The itch that I never knew that needed to be scratched is how I will describe “20XX”. Growing up the “Megaman” and “Megaman X” games were my bread and butter. Granted I was only really able to beat the “Megaman X” games from the Super Nintendo, but the originals on the NES still holds a very special place in my heart. So, why am I gushing all over the “Megaman” games?

20xx mega man intro

“20xx” kicks-off with a very Mega Man-like intro. I don’t mind that though, as I just happen to love “Mega Man”.

Well, everything that made the “Megaman” games amazing can be found here in “20XX”. Everything in it screams out love to these past franchises, from the art style, controls, music, level design, and bosses. Just everything in this game pulled on my nostalgia strings and hard. Even so, it does go beyond just being a “Megaman” clone (though I would be okay with that), where so very much more was added making the game.

20xx multiplayer action

The Switch really nailed down the multiplayer aspect of “20xx”. Yes, it’s that much fun to play the game together with a friend.

 well…”20XX” is a roguelike with procedurally generated levels, for the most part, they are. What we have is a bunch of set pieces that go into a random number generator, where these parts can be placed just about anywhere. There are a number of set pieces that can be found in different level types only to have their surface change, and there are set pieces that are nearly always there. These pieces are mostly the ones at the end of the level or close to it anyways.

20xx boss fight

Most of 20xx’s boss fights are as tough and action intense as they come.

Some bosses are tough, and others easy, well that is if they are the first set of bosses that you go after. As you make your way through each level, the bosses and stages keep getting harder. Making it so you want to just turn around and jump in for another round, this is something that I kept finding myself doing.

20xx tough as nails

As you might have figured out by now, “20xx” is very much inspired by “Mega Man”. So make no mistake, “20xx” is just as hard as the old “Mega Man” games.

The statement of “I need to get this done, but maybe just one more round” became something that I kept saying over and over again. Especially as you keep getting insulted every time you die, well, maybe that changes if you get really far in. Nevertheless, in any case, I never will let them have the last laugh!

20xx tons of power ups

There are over 100 power-ups to be found in “20xx”, you also got a lot of different upgrades to pick from.

In the main hub, you have a lot of choices, and I do mean a lot. Purchasing one-off power-ups, unlocking power-ups that can be found, and permanent power-ups, doing boss rushes, speed runs, daily and weekly challenges, and a multi-player function (yes, you can play “20xx” online and locally together with a friend via co-op).

20xx death awaits

20xx’s art style, graphics, music and action/platform/roguelike elements are all on target (“Mega Man” fans should feel right at home with “20xx”).

With multi-player, you have the choice of couch co-op and wireless LAN (like every Switch game that has multi-player should have). When I saw this, I dragged in my co-pilot and started going to town with him (my son). Setting that seed that will make him love games like this, and “20xx” sure is a game that has not let me down.

20xx deadly items

I honestly can’t think of many cons when it comes to “20xx”. However, I do wish that there would have been more stages and bosses to be found in the game.

In other words, if you like “Mega Man”, roguelikes or action platformers in general. Then you should pick up “20xx” for the Nintendo Switch with no doubt, because it’s one of the very best games on the console right now (trust me. You won’t regret it!).

+ Tough levels
+ Interesting bosses
+ Music is great
+ Art style shows clearly where their inspiration comes
+ Switch multi-player done right
+ Hard as nails (and this is on normal)
+ Tons of power-ups

– I want more bosses and levels
– Addictive

Gameplay: 4.5/5
Graphics: 4/5
Sound/music: 4/5
Controls: 4.5/5
Replayability: 5/5
Story: 3.5/5

tgg grade 4.5 out of 5

Verdict: 4.5/5
20XX was amazingly done, and in ways nearly perfect. You see, not only have I became addicted to it. The game will not ever be leaving my Switch, but while playing 20XX I picked up another copy of the game for my co-pilots Switch. This will easily in my top 10 for the best in the year games. So if you love Megaman, or hard as nails platformers you owe yourself a copy of this game.

Title: 20xx
Batterystaple Games
  Nintendo Switch
Release date:
Spent time: 
+4 hours
Average grade internationally:
79.40% via
PEGI age rating: 
Pegi +12
18 USD via the Nintendo Eshop

Robin Ek – Editor

P Albert
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @ThatDamnedGamer

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