddess” takes its inspiration from “Deep Space Waifu”and a few other lewd titles. The object of the game is to rescue numerous goddesses by shooting at various parts of clothing on each of the goddesses, which causes the apparel to fall off, all of which apparently frees them from the clutches of their evil mother – and helps them to have a happier life.

star goddess a very sexy girl

There are nine different demigoddess that you need to save in “Star Goddess” (yes, you’re able undress them all). However, in the demo you only get the chance to save and strip down one of them.

star goddess is this a screen bug

I’m not quite sure whether the character is supposed to be on-screen or not.

You can use the mouse/keyboard or joypad combination to move your spacecraft around and the targeting sights. Firing is automatic, so you just need to concentrate on avoiding the enemy and their bullets. After a short while, the current level goddess will slowly appear with an indicator every so often, showing you where you need to shoot. Doing so destroys that particular item of clothing.

star goddess a very sexy space lady

“Star Goddess” graphics and art style are nice, but this sort of thing has been done before.

There are upgrades to be collected, which improve your weapons, but the demo doesn’t appear to have any other helpful items for you, like shields or speed increases. Movement is generally fine. As your ship certainly moves at a decent speed, although it does feel rather stiff. At the same time, there is no inertia, and you can move in any direction you like at any time.

star goddess a very sexy and nude space lady

You do need to keep an eye on the enemy and not the background, and that’s of course easier said than done *cough cough*

Collision detection is fine, which is always important in games like these. Your enemies are just standard shapes really. So there isn’t anything particularly visually exciting about them, nor do they move in any fashion other than standard for the genre. The goddesses are nicely drawn though, which is a big plus (and they are both cute and sexy as well).

star goddess a very sexy and half-nude space lady

The screen tends to get pretty crowded at times. Then again, “Star Goddess” is a bullet hell shooter after all.

After two passes or so, the goddess is nicely naked and wants nothing more than to have… a chat…The visual novel aspect is a bit hard to read, as it – along with the rest of the game – uses a hard-to-read sci-fi font. The English is a bit… odd… too (that’s something that I really think that Hesperides Games need to fix before they release the full version of “Star Goddess” sometime next year).

star goddess a pair of sexy boobs

There is a handful of things that annoyed me in the demo of “Star Goddess”. For example, there are no sound effects, the demo is pretty short, and some of the demo’s areas are somewhat buggy.

Nevertheless, I still feel like Hesperides Games got something really cool and promising in the making with “Star Goddess”. As I found the game’s demo (you can download the demo for free via Patreon) to be an interesting start to a +18 lewd bullet hell shooter/visual novel in the making.

In other words, if Hesperides Games plays out their cards right, then they might just have a lewd indie hit on their hands. That’s also why I wish Hesperides Games the best of luck with everything. As I hope to play an even better and complete version of “Star Goddess” sometime next year.

+ Generally nice graphics.  However, I would like to see the goddesses animate though
+ Craft moves well, even though there does feel that there is something missing about it
+ The basis of possibly a good game
+ The lewd content is on point
+ Sexy goddesses

– The music is average
– There are no sound effects (yet)
– Sci-fi font it’s a bit too hard to read
– English is a bit dodgy
– Bit buggy and various areas are WIP at the moment
– Demo is a bit short, and you do seem to have infinite lives

Gameplay: 4/5
Graphics: 3/5
Sound and music: 3/5
Controls: 3/5
Replay value: 3/5
Story: 3/5

tgg grade 3 out of 5

Verdict: 3/5
Hesperides Games demo for “Star Goddess” is without no doubt an interesting start to an upcoming +18 lewd shoot-em-up bullet-hell PC game. Even so, will the game be able to become something more than just a “Deep Space Waifu” clone though? If so, then shooter fans may find this game to be right up their street.

Title: Star Goddess
Developer: Hesperides Games
Format: PC
Genre: Lewd bullet hell shooter/visual novel
Resolution: Desktop screen size
Release date: 2019
Difficulty: User ability
Spent time: + 10 minutes (demo complete)
Average grade internationally:  N/A
PEGI age rating:
Price: N/A
Store URL : https://store.steampowered.com/app/944690/

Robin Ek – Editor

Nicholas Kingsley
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @sku_te

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