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Even though DarkForges Games RTS/action/Strategy gameNekro” is still in an early access stage on Steam (you can buy the game for 19.99 Euro). I´m really impressed by the game (so much so that i recorded a whole series for the game twize!). Because as the big “Myth“, “Dungeon Keeper” and “Overlord” fan i am.

I just couldn´t resist the great urge to play “Nekro” when i first heard about the game in May last summer (DarkForge Games asked us if we wanted to give the game a go). So i played through the early access version of “Nekro” as the “Grimm Keeper” and “Outcast” (two out of four classes in total).

But before i go deeper into the game mechanics of “Nekro”. Please allow me to present the three (out of four) playable classes of the game. For starter, you got the “Grimm Keeper”, which would be like the middle class character of the game (a good beginners class). So what does the “Grimm Keeper” do then? Well, he has both close range (he smacks people in the face with his bag) and long-range attacks (skull grenades).


“Nekro” is like the devil spawn of “Dungeon Keeper” and “Myth”.

In other words, the “Grimm Keeper” is deadly on both close and long-range. Then you got the “Outcast“, which would be a meele combat brawler (he even has a  Scorpion-like “Get over here!” special attack as well).

And so far, “Outcast” is the deadliest class on close range in Nekro (his also my favourite character to date). Then least but not last, you got the “Alchemist“. Which would be a voodoo priest kind of class, as he uses healing and voodoo/demonic like powers.

And each and every class in “Nekro” has his/her unique fighting style, perks and abilities. There´s also upgrades (better armor, health, attack damage and so on), customizable  summons (you can summon monsters, curses and all kinds of demonic doings), you also got three different scourge´s (some kind of demonic snakes) that each class can use.

And those scourge´s would be:
Explosive scourge (unleash explosive demonic snakes on your foes)
Hellfire scourge (a special scourge loaded with hellfire)
Tremor scourge (a stunning attack that also does damage to nearby enemies)

nekro totalbiscuit

Not only does Totalbiscuit have a statue in “Nekro”. His actually a boss in the game as well.

You can also unlock new skills for your Necromancer (Nekro) character (by harvesting corpses to strengthen your demon horde). There´s also a handful of different trinkets (which would be powerful items that you can use to specialize your Nekro) which you can use in battle.

The most fun thing to do in “Nekro” (besides the slaying of enemies) however, is to raise your own monster army (think “Overlord”, much more brutal). And all of this looks bloody great in-action too (i played on the highest settings for PC).

And the soundtrack (there´s over 15 tracks for “Nekro” in total) makes things even better, as it sets the tone of game perfectly! And as sprinkles on the cake, you got a voice narrator that sounds kind of like Richard Ridings from “Dungeon Keeper”.

Honestly, i haven´t had this much fun since the good Ol´”Dungeon Keeper” and “Myth” days. And i haven´t even mentioned the multiplayer mode yet! Because you can actually battle other “Nekro” players online. I did play “Nekro” in a LAN game against my brother, and that went rather well.

The multiplayer mode has a lot of potential, but there´s a lot more to be done on that front. It would also be lovely if DarkForge Games could add more in-game content to “Nekro”, because that´s the only thing that the game is really lacking of right now.

Because everything else is top-notch to the bone. That´s actually the only reason why i didn´t give Nekro a 5/5 score. But even so, “Nerko” (in it´s current state) is still one of the best action/RPG/strategy games on the market right now.

Trust me on this, you will have a blast with “Nekro”. Just watch our gameplay series for the game 😉

+ Uber epic gameplay value!
+ Dungeon Keeper and Myth vibes
+ Awesome voice actors
+ Beautiful graphics
+ Totalbiscuit
+ Fun boss fights
* Great camera controlls (you can zoom in, out and rotate the camera as you please)

– Nekro is rather buggy at times (the early alpha versions)
– More primary and secondary attacks would be nice
– The A.i can be rather stupid from time to time
– The lack of in-game content and a “somewhat” unpolished multiplayer mode

tgg grade 4 out of 5

Verdict: 4/5
I haven´t had this much fun since the Dungeon Keeper and Myth days. And Nekro offers the same kind of evil and entertaining value, but on a much more brutal stage. You also get the great pleasure to fight Totalbiscuit himself!

Title: Nekro
Developer: DarkForge Games
Format: PC
Genre: Strategy/Action/RPG
Resolution: Highest possible on PC
Release date: 2014-02-05
Difficulty: Normal
Spent time: +40 hours
Average grade internationally: ???
PEGI age rating: 16+
Price: 19.99 Euro via Steam

tgg author avatar robin ek
Robin “V-Act” Ek
The Gaming Ground
Twitter: @TheGamingGround

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