“Cosmic Kites” is a multiplayer action game where you steer your animal spirit around obstacles, enemies, and your friends. This is supposed to be one of those games where it’s easy to learn and difficult to master. It may be easy to get down, though you might be able to master the game before inviting your friends over.

The gameplay is similar to “Snake” as you fly around the arena and trap enemies and opposing players in your flaming tail as it grows. You will need to be careful of others’ tails and your own, but the teleport ability will help you maneuver around the arena. The obstacles that pop up can’t be destroyed by your tail and will annoyingly take up space as they and enemies spawn, but there are power ups that can take care of that along with ones that will temporarily protect you and boost your speed. It’s important to mind your surroundings, though the walls won’t kill you. Instead, you’ll end up on the other end of the arena, but you still need to watch out for anything or anyone at the other side.

cosmic kites survival of the fittest

The longer you survive the faster you can unlock content in the game.

In total, there are six arena modes to play. For one player modes, there are “Single” for solo survival and “Chaos” as a higher difficulty version of the Single mode. As for multiplayer, there is Local Versus for the standard last spirit flying, Slow Creep where your tails grow quickly while all of you move at a snail’s pace, Power Up Madness for those who like power ups, and Obstacle Course where all the players need to dodge fast spawning obstacles. There is also a Custom Game mode where you can create a session of single or multiplayer with any fashion of battle.

Most of these modes, as well as the power ups, are locked until you hit a certain ranking. In other words, you have to unlock all the power ups and modes in order to have everything ready when you play with your friends. However, on the bright side you can master the game before your friends join in and it doesn’t take long to unlock all the content (I unlocked everything in about two hours).

cosmic kites enemies vs you

Sure you could play a game with just enemies, but it would be more fun with other people.

The graphics in “Cosmic Kites” can be described as colorful. The background has a few animations and color changing effects but there’s nothing that eye-catching, though it helps to keep distractions at a minimum. Obstacles have this monstrous design to them, appearing as pink organic masses with sharp claws or teeth protruding from them. As for power ups, they seem alien, having spheres with symbols in them (as you usually see in other games) but having tendrils trailing off them.

And finally, the animal spirits (and enemies) appear as masks with fiery tails spanning as they fly, leaving a trail of flames no one is anticipating. All these designs may look a bit tame, but if you take a harder look, the game comes off slightly otherworldly. The music doesn’t have that sort of aesthetic going, though. Similar to “Geometry Wars”, the tracks are there to groove to and get into the match. There are plenty of songs to enjoy as you entrap enemies but some have different styles, so once the next track plays you may be out of sync.

cosmic kites focus or end up dead

“Cosmic Kites” is easy to pick up but you’ll need to focus if you want to get good.

Furthermore, “Cosmic Kites” is the kind of game that can be hard to master. Sure, the game may only have three buttons that you can use (shoulders/triggers to turn and one button to teleport). However, you’ll have to learn how to avoid collusion from everything going on-screen let alone adapt to how the power ups affect the speed for movement and turning. The one aspect to consider when getting this game is that this is mainly a local multiplayer game, with no options to set A.I.s. So if you keep couch gaming alive and warm with your friends or this doesn’t turn you off, then “Cosmic Kites” will make for a fun and quick weekend.

+ Easy to play hard to master gameplay with animal spirits and their flaming tails.
+ Hectic game modes with a Custom Mode available for unlocking.
+ Good number of animal spirit mask to choose from when unlocking the game’s content.

– Song tracks may throw off your groove after getting into one song.
– Multiplayer Content needs to be unlocked before making the most of it

Gameplay: 3.5/5
Graphics: 3.5/5
Sound/Music: 3.5/5
Controls: 4/5
Replay value: 3.5/5

tgg grade 3.5 out of 5

Verdict: 3.5/5
”Cosmic Kites” is overall a pretty good game for anyone who likes the tradition of couch gaming with friends. So “if” you can find one to three additional players to join in with you, then you’ll quickly have some fun sessions for the evening. As a bonus, if you unlock all the content by yourself, then you might have a bit of an edge over your friends.

Title: Cosmic Kites
Developer: Fishmoose Interactive
Format: PC
Genre: Action/arcade
Resolution: 1680 X1050
Release date: 2017-09-07
Difficulty: Normal to Hard
Spent time: 2+ hours
Average grade internationally: N/A as of writing. Gamerankings.com
PEGI/ESRB age rating: PEGI 3+/Everyone
Price: $8.99

Robin Ek – Editor

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